Pedro: “I might leave tomorrow”


Pedro Caixinha has for the first time hinted at his own mortality in the Rangers hotseat by conceding he could be gone ‘tomorrow’.

Speaking at the pre-Hamilton presser, Caixinha covered his usual colourful range of topics, but very intriguingly touched on the potential length of his own tenure at Ibrox.

While optimistically suggesting he could be at Ibrox as long as a decade (another chilling echo of something Paul Le Guen said almost to the word back in 2006) he equally admitted his time in Govan could be up in 24 hours.

Maybe speaking a little figuratively, the Portuguese boss said:

“I can be totally clear with you about this. I might leave tomorrow, or I might leave in 10 years’ time. For sure, leaving tomorrow or leaving in 10 years’ time, the one that come after me will have the level that we delivered.”

It is yet another quote to add to the curate’s egg of puzzling comments Rangers’ present manager has expressed in his time at Ibrox, but is the first time he has referred to the potential end of it.

He will be hoping to see the 10 year side become more feasible with a solid win tomorrow night. Lose, and the former side might just become more worryingly closer.


  1. I understand what he means and when he does go sooner or later (sooner) for me, he won't leave much of a legacy. Seriously, how can any of us really believe he can turn things around????????

  2. The way I see it if we lose tomorrow nyt which is a huge possibility on caixinhas record it's 50/50 and Aberdeen win at weekend and go 9 points ahead of us the board shouldn't even think about it.
    I would liked to get behind Pedro but all the rumours going around, results, his comments n it wudnt b hard to b the 3rd fittest in that team cos they all look as if they have lead boots on after 30mins every game but Pena is no wer near fit a blind man cud c that.

  3. Wish for 1 fuking day when I log on here I find something good to read about the Rangers No No No
    Las Vagas.
    Breakfast with the Wife.
    Unrest in the dressing room.

    Let's hope we get a few tomorrow nite a good few, if we don't win he's run out of time.
    How the team plays tomorrow nite will speak volumes,

  4. The tabloids poison against Rangers and our manager stinks with his English not being the greatest his views don't always come across great and this makes perfect headlines for the haters but the criticism he has & is receiving is way over the top granted there has been a few poor decisions along the way but he is bedding in a team with 80% new personnel far better than what was there previously his passion is more than clear to see and also up against someone leaking all sorts from the inside THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM THAT NEEDS SORTED NOW.

    • No, the fact that we have spent millions on "Pedro's team" yet are still miles behind Celtic, struggle to beat awful sides like Partick Thistle, and have a manager that does not have a Scooby what hes doing — THATS the real problem

  5. I could be wrong, but I think Pedro is finally making sense.

    I think he knows his job is on the line tomorrow night, and anything but 3 points will see him return to Ibrox to find his personal belongings waiting for him in a box at the reception desk.

  6. I don't see Pedro going any time soon nor for the foreseeable future neither.
    He's here to do a Job, leave the fella along for goodness sake.
    He's his own players and they have been working together now for How long …. 2 months ?
    Sure, How many managers today could get rid of the most unwanted players left by warburton (still a good few to leave) bring in eleven New players and gell them as a cohesive Unit in such short time ?

    Ally was given three full seasons and warburton two seasons.
    Pedro, two short months, give over.

    • Mourinho took an underachieving ManU squad and won a cup and the Europa League his first season.

      Brendan Rodgers signed only 4 new players (1 of whom is the backup goalkeeper) and took an underwhelming squad into an undefeated domestic treble winners.

      Roberto Di Mateo took over a 7th place Chelsea squad and won the FA Cup and the Champions League within 4 months and no incoming transfers.

      I can go on…

      Pedro has had his chance. He’s never been a winner anywhere he’s been, and he’s shown that he’s incapable of being a winner here as well. There’s no upside to letting him toil and grind out hard fought draws against mediocre clubs. Time to move on…

  7. Let us all HOPE THAT HE IS GONE TOMMORROW. He is not good enough to be the manager of Glasgow Rangers. He does not have the ability, the man-management skills, no good tactical knowledge, and he DEFINIRELY IS NOT A GOOD JUDGE OF A PLAYER. That is why he brought in so many who are not up to Rangers standard. (Pena, Cardoso, Herrera and Dalcio, to name the most obvious misfits) Graham Murtry should take over right now until Rangers have time to think further forward. But, who knows, Murtry might be as good as any available out there–bearing in mind that we cannot attract any of the top managers, who would all insist on a big (at least £ 30 million) transfer budget. Pedro has clearly also lost the dressing room some time ago. It is NOT A HAPPY SQUAD–and an unhappy squad will never achieve much. HE MUST GO NOW.

  8. Pedrro needs to get back to Vegas BY HIMSELF–and just staay there. He might get lucky on the roulette tables, whereas he has NO CHANCE OF GETTING LUCKY AT IBROX. He is useless, and, even if he had £ 50m million to spend–he would still field a bad team.

  9. Pedro is just another Paul Le Guen.

    Another manager who couldn't hack it in Scottish Football.

    Falling out with Scottish players and not understanding how to win games in Scotland by picking the wrong players etc.

    Please go soon – tomorrow would suit me fine.

    Some board members should take the blame for taking a stupid gamble, when Rangers badly needed someone with some experience of top management skills.

  10. is fitness an issue?

    I read that celtic are using a sleep expert thar man u,real madrid etc etc
    have used.

    should rangers try this?

  11. Guys fed up with all this down trodding our manager he's different that's for sure but hey homwe have come from a very dark place so for me let's give the man some respects we need 2 full backs and playmaker someone who can put his foot on the ball and pick a pass. This will take time Mcleish never had a job for 10years Mcinnes settles for second let's be patient Don't worry about a thing

  12. Give pedro a break man . this is getting disgusting now what the media n fans do to him. We are turning the managers position who ever it may be for us into one no one will want. What happened to supporting the team and staff no matter what?

  13. "Some board members should take the blame" There's no should about it.Brain wave time,why don't we employ a Scottish manager from a Scottish football club who knows the Scottish Premier League.It might seem a bit over the top!

  14. All good managers make their presence felt, in a good way, from day 1, even if it takes a bit longer to win their league etc. Caixinho has made a very bad impression in a multitude of ways that shows he is nowhere near fit to be the manager of Rangers. Only a Celtic fan would want him to remain.

  15. Please, could we stop touting Murty for the job because he got a draw v gyps. It's non-sensical & embarrassing. Think he'got enough on his plate after the 6 – 1 rout by Leicester.

  16. If he's fallen out with Miller that says a lot. Kenny is a Rangers man and if he's talking up about what is going on it speaks volumes. This has PLG written all over it again. I would back Miller as I think he would see the issues pretty much like we do.

    Lose against Hamilton and its time to change.

  17. I do hope not,Pedro needs to stay and finish the job he has started let him sell and bring in other good players we do not sell any good players we must keep them Pedro knows that is the way you do it bring in six you may get one or two you keep and get rid of the rest then do it all over again look do you think any top manager is going put his CV on the line with very little money to buy players no way you may get a new manager not as good as Pedro or a old has been and then we must keep sacking and hiring a new one on and on its not going happen we draw a line and keep what we have and get behind him, now we need to think about this let Pedro do the job he was to do adding good players for the new manager after Pedros contract is up,you see if you where are good manager would you take the job on offer at our great club not yet but one day they will for sure.

  18. He's banished Miller to the reserves – according to several papers. If true this is the beginning of the end, problem is we can't afford to sack him.

  19. His managing is along the lines of, for why you keek my dog and call heem fuck off! That's not a criticism of his english skills but of his keystone cops football strategy. He had dud written all over him from day one and nothing I've seen or heard from him since has altered that opinion. He should never have been appointed but the real mystery is why the board were so impressed with him in the first place. He's all waffle bullshit gobbledygook and the tragedy is that he has already lost the players and he'll never come back from that. Adeus, Pedro, may be tomorrow maybe next week or month but, adeus.

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