Rangers linked again to ex-striker


Following Rangers’ disappointing loss at Ibrox this afternoon, rumours have resurfaced linking Pedro Caixinha with a move for ex-Rangers striker Ross McCormack.

This story emerged in the summer, with an unlikely attempt reportedly being made and a formal enquiry being made by Rangers, but nothing came of that initial contact, and the player has appeared on the radar again over the past 24 hours as a potential transfer.

McCormack had a decent time of it at Ibrox first time around, and scored a famous equaliser against Porto, but has had something of a nomadic career thereafter with spells mostly in England’s Championship, while picking up quite a few caps for Scotland.

However if Rangers are to genuinely make a proper move for him, it is made complicated by the 31 year old making a loan switch to Australia in a bid to get his career going, with a spell at Melbourne City said to be on the cards.

But we do know Rangers are interested – it is just whether they are interested enough to go further than that initial enquiry made last summer.


  1. Ross McCormack would be a welcome addition , but the problems go much deeper than that , We're getting bullied all over the park This Ger's team have no sorter-outers in the ranks . I'd like to have seen Scott Brown giving it out to his namesake John and to see where that one would have went ! Pedro's doing his best but i feel we're going in the wrong direction . Maybe Billy Davis is the answer , someone who knows what's required of a Rangers player .

  2. if we are going to get a good player up front,then Louis Moult is THE man from Motherwell…he would certainly cost us a lot less every week than Ross McCormack..

    • Most agreed laurence oliver, it makes no proper sense elsewhere on other forums as to WHY other Gers fans don't like nor want him, very strange cos for me he'd do brilliantly BUT he'll need proper service to do so.

      Take this Herrera for instance, had HE been in that septic side today, he'd prob have scored a hat-trick or summit ?
      He'd have scored for sure anyway.
      Our own Morelos is a cracking goal-scorer but he's not what ye'd Call a runner, playing him up top on his own was never gonna work, he's a 'sniffer' he needs fed the chances inside the box, the long balls most of the time were folly but meat and drink to they septic thugs.

      I think Pedro will do fine… but he's gonna NEED TO BE BACKED so that he can bring in the FB's that we so OBVIOUSLY NEED.

  3. We are still a number of players short,we need a physical central mid-fielder.
    as for the Mexican group, Pena hardly deserves to be a sub. Candelias has ability,but lacks speed. Herrera no better than another sub, we will be lucky if we finish second this year….might not even finish that high,tells you enough about our squad….winter wont help the central americans either…been a Rangers fan and travelled to watch them all over Britain…62 now..and never seen such a poor Rangers team AND manager…sad thing is REALITY since 2012..since we went broke team has played the same way since…

    • We are the same age and have the same pedigree in support for our club. I also agree with what you say about our squad. Not one player in our squad would get into the scumbsgs squad, but not one player in the whole Premiership would either. That is how so far behind we are.
      We have been let down since 2012 by everything that has happened through the whole debacle and it has been one long long nightmare that just won't go away with recurring hostility about the EBT's.
      Can we yet again dismiss our manager? Many want him gone; I do and I don't. Is it really going to improve us getting yet another short term manager, drafting in more and more mediocre players? I can't answer this because I like 40,000+ Rangers fans can't either.
      We have never seen such a poor infrastructure, management and player squad in our lifetime and we were both supporting the club in those barren years from 1966 to 1970, the long term between winning the league through the 60's and early 70's and those years pre Souness.
      In my opinion, we need another 3 years plus to get anywhere near winning the league. It is grim, but we have to face the facts, our aim must be to get 2nd spot, under no illusion, even that target will need extra effort.
      My final point is that, even though outclassed today; most players, whether their performance was good or bad, gave a superb effort, most 100%, even though ineffective. If they put that same effort in, in every game we can attain second place.

    • I think Candeias is mega fast, it's his application and commitment that at times is letting Him down badly, he NEEDS to buck-up his ideas or he too will not last.

      Pedro KNOWS what he Wants, but we obviously don't have the cash at the minute ?
      He's intelligent, He too like loads of us fans will want far better FB;s but with the money he got he went for the two CB's, three mids in Jack, Dorrans (waste of a jersey) and Pena (kinda strange as to WHY/HOW the fella STILL isn't properly fit?)

      Talking about Fitness of our players, summit will HAVE to be stepped up !
      For fitness against 'them' we looked sooooo sloooow all over the park, summit isn't quite right somewhere ?

    • Alan, I agree with everything you say. We are rebuilding a business as well as a team. It does take time. Pointless King throwing money at us. It would change nothing in short term. On tactics we need to win midfield. We need a good defence. We lost Wallace for game. A disaster. Alves wasn't such a loss. We don't need Ross McCormack. Get Mould and Hearts winger in January and we will finish 2nd. Celtic are best in Scotland but not as good as they think.Scottish football is poor so we must get above them all. Ashley will be gone by next year. We have restructured club. Things are getting better. Rangers have been treated disgracefully by authorities and legal system. Bur let's put it all behind us. Z

  4. WE NEED FB's well before any other positions right now tbh.

    Time enough to buy a proper attacking Mid and a more mobile Striker.
    WE SHOULD go get McLean, Walker and Moult signed up in Jan, just pay the small fee, make a proper GO of it second half of the season ?

  5. Pedro has to go. Season can still be a success if we change the manager now! The players can be decent with a proper manager and the right tactics but currently there is no direction.

    • Pedro has to go, what you on about??
      Pedro needs time hes only had 6 months, his players need time they've only had 2 months, he should get this season to bed in then maybe look at it next season, we have time at the moment but don't have money to buy another full team or pay off a management team. Need to remember Pedro also said if he feels he can't take the team forward he will leave on his own. Im kind of glad he came out the other day and said he doesn't read papers or anything cause some of the crap being wrote about him is not needed. I agree he brought the players in he wanted, he works with thrm every day at training, he picks the team which takes to the pitch on matchday but as soon as the players cross that line its down to them to put in place what has been done at training. I watched Pedro yesterday albe it on TV but he seemed vocal and as for having a go at Scott Brown just shows the passion he has for the team, if only Dorrans, Miller, Windas, Tav and Foddy had the same we might have dine better yesterday.
      Regardless of the outcome I will support our team and manager as long as they are there so should we ALL🔴⚪🔵👍

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