“Sign him now” – Rangers fans voice approval


Rangers fans certainly have not had their problems of late, but in some badly-needed respite, a new star may have emerged tonight following a superb first half display.

On-loan Cardiff left back Declan John has scored twice and been rampant down the left, and Rangers fans have been far from shy in voicing their admiration.

There is even an argument he should hold onto his slot in defence at the expense of club captain Lee Wallace, and supporters eager to see how the team would respond to the chaotic news of the day, have been rather pleased, the first 15 minutes aside, with how their side has handled the match.

Declan John, in particular, has received rave reviews from supporters, and many will hope he can keep up his fine form and possibly become a permanent fixture in the months/years to come.

Here is some of what the fans have said:


  1. Good Grief, there's nothing in life better than appreciation and respect and the treatment Wallace appears to be getting these days is nothing like appreciation and respect

    Declan did indeed have a good game tonight at left back but lets be honest the Hamilton defence was probably the the most disorganised and clueless defence we have come across in a long time, while at the same time they still managed to blow a good few scoring chances themselves and it would hardly be wise to use this match and result as a sensible yardstick to measure either his or the team's progress or genuine current form and potential going forward because in reality it really was nothing special or anything like an indication that we are turning any corners

    While Wallace, I concede is not the best left back I have seen at Ibrox over 40 odd years he is certainly good enough and who, if he had 10 real Rangers standard players around him (like wee Stuart Monro did, who in reality was half the player Wallace is) would shine every week.

    He also, unlike a good few other so called Rangers men, showed absolute loyalty to the jersey when the rest couldnae get a fast black out of Ibrox quick enough when it came to man up time around 2012 and for that he deserves respect and not to be thrown in the "has been bin" just because of one performance of another player, who another club actually own, who had probably no knowledge of who Rangers were or what we are about before arriving and who, if he does have a particularly good season will be seen as a valuable asset elsewhere and be gone anyway

    Best of luck to the lad but as a definite and immediate replacement for Wallace is nothing short of ridiculous, particularly when we have all been assured that he (Declan) is actually more productive from the left wing start position than from defence and Wallace has shown a particular talent over the years for the ability to be very comfortable and productive with anything like a decent left wingers in front of him.

    Appears to me that we are in danger of ending up in a situation where the ONLY Glasgow/Scottish related connection of our famous club will be the friggin post code


    • Agree the lads had a decent game, among a back 4 who had never played together so the defence was going to be a shambles. Just like the weekend gone.

      Should he replace Wallace as LB Yes! But only if Wallace pushes forward and relieves

  2. Think U2 will be happy can't see it any other way than Wallace LB & John LM
    Windass on the bench.
    But Big Tam Wallace is defo not great!

  3. I prefer Wallace to John and we need more not less Rangers supporting Scots in the side, for their passion and commitment. However I think your being too hard on Stuart Munro, Big Tam! Munro was always being accused of not being Rangers class, but we won four league championships and set a British shut out record, with Munro a regular at left back. He was a grafter and very good at defending! He wasn't as good as a lot of our other full backs, past and present going forward, including Wallace. But he was a very solid and reliable defender.

    • I was one of wee Stuarts biggest fans and got massive pleasure watching his solid defensive abilities and even more so from his true Rangers never say die and sheer hard work attitude, particularly when he only cost around £20 odd grand from Alloa, (if I remember right?)

      My intended point was that Stuart played alongside the likes of Woods in goal, Butcher, Gough, Brown, Steven & Stevens,Super Coop, Wee Durrant, Walters, McCoist etc.and if you put Wallace in that company he would have fitted in perfectly and shared a dressing room with true Rangers MEN, who understood and played for the jersey and would have thrived on it because as you agree, he is a better all round player than Stuart was at the end of the day and I would expect that Stuart would most probably be first man to concede that

      No disrespect intended to an absolute diamond of a player but difficult to compare two Gers players without that possibility cropping up unfortunately


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