Monday, 4 September 2017

Manager makes two startling admissions about Rangers striker

With yet another Rangers loanee hitting the ground running with goals, the bizarre jinx of Rangers ‘rejects’ doing superbly well at their new temporary homes has continued with Joe Dodoo becoming the latest.

One would have to say it is less a jinx and more a damning indictment of substandard management by a procession of rotten managers at Ibrox since Walter sadly called it a day, and going by Charlton boss Karl Robinson’s comments, it seems all the more plausible.

With his latest charge doing so well, the Addicks’ manager made a very valid comment about Dodoo and just where Rangers managers have been going wrong, while equally raising quite a paradox.

As Rangers fans will know, the few fleeting times Dodoo excelled in our shirt was behind the striker or alongside him in the 9 position, and crucially, in a central berth.

Once Pedro Caixinha was appointed the Ghanian striker found himself isolated out on the left wing and completely unable to do damage, and before long was axed entirely.

Now at Charlton Robinson has made that point and gone further:

"Since he went to Rangers, he has not played much as a number nine, which is the position he wants to play in and the position I want to play him in."

Dodoo has clearly been vocal about the position he is best in, and Robinson is only too happy to play him there.

But it was the following comment which makes one think even more:

“I’ve spoken to two or three players that have played with him at Rangers. I’ve spoken to the people that signed him, so four or five individuals. Their references were that “he’s a good ’un and someone that not many would have picked out”.

So Robinson has not only spoken to Dodoo’s ex (and possibly current) teammates, he has also engaged with quite possibly the man who brought him to Ibrox and who equally refused to select him consistently in the position he wanted; Mark Warburton.

And yet if all these team mates and all these managers can see what is in front of them, possibly including old Baldy himself, why on earth does the lad find himself on the outside at Ibrox?

It opens the bigger picture too for the likes of O’Halloran, Waghorn, Garner – ok, these guys probably are not all proper Rangers standard, but it definitely does not account for how astonishingly poor or mismanaged they were at Ibrox.

With a full week ahead before Rangers host Dundee, Pedro will be hoping the players he has elected to plump with vindicate him. Some sure are, the likes of Morelos, Cardoso and Jack starting to look like shrewd business, but with patchy form a hindrance, Rangers could use a good run of form to show the players they do not currently have were not even needed.
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