Should Rangers take a risk on Italian international free agent?

Should Rangers take a risk on Italian international free agent?

Following last night’s disappointment in Firhill, there is little doubt Rangers remain some way off the finished article.

While there are signs every so often that progress is being made, all-too-often a dreadful result undermines the good work done and leaves fans wondering exactly where their Rangers are these days.

One well-documented issue is creativity. While Rangers have a number of attacking players, they are struggling to convert shots into goals, while also struggling to consistently create chances each match.

Could an ambitious free agent signing be a possible help?

Recently-freed Giuseppi Rossi remains only 30 years of age, and without a club following his release from Serie A cracks Fiorentina. He had two loan spells while in Italy’s top flight, both to Spain, while also having a fine period in La Liga with Villarreal earlier in his career.

His reputation speaks for itself – this is a guy with all the talent in the world, but who has made some bad choices and had a touch of bad luck with injury. But Rangers need a significant pick me up and securing his services over the next month or two (he is currently recovering from injury) could be the kind of boost needed.

We saw how fans reacted to getting a defender of the calibre of Bruno Alves – that was a borderline seismic signing. While Rossi might not quite have the same current stock Alves does, it would be a very interesting signing indeed.

Rossi has to prove he still has it – and such a motivation has certainly seen Portuguese Daniel Candeias at only one year younger look somewhat reborn at Ibrox.

There is no reason Rossi cannot get going in the same way. With Kenny Miller starting to sadly pass his sell by date, Rangers could use a boost before the January window even opens.

With the career Rossi has had, enigmatic and troubled that it has admittedly been, the talent is without question. His scoring rate has been impressive and he might be the kind of star name to give fans a boost going into the dark winter period.

Maybe his best is behind him. And maybe fans are wary of signing anyone with injury troubles. But sometimes a risk pays off and as long as his wages were fairly modest, could he be worth taking a punt on?

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  1. Yes, its a question of pounds and pence, here. Please let's clean out the cupboard afore getting into (another) financial mess. However, we've enjoyed success with other Italian players in the past..

  2. There are enough good players at Ibrox if they were played to their strengths.
    This simply isn't happening. Last night Windass repeatedly ran diagonally all the way from the left touchline to the striker's position trundling the ball at his feet and effectively closing the door to the Partick goal.
    At the same time it was obvious Partick were targeting our left back position and Caixinha did nothing about it.
    RANGERS WERE NOT UP FOR THE FIGHT and were lucky to get a point.
    Tactics have to be drastically changed and quickly or this boat is going to run aground.

    • Everybody gets on about windass but Pena and Herrera have done f all since arriving and should never wear a rangers Jersey.Windass has done more in a few games than mckay did all bloody season. Fed up listening to moans about Windass, the whole team is at fault, mainly the manager and the attitude towards games is shocking. Pena and Herrera would be on the first plane home and o'halleron would be back.11 shots against us on targetand 8 goal. Never one 3 games in a row. Do the stats need to get any worse or do you want more, there is hundreds of them.Any previous manager at rangers would have been sacked for better results.
      At some point people nead to look at the clueless manager and not pick on players playing our of position and trying there best.

    • What are you on about?? Windass? The guy who can run and nothing else. The guy who hits corners like a Rugby player? The boy who took a pass under absolutley no pressure against partick 5 yards outside his own box and toeblasted it into the crowd when he tried to pass it 20 yards down the wing? The winger who never scores? the winger who never talks? He's as much a bluster as Pedro is..Looks the part, runs around pretending to be the part but is in fact not on the same level as boys from Scotland in lower levels..WIndass is one of the mosy innefective left sided players the club has EVER had. He doesnt score, he doesnt create, he cant cross, he cant pass, he doesnt talk….Think you've been watching the wrong player!

    • Why would you want ohallaran back? He refused to play for the 20s, and he had his chance simply not good enough. Pedro should've kept his opinion to himself, would be buyers will use that to their advantage and get him on the cheap as they know there's no way back and obviously want rid

  3. Another over 30s player who is recovering from injury and no one else's wants not had a pre season probably want 20k a week and hardly kicked a ball in 3 years, just what we need eh…

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