Comment: Rangers 4 – 1 Dundee


Before we analyse today’s win over Dundee, it must be remembered that just like v County, we faced a bottom-feeding side, in this case, with just a single point to their name all season.

Just like County there was a bit of toiling before we finally broke our opponent down, and just like County, there was a messy goal conceded to spoil things a touch.

But, and this is laced with caution; that is now two league wins in a row for the first time this season, and even more importantly, three matches unbeaten.

By no means are Rangers the finished product – miles off it in truth. But the past two matches have shown the team can produce something with merit.

The first half possession was 64/36 which screamed of the Warburton era, with 10 shots for Rangers to Dundee’s none. But of course this time Rangers had got their reward before the opening 45 was over.

And Neil McCann’s stuffy Tayside outfit nearly did some real damage immediately after the break, with two or three gilt-edge chances that they should have buried.

But once Josh Windass soared a well-deserved header into the back of the Ibrox net to make it two, it was a foregone conclusion.

Rangers played some half decent stuff today – Daniel Candeias was a well-deserved Man of the Match, with a convincing display to boast of. Brian Laudrup he may not be but he has fit well into Scottish football and is providing a solid outlet on the right, as well as being able to play a bit, score a bit, shoot a bit, and defend a bit. His crossing too has improved significantly and that assist for Windass was outstanding.

He is a gritty and able player who has a touch of ability about him too, and he has blended nicely into the system Pedro Caixinha has gone with.

But no one is forgetting Morelos, who really has embraced the game here and our club. This kid is a find, with goals aplenty and is now convincingly the country’s top scorer. This is the first time Rangers have had someone on top of the scoring charts in Scotland for many, many years and it is a breath of fresh air.

And crucially we must hark back to the importance of winning today. Dundee might not be devastatingly good, but in order to excel in any league you must mop up the bread and butter teams and manage as many wins as you can against the cream of the division. And now we see seven goals in two matches giving us a critical six points at a time of the season when we want to start seeing a Rangers playing like one.

There is a long long way to go. September is a crucial month. We have a trip to Hamilton, plus a visit from that green and white lot. And come October we could well be looking back on these two results as a false dawn. It has happened before and will happen again. But Pedro and Rangers have given themselves a chance now. A chance to go on a bit of a run and get some consistency going.

Fourth place in the league – it is not where we want to be but it is the right direction.

We must keep on going in it.


  1. Yes I agree that we are far from being a team that dominates others without being under pressure in defence.
    Dundee ovule easily have had three other goals but they missed easy chances, however, so did we. We had numerous chances in the first half, took to many extra touches when we should have shot at goal, tried to walk the ball into the net when we should have delivered a quicker ball. These are points we need to improve on, but hey! we won 4 – 1 today and there were a lot of plus points.
    I though, this is without going into scores out of ten, most players today had pass marks, possibly Krankjaer and Miller, in my opinion fell short today and the two positive substitutions by the manager proved a point. Outstanding performances for me today were Morales, is he the striker we have needed for a long time? He is reminiscent of Rod Wallace. Candeis had a brilliant game, his work rate is exceptional and his end product today was top notch. I also think today Ryan Jack proves how good he is in what he does, keeps it simple, recently Dorian's , in my opinion, has let him down but they both destroyed Dundee's midfield with the turncoat Scott Allen being hooked before half time.
    My final point one swallow doesn't make summer, two wins doesn't make for a long hard winter either, but keep it up against Partick and see if we can at last do over our biggest rivals the week after Andy our long winter might bring us some warmth to our hearts.

  2. Feel like we are coming together as a team although a long long way to go alves jack dorrans candias morelos are all a big upgrade in quality. Krancjar and Miller are sadly well past it and should be used more sparingly and also don't think Wallace is up to it imo

    • Agree with your comments. Regarding Wallace, I think he'd contribute more if he was relieved of the captaincy. It'd be no disgrace but he's shouldered the load of being captain through some very tough uncertain seasons under a far from perfect management regime. I'm repeating myself here as I've posted this opinion before. Maybe he needs a break from the responsibility of captaincy. Alves forcaptain??. Mon the Gers

  3. 4-1 Nobody can complain 3 points move on.
    I'm afraid the best of Niko has come and gone, Brain still got it, legs no longer have and our leauge is 100mph.
    Also as much as I love Kenny it's time for golf clubs and a job with the coaching team.
    Team played better and further up the park once Windass & Pena came on.
    Pena must now start up front with Morelos.
    Penas movement into space whilst staying close to Morelos its just what we have been greeting about for years, love how they both pull the trigger soon as they see goal.
    Pena needs games plenty of them!!
    Candeias looks a real find work rate and first time balks exemplary.
    Definitely getting better but not there yet.

  4. While not absaloutley eye catching it was a solid performance. Well taking goals even though we should have been out of sight in the first half.
    Pedro seems to be getting to grips with what's required in the Scottish game.
    Alfredo is on fire and will only get better. Pena's goal only took away the fact he was poor. His touch was terrible his weight of pass is horrendous the only thing I will say is his movement is great he does pop up in the pockets of space so hopefully it's just a lack of game time and he does come good but based on the limited times I've seem him he doesn't look like he's worth the sum that was payed but fingers crossed I'm wrong.
    Overall though there has been a vast improvement so now the momentum must be kept going so we can go into the old firm on a high


  5. If we can do this in games like aberdeen scelltic hearts and hibs then we all must sit up but a team at the bottom 1 point from 15 is not a good bench mark lets face it will one of our own NMc be in a job after his next game same with LM at Kilmarnock 1 point from 15,that Dundee game was better to watch and that is all it was.

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