Is Alfredo Morelos really worth millions now?

Is Alfredo Morelos really worth millions now?

If there is one growing star of Scottish football right now, it is Alfredo Morelos.

Lauded by Ibrox Noise on his arrival, his initial few appearances were uninspiring. This was a 27-goal in 42 appearances striker who had excelled for barely one and a half seasons in Finland for HJK (Feb 2016 to summer past) and hopes were high for his prospects in Scotland, but those few early displays were rusty.

It was when Rangers hosted Dunfermline in the League Cup that Morelos sprang to life. A brace was only a small aspect of his contribution, for after that slow start, suddenly the Colombian was holding play up, bringing others in, and winning a glut of fouls.

Nicknamed the Buffalo (wonder why) Ibrox Noise would prefer the Tank because this guy cannot be shifted – his frame is quite something and he uses his strength to hold defenders off with ease.

This talent became apparent against the Pars, and the ex-Independiente Medellin man finally kicked on in that match with two goals and simply has not looked back.

There have been some hysterical reactions – social media melting with claims that the Colombian youth international is a double figure millions man now. One punter supposedly said £50M. As good as he is getting, let us not get carried away with silly numbers – the east lot might claim Dembele is worth £30M but they live on cloud cuckoo land.

That said, Morelos is certainly the best striker Rangers have had since Jelavic. I mean, the competition for the honour is pretty thin, but Alfredo is on a different level to anyone at Ibrox in years, and if he keeps this level of form up, he could well be the sort of striker we expect at ‘traditional Rangers’.

Since the Croat made Ibrox his stomping ground, Rangers have simply not had a worthy number 10. We have tried to make the best of what we had – but when you compare the contribution in the SPL of Alfredo Morelos with the Joe Garners, Martyn Waghorns, the Nicky Clarks, Jon Dalys, and even our current Kenny Miller (this season) along with his old mate Kris Boyd (second spell) there is just no comparison.

Morelos could well be the real deal, but of course, he will get properly judged in the bigger matches. Hamilton in a week or two, a visit from Rodgers’ lot as well – these are the big tests.

But then, he managed it against Hibernian too, even if Lennon’s side has fallen away a bit since then.

So chances are high that we could well have a true Rangers level striker at last, and our absolute thanks to Jonatan Johansson for spotting the kid.

Colombia really does produce incredible forwards – Rodriguez, Falcao, Bacca – while Morelos has a bit to go yet to get to that level, he is certainly much more likely than Kevin Kyle.

Just, please, stop calling him Morales!

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  1. Morelos is doing very well his movement is excellent he's strong and can use both feet .I too want thank JJ for recommending him .He will only get recognition in Scotland once he scores against the Rotten Mob ..sorry that's just the way media is against us …Bring it on ….WATP Much better than Breadmans slash for sure

  2. Better have an iron clad contract. So if some mediocre Premership team waves a few million in our face after Xmas it can be knocked back.

  3. He looks good but far to early to say he is worth a lot more money or how many goals he will score but let's hope he scores plenty and we can forget about selling him

  4. If he can get into the international set up then yes he will be worth big money, but apart from that no one prices anyone in Scotland high, Celtic may say dembele is worth 30milion. But the fact no one tried to sign him in the summer shows that no one is gonna look at a player after just one season in scotland

  5. If I was a defender with another team I wouldnae get much sleep the night before I came up against this boy, and thats the yardstick of a top rate striker, looks like a man on a mission every game, early days indeed but the sky is the limit with this guy, best of luck to him


  6. It's not just his goals – it's his all round play. This guy is going to terrorise Scottish defences and he'll bring goals out of the others around him. I pray we can keep him for a couple of seasons at least.

  7. Early doirs as of yet but he certainly looks the part "IF" he bags 25/30 goals this season they better up his money and bang 4 more years on2 his contract.
    He will need to break in2 his national team and we need in to the CL and there be both his stages. Shine there & it's ££££££

  8. I would hold fire a bit yet guys in my view he is still learning the game awarness wise i admit he knows where goals are and goes cor it but if hou saw pena lay a xummy for him and also play him in behind on saturday he was static so let us enjoy watching him develop the big money will come!! time gentlemen time

  9. Morelos is easily the most valuable player we have, but that's a pretty short bar relative to what we're used to.

    Is he worth £50m? He's worth whatever other teams are willing to pay. On that score, his value is definitely rising, but I fear that there is a limit to what teams in the BIG 5 leagues will pay for him at present. Dembele's valuation skyrocketed after he scored 3 goals in the group stages of the Champions League last year, including 2 against the then undefeated leaders of the EPL Man City. He also won (but did not convert) a penalty at Camp Nou.

    Is Morelos better than Dembele's? Maybe. We'll get a good sense of that in 2 weeks.

    Goals vs Ross Co and Dundee will help us take the league. But goals in Europe will ultimately dictate his market value in my opinion, because teams with big transfer budgets simply don't respect the quality of the SPL.

  10. I would ave taken a punt with moult to feed of him. incedently i would like to see a gers backlash against liewells pursuit of ebt's. this man prosides over a club where the taxman takes precedent over child safety, not to mention their own tax avoidence in the 70/80s and junnho hypocrite bastard. I would call to strip them of the big cup,wonder if uefa or fifa are aware of these crimes. lastly dr. john reid should be investigated for deanding initial enquiry and abusing politial power and privilage.

  11. A star he is and will be,how much can we ask for him around 1 million like Ross County boy LB you must score at top table and that is in CL to be worth millions we are kidding our self if we think we could get 10/20 million for him no matter what team it is the top scorer plays for in Scotland then the price is around 1 million we need to keep him for when we get into CL then cash in,but i would still say keep.

    • You a fucking moron no way he would be sold for 1m LB was sold for 500k because that was his buyout clause and because he played for ross county stick tae knitting or something

  12. Don't think we should put too much pressure on the lad
    at this stage , let's just enjoy what he's doing . Maybe there's a market in Finland we should be exploiting and Jonatan Johansson certainly knows the players over there . Maybe he could get us a big kick ass centre half and a midfield enforcer at a decent price !
    Agree with the guy earlier about an investigation into how the tax man came for us first when there were English teams using EBT's too . Also how strange that Lloyd's called in our loan when it was being reduced at a more than acceptable rate . Chairman Reid , 2nd top man in Labour party when taxman came for us , director Wilson , Labour MP , director Reilly , Bank of England and SPL board member , director Livingston , head of Lloyds business sector in Scotland ( who called in our debt ) Lawwell , SFA board member . Now maybe this is coincidence , what do you think ? For me , it should be investigated at the highest level .

    • Jimbo.
      Don't worry about that he can't understand a word of English.
      We could be calling him a cunt and he will just nod his head.
      See when the ref had a word on Saturday funny as !!!

  13. Reason why dembelle has that inflated price tag is because he bangs goals in for fun aswell in the French under 21 team, as much as I hurts to say he will leave them for good money 20 million is nothing to teams at bottom half if prem, however if Morelos can get in to International football and bang in the goals for Columbia then is value will sky rocket just hope he wins us a league title before he goes anywhere !! Smashing wee player well done JJ.

  14. Yeah look Kris Boyd scored a bagful against the lesser teams which is useful for mopping up points but Walter never selected him for the big games and when he was forced to he did not look the same player.

    I would say right now a couple of million would be good business but there is no window open right now so that gives him till Jan by which time his value will be either higher or lower than that based on continuing to do what he is doing or showing it was nothing more than a purple patch.

    You look at Griffiths scoring 40 odd goals a couple of seasons back and the figure being bandied about was around the £7m mark so I would say that is probably next summers value if Morelos hits that number of goals this season.

    Still good money and well worth considering if it keeps the lights on and allows strengthening elsewhere.

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