Could Rangers beat Birmingham to Cameroonian international free agent?


With Rangers’ troubles in defence continuing at the weekend, and doubts over the fitness of at least two key units in the form of Danny Wilson and Bruno Alves, Rangers’ options at the back are currently rather thin.

With a lack of budget to play with, Pedro Caixinha has to be wise and make moves for experienced pros who are available right now, and who might be realistic targets to attract to Ibrox.

And one such free agent currently looking for a new club is Cameroonian international defender Sebastien Bassong.

Last seen at Carrow Road, the ex-Norwich stopper was a team mate of current Rangers midfielder Graham Dorrans, and if the 31-year old needs any idea of the positives to playing in front of 51,000 every other week he need only ask Rangers’ 30 year old engine room man.

His career has been extremely respectable, with spells at French cracks Metz, and an extended run in English football with the likes of Wolves, aforementioned Canaries, and Newcastle.

He would certainly be capable of getting up to speed quickly to cope with the pace of the Scottish game and his wage demands are unlikely to be overly lavish, making him a very valid target to aim for indeed, and while he is currently training with Birmingham to earn a contract, could Rangers sneak in and beat them to the punch?

He, along with a group of others, was released by Norwich on relegation this summer but this always happens and even fine players find themselves without clubs following their employer’s demotion to a lower tier.

Rangers need stability and leadership at the back, and crucially, more fit bodies. With only one guaranteed fit senior defender right now in the shape of Fabio Cardoso, while McCrorie has fit in like a glove to the first team, Rangers need more numbers back there.

Numbers they can count on.

Could Bassong be one such?


  1. Sorry guys but see these players over 30 with no clubs their in that situation for a reason, there done !! We have just unearthed a gem in McCrorie who is more than capable of playing CH in spl and if Cardoso, Alves and Wilson were to all crocked I would rather take a chance on another young player to partner McCrorie i.e. Bates, than a over paid, over aged player no one wants…

    There is no quick fix to our situation time to start building for the future and go with young players.

    Look at them against PSG, Rodgers put in a 18 yo against Neymar fair enough the got pumped but that boy will be a better player for it.

    We need to start blooding more young players now !!

  2. Ibrox noise always puts these possible targets up but there is never any interest from the club or even rumours circulating so what is the point?

  3. I'm thinking bassong could be a good option for the club.My thinking has gone along the lines of defence lately Declan john looks decent going forward likewise tavs they would make very strong left and right midfielders the full back positions could be filled with dedicated defenders mcrorie perhaps centre or fullback alongside an other and finally five in midfield dorranns jack Jamie walker if we get him the keeper fods understudy far better on cross balls etc a few additions to whats there pena alves miller etc etc out to pasture.

  4. Away from this cap. If reports are true that Ped got tore into the home grown players the guy has to go NOW!!!! Had enough of his bullshit. He embarrasses the club time n time again. Do the decent thing and just resign. He hasn't got a clue on how to be a manager never mind manage the most successful club in the World. Get him to fuck asap. Support the team but don't support this chancer. I think it's time for the fans to make they're feeling clear. Chant it from the stands get the banners out n get shot of this guy. I have thought it myself but big ek said the players dont look fit enough. He has no clue. Come on board if Ped won't resign then find the money from somewhere to pay him off. I thought mccoist was one if our worst managers behind Le guen but this guy take every award for worst manager in history. Fuck off pedro. Had enough.

  5. To the absolute tim aka mr get to fek pedro, are u actually 11 years old. U clearly dont have a clue mate. U change manager again, u change the players again. Where is the money coming from genius? He has definately improved us on last season. If u watch his interviews he is more than tactically aware. He acknowledges the areas that need imoroved after games. But some wee dipshit from glasgow reckons its as simple as just getting rid of him and getting someone new. Everytime u do that you start from scratch. Pointless. Results havent been great no but u have to remember its 8 weeks into a season with 75% new squad. Give it time. Enough of the kneejerk reactions. We were beaten by a team that has made 60 odd million in the last 2 seasons. Think about that before u come on here

    • Tim? Haha with a name like yours lol. Who you calling dipshit aswell ya fucking doughnut. See at the end if day it's night haha. NAW seriously though your entitled to your opinion as much as the next guy so stop trying to act the big man. We have Pedro haters and Pedro lovers and ones who sit on the fence. I'm no saying a want to win the league or challenge Celtic so where in that did you see that comment? No where that's where. I know it's a building job however imo Pedro ain't the guy to do that. I have many other true blues who afree with me not saying everyone does. If you think peds the right man then that's your opinion but in my opinion you must be blind stupid and death. You hear the shite he comes out with? Come on here acting awe Billy big baws. Away ye go pal. Yer not the only one with an opinion.

  6. Lets sort out what we already have then add one or two after we get rid of few in next window stop buying every thing we see we keep the good ones get rid of the bad players then add more good ones.but not now

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