Rangers star denies rift claims


Rangers’ on-loan left back Declan John has denied reports of a ‘dressing room rift’ or ‘clear the air meeting’ following claims of disharmony during and after the Old Firm clash.

Certain media outlets have reported that manager Pedro Caixinha laid into his ‘homegrown’ players following what the Portuguese perceived as a lack of unity and support when Celtic captain Scott Brown and Rangers’ striker Alfredo Morelos had an altercation, but the full back says he knows nothing of this and all is as normal.

He said:

“Well no, as I’ve said the only meetings we’ve had have been about the game this Friday (Hamilton), so we had a meeting looking back on the game and stuff we could have done better but like I’ve said we’ve just been looking forward to this game on Friday.”

So if there was any kind of internal dispute, the players are keeping very mum on it indeed.

The stories circulating this morning do resonate with similar ones from earlier this year, a situation dubbed “the Ibrox mole” with apparent dressing room stories leaking to the press when they were meant to remain in house.

We do not think we have heard the last of this story.


  1. Dressing room rift, true or not true, we do not know but the board will know.The board will know if it is true or not, if its true then Ped is on borrowed time, if its not true then we are back to the results and the performances. Either way i believe Ped is feeling the pressure and beginning to crack under it.

    • I believe certain senior players have undermined Pedro from the end of last season. He set about rebuilding the squad but has been stabbed in the back at every turn. It would be hard enough getting the thing to gel quickly without forces working against you. I would tend to side with Ped and kick out the trouble makers as they clearly do not have the seasons best interests at heart as they push their own agendas. Unfortunately though if a manager has not got the dressing room fully behind him it is easier to get shot of one man than many.

  2. A lack of unity in a team is an indication that the manager is losing or has lost the dressing room. Regarding fitness levels at Ibrox it was very disappointing to see Rangers U 20's being completely overran and shipping five goals in the second half v Leicester U 20's. The Leicester boys looked so much stronger in every position and tactically left our youths for dead in the second half. Is it the way we play, the way we train, they are not good enough or all three?
    I think McLeish or McInnes would have a team with more fight and commitment about them. Pedro has had time and results are dire. Next few games really are vital.

  3. He wasn't very convincing in denying any rift or heated discussion! To be fair, I get the impression the British players haven't been overly welcoming or team orientated with the foriegn guys. Kenny miller in particular doesn't seem convincing any time he's been asked about the foriegn guys. Also if they needed a team meeting on how to celebrate goals together then clearly something isn't right! "ALL" of the players need to get this sorted or get to *@#*

  4. What happens in dressing room stays in dressing room now if there are players not happy then Pedro sorts it out his way players can not tell manager what to do.

  5. Just watched his interviw from this afternoon.
    He's talking about Las Vargas, Elephants and breakfast with his wife ffs.
    110% there is something seriously wrong in the camp.
    Don't know what if it's the manager showing preferences towards the Spanish /Portuguese speakers or Dorrans can't & Co think he's a bawbag.
    the board must know what the fuk is going on or they shouldn't be our board!!
    AND ALL our teams are nowhere near fit enough players in there 20's lasting a fuking hour really.

  6. I originally said give Pedro till January as it takes time to get things right with a new team on the field. However there have been too many off the field issues he has handled badly for me and if this latest one is true then we have to act now.

    Big Eck as caretaker then bring Del home in the summer (assuming we can't get Del immediately)

    • I don't have too much confidence in Pedro, but ffs, McLeish ? Did you ever watch Rangers when he was in charge ?
      "Del" ? Who the fuck is Del ? That diddy at Aberdeen ? How much have the sheep improved under him ?

  7. All this talk of McLeish

    Such short memories. His first full season in charge, with a team inherited from Advocate and he finished 17 points behind Celtic.

    McInnes has also done NOTHING against Celtic. No to mention the pumping they got from Motherwell. Oh, and his first full season in charge saw Aberdeen finish 3rd behind Motherwell

    You give these managers 3 years to create a reputation at a club, Pedro gets 7 games on a full season. By the same logic McInnes and McLeish would have never made past their first season.

  8. If pedro were to lose his job then imo derek mcinnes(who's a decent manager),is not the answer to be the rangers manager,to go head to head,against brendan rodgers,at celtic!If we change caixinha anytime soon,we have to think out the box and bring in a manager/head coach,who is capable of tackling rodgers!We have to push the boat out and get a manager with ilk!Having said that i'm currently still backing caixinha and prepared to give him time,to get it right(hopefully),at least until christmas!!

  9. Apologies

    It was his second full season in charge that Mcleish finished 17 points behind Celtic (still not enough to get him the sack tho)

    Scottish cup exit at the third round (Celtic)
    Semi-final defeat by Hibs in the league cup as well

  10. I have never been associated with a club where there are not some sort of internal problems. Players egos are all different. If a guy is on bench he is not happy. Some players don't like other players etc.etc. But it's managers job to sort. However if one or some players are briefing to press they should go. Regardless of who they are. There is no magic wand to get us back to where we belong. If Pedro is not man I don't know who is. But no one does. It is a gamble. But build for the future. Last night was another lesson. If we are mid table in Jan I will agree Pedro has failed. But would you fire McMurty after last night. Many here thought he should be given top job. I agree with Robert Millar. Those who want rid of Pedro must step up and name replacement. And that person must want to come.

  11. It's a worry again what's happening at Ibrox since we were put into administration it's one thing after another and if it continues then we are on the road to oblivion changing manager now would be a start like him or not we have to give him more time definitely would not fancy mcinnes i was wanting Billy's Davies still think he would have been good

  12. is pedro out of his depth?at least he has some fight in him.

    has pena been a mistake?what would souness or struth do?
    no one likes us,we are bears and we dont share.

  13. If pedro ripped thought the team because of a lack of fight then good on him. We were not tough enough in that game, although every player should be told not just homegrown players.

  14. Might not be a popular choice but Tommy Wright would do far more with this current squad and would at least secure second place place and potentially a cup this season. I've been thoroughly impressed with him against the mhanky mhob. He's got to be better than ped who has not only lost the plot but the dressing room too

  15. For those who don't want McInnes, it's ok. He'll be Sheffield Wednesday manager by the end of October.

    I understand wanting a "Rodgers" class manager but I'm not hearing any names. "Out of the box" appointment is what we got with Pedro, do you really want another one or would you prefer someone who has experience of British game and can build a solid team out of very little money.

    For me, we have to walk before we can run and we haven't learnt to walk yet – we're staggering like a drunk down an alley – so even if McInnes, McLeish, Wright etc only steady the ship for a season or two so we can build a serious transfer kitty for a "high profile" manager to spend, then that would do for me…

  16. BT,i'm still backing our manager but i'll give you names as i have done on here before!Managers i think would give brendan rodgers a run for his money are,chris coleman,alan pardew,big sam allardyce,harry redknapp,michael o'neill,billy davies,garry monk!Is that enough mate??

    • Appreciate the names. Michael O'Neill is the only one on your list I'd support personally. The rest are either has beens or haven't achieved (won) anything

      Possible Aitor Karanka (got Middlesbrough promoted) as he could communicate with foreign players and knows UK football. Best friends with Mourinho too

  17. Caixhina is a fake, a charlatan, a snake oil salesman. Most of all he is an embarrassment- Vegas, wives, dying, goldfish – he's lost the plot and he certainly never had a plan. He creates a sideshow to deflect attention from his own shortcomings and tactical ineptness. Some say we can't afford to get rid but the truth is we can't afford to keep. Rodgers has turned around a Celtic team floundering under Delia (another budget appointment) with minimal outlay on new players. Rangers need an experienced wise head in the dug out with the nous to coiunter Rodgers. Let me throw a name out there – Michael O'Neill – he has done wonders with Northern Ireland with a very limited squad.

    • When the dogs bark in Las Vegas, your wife will find out about it from the caravan that is being pursued by the Porsche your neighbor is driving. And that will give you confidence that you have the best team in Scotland as well as the fittest 60 minute imports £3m can buy.

      Or something.

  18. It will cost an enormous amount of money sacking Caixinha and his backroom staff and then the new manager will want to clear out the playing squad and bring in his own players. I would prefer to see the board show patience with Pedro and supply him with the funds for two full backs in the 4-5 million pound class in the next two transfer windows. Surely this would be a better way of using our resources than pressing the panic button and changing the manager again. I am not Caixinha's biggest supporter and I do have my doubts about him, but the spine of our side is stronger than last season. I'm still hopeful of achieving second place and winning a trophy this season, we should wait until December and if there aren't significant signs of improvement by then the board will have to change our manager, but hopefully it won't come to that.

  19. Look if he has lost the dressing room and there must be some truth or it wouldn't be leaked by one of our players.
    Miller or Dorrans getting interviewed, possibly it's just me but there body language and what there saying certainly doesn't fill me with Nothing!!
    The board will defo know so if he's going they need to get it fuking Wright this time.
    No to Alex or Del for me.
    Frank Dr Boer won 4 Dutch titles in a row and he's pulled the famous top on so I will stick his name on lights, I know it will be a personal choice for him but he's got us in his blood!!!

  20. BT,your statement totally baffles me mate!What has michael o'neill won mate??Chris coleman has done as good a job managing wales as michael o'neill has done managing northern ireland!!The other names have done much more and better in club football,than michael o'neill has ever done!!Your statement just doesn't sit with me my friend!!

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