Pedro announces the most important match of the season (not Celtic)


Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has surprised many by stating Rangers’ trip to Firhill to face Partick in the Cup later this month is the most important match of the season, implying it is even more so than the forthcoming Old Firm clash.

Speaking ahead of the first trip to Thistle for tomorrow’s league encounter, Caixinha dismissed the relevance of two trips there in a row, point out the nature of each match was very different and added that the second fixture was the season’s biggest.

He said:

“No, I’m just here to speak about the next one. I cannot prepare two games at the same time even if they are against the same opponent at the same ground. They are going to be totally different matches. In one, we are fighting for three points and we are going to concentrate to get those three points.”

Which is fair enough, before he then surprisingly added:

“Then the other one is going to be the most important game of the season because it’s a knock out game and would give you a pass to the semi final of one competition.”

Some fans might be a little taken aback that Pedro sees a trip to Firhill as more important than a visit from Celtic, but then, if Rangers are not realistically going to challenge Rodgers’ men overall this season, perhaps such focus on other matches is in fact a wise approach.


  1. Well that about sums Pedro up better that way some thing happened like this last season and they went on a run,better this way keep focused on next game.

  2. He says the next game is the most important 1st, which is correct. The players need to keep there eye on the next game not what's to come, plus the cup is important since it's prob one of the easyer ways to win silver wear again

  3. When are Rangers players going to learn to stop talking the talk before an old firm game, Lee Wallace has annoyed me with his comments before the celtic game. In my opinion they should keep their heads down and try to do their talking on the pitch considering our performance against them. Too many times before a big game danny wilson or Miller will come out saying we are doing well, etc etc we have won 2 back to back games against low table teams. rant over

  4. Maybe he means it's most important because it's first available silverware and psychologically for the team believe and to the rest of league teams, maybe lost in translation or in hoping that's what he means lol

  5. Typical negative minded idiotic dregs who wish nothing but failure for Pedro. These fools are not supporters of Rangers that's for sure. As for Pedro, I think he made it perfectly clear what he was meaning in the past that every match is a final to him and to him the next game is the most important one.

    He knows the significance of the old firm game he just doesn't want to speak about it at the current time because that is not our next game, it is his way of saying that we cannot take our eye off our next opponent and must get the 3 points.

    • Indeed.
      Some people do my napper in on here.
      We are 3 times the team of 12 months ago and for me defiantly going in the right direction.
      Look at the players we have now ffs!! ("I don't know winming the lottery and waking up with Megan Fox wouldn't keep fukers on here happy")
      Next game always most important, let's talk about the old firm game next week after 2 good wins.

  6. I would think the Europa Qualifiers were the most important matches of the season. Just because the team self-destructed at the most pivotal moment of the season doesn't mean that some other game (that we conveniently haven't lost yet) is more important. Because it's not.

    The most important game of the season has come and gone. And we lost.

    Just saying…

  7. Rangers need the 3 points against Thistle

    Rangers need to get to the next round of the cup against Thistle

    Rangers need to improve against Celtic

    C.Mon, we can do it.

  8. Its becoming more obvious to me that comments on this forum has become akin to the nonsense on a sewing bee site and basically travelling into the twilight zone since this nugget took over as we are constantly debating pathetic frivolous issues, more often than not as a result of the guy opening his stupid, ill informed gob at every opportunity, in an effort on his part to divert attention from the big fat elephant in the room, namely that he couldnae manage a fish supper, and if other blue noses see it differently then, in the best Rangers family traditions, I totally and sincerely respect that view

    But for fellow Bears to suggest that Ped knockers are NOT RANGERS FANS is a disgrace and an insult and really not the Rangers way

    The fact of the matter, even given the "limited" financial resources currently available is that, WE COULD be a hell of a lot better, WE SHOULD be a hell of a lot better & WE WOULD BE a hell of a lot better if we showed him the door and got ANYBODY in that was knitting with TWO needles and knew more about managing a fitba team than the tea wummin at Ibrox

    You can fool some of the people some of the time etc.and the proof of the pudding will undoubtedly be in the eating when Ped inevitably does get the bullet and just like that french prick a while ago people will soon forget his name and his legacy will be flung in the bin where it belongs (unfortunately recent and record breaking multi poor results under this imposter will however remain on the books, for all to see, for all time)

    Sooner the better, but it is just a matter of time!


  9. "But for fellow Bears to suggest that Ped knockers are NOT RANGERS FANS is a disgrace and an insult and really not the Rangers way"

    So is taking the piss out of our present manager and having a pop at every opportunity the sign of a Rangers Fan then??? Feck me. The guy took over the loafs team, who happened to be playing crap. The guy then brought in a load of players and yes we got beat in the Europa league… But hell what time did they have together. They should have won, probably but they didnt. Since then we have had this players crap and that players crap… Candedas was one of those players "getting it" yet now, he is starting to look the part. Fuxsake give the guy a chance. Around Xmas will be the time to have a look at the situation.

    Then we have bears taking the p**s about what they guys says… 1. English aint the guys first language and some of what he says is lost in translation 2. Some of what he says, and gets the p**s taken out of him about is actually accurate and makes sense. We hear bears going mental about the tosser Sutton and other journos taking the p**s out of him YET some of those same bears do it too.

    Give the guy a bloody chance.

    "The fact of the matter, even given the "limited" financial resources currently available is that, WE COULD be a hell of a lot better, WE SHOULD be a hell of a lot better & WE WOULD BE a hell of a lot better if we showed him the door and got ANYBODY in that was knitting with TWO needles and knew more about managing a fitba team than the tea wummin at Ibrox"

    2 points…… 1- based on what? Lets see …. oh yeah De Boer was one who would do it for us – We dodged a bullet there me thinks. Anyone can make comments about stuff that aint real. 2 – Does your comment sound like a Bear who is supporting his team?

    Is Pedro the longterm answer? Probably not. But, I do believe he is better than what he is being given credit for. Is the squad better and stronger than it was this time last year…??? I believe so. When and if he does leave, I believe he will leave the squad in a better condition than when he found it. But whatever, UNTIL he does leave, this bear will have his opinion BUT will not just mouth off at the mouth and undermine what the guy is trying to do. If come Xmas and things are not panning out THEN and only then will I pass my judgement which will be based on facts, results and stats. Thats the Rangers way.

    • While being completely unnecessary to retort in reality, the first and most important point is that YES I am and always will be a TRUE BLUE but fortunately I don't feel the need for vindication or approval of that fact from anyone as I, like all other TRUE BLUES, am afforded the god given privilege and right to be free thinking and speak my mind when I can see that even more disasters lie ahead with Mr Bean and we become an even bigger laughing stock than we are now, and only make the effort to highlight and identify, In my sincere, entitled opinion, the travesty of our board hiring a guy who strikes me as complete oddity and chancer who regularly has no idea of what the hell he is doing, going to do, what he is saying, going to say.

      His signings have in reality been poor, I agree that Candedas has improved to an "acceptable level" but certainly no better than that, while Pena looks like a complete waste of money as does the big striker who couldny score in a barrel of them, while the rest of the team/squad are adequate enough, at this stage, but again in my opinion, should be a hell of a lot better tactically and in performance than they are

      How De Boar got into this is beyond me as I never rated him either and had him in the same category as Mr Bean, of course no doubt his excuse at Palace will also be that his first language isn't English either wont it!, for the record I was hoping Tommy Wright would get the job (he would have taken it in a millisecond) and can Guarantee 100% that given the same resources etc. we would be A HELL OF A LOT BETTER off if he had, although I concede he happens to be an Ulsterman who speaks English so that wouldn't make any sense at all would it?

      Your "Is Pedro the longterm answer? Probably not" comment, is not exactly a positive, supportive advocacy of our current manager which necessarily and unfortunately dictates there is no possibility, at present, to seek out the sustainable approach or the firm foundation going forward that we so badly and obviously require at this time and sounds to me like the classic response of someone who is in some sort of voluntary denial,

      I have watched the Gers under White, Waddell, Wallace, Grieg, Souness, Watty, The General, the calibre of which only screams out the fact that the likes of Ped & the frog, The Loaf etc. do not belong within a country mile of our famous, once proud club & until that situation is addressed I will offer my opinion, the rights and obligation of which was given to BLUE NOSES at the ultimate cost of other less fortunate BLUE NOSES in the past

      The guy is a complete nugget, I know it, YOU know it & The DUG knows it, tic tock, tic, tock,


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