Caixinha confirms THIS is what he disliked today


Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha was happy with a lot of aspects of his side’s play today, but has confirmed he was distinctly displeased with a tactical mistake he believed gave his opponent more of a sniff of the game than it should.

Speaking after his side had thumped Neil McCann’s men 4-1, Caixinha praised the side after they put four goals away, but admitted that tactically he and the players had made a modest blunder.

He said:

“The only thing I didn’t like to be fair, it was for the strategy. My fault. The way we stayed a little on balances them, allows transitions from the opponent because Jack was staying alone down there in the middle of the park; and we were a bit far away from the target players.”

In other words, his tactics isolated Ryan Jack a tad and allowed space for Dundee to build play when they should have been getting closed down more.

Fair play to Caixinha – it is not the first time he has put his hand up to a mistake, and there is nothing worse than a stubborn manager who only blames his players and takes no responsibility.

We have given him credit before for being accountable and we do so again.

In the end it did not matter – Rangers more or less strolled the match and won deservedly, but it is good to see the manager not entirely happy and endeavouring to want to fix things.


  1. he made at least two more tactical errors in selecting kranchar and miller kranchar is never a wide left player and you saw the difference in wallaces performance when windass was brought on miller should not be starting in any game bring in Rossiter to play alongside Jack and let Dorrans be the attacking midfielder what will it be like if Morelos gets a decent partner up front

    • Yes got to agree both of them passengers.
      Pena & Windass start for me as does Rossiter with Jack in a
      The 3 need to work there socks off and either Candieas or Dorrans heat the bench.
      Same the other wing John on if Windass not performing.
      IMO in time Rossiter will be better than Jack & Dorrans, Do hope I get that one right!!!

  2. Absolutely nothing up with making mistakes it's realising them admitting it and learning and getting better that's important . Fair play Pedro unlike the last guy who always said we'll learn from it but never did

  3. This has nothing to do with the article.

    I'm sick of the ibrox noise page switching pages to older ibrox noise posts. I read the page on my phone and I get a quater way through reading then it switches to a different ibrox noise page. Why??? Its driving me crazy. Have to go back into the article I want to read FOUR times to read the article of my choice then more if I want to read the comments. Why is it doing this? Please sort it out if you can for the sake of my mental health ffs.

  4. This retrospective failure in tactics is surely only identified as a retrospective tactical failure by an inept individual who does not have the required tactical foresight to see it coming in the first place

    To a relative novice like me it appears to be a very basic and bread and butter tactical issue and one a BB team manager would be aware of and mitigate before a ball is kicked and then if he sees that ANY of the planned tactics are not working during the match change them immediately and appropriately

    So it appears now that the general consensus going forward is basically to be that we are all to respect and appreciate that this balloon is basically learning his apprenticeship as a football manager at our expense and that this is perfectly acceptable so long as he is honest and mans up to every calamity decision he makes – Certainly and sadly looks that way

    We will see if the good faith and benevolent attitude continues to flourish after we play a half decent team (only half decent mind) like the manky mob later this month cause they will immediately identify his naive schoolboy tactical nous and give us another soul destroying and brass neck doing AGAIN

    Its a true saying right enough re-THERES NANE AS BLIND AS THEM THAT WILL NO LOOK!

    The man is a friggin disaster in installments, might very well be a "decent chap" deep down but a Glasgow Rangers manager he most certainly is not!


  5. It was a decent performance and good goals, so we should be happy , as the old saying goes you can only play what's in front of you . It is however disappointing when the reviewers of the Rotten Mob against a terrible Hamilton side are gushing about their performance , and only just mentioning ours !!! Hamilton were awful Sinclair could have gone for a pie and a Bovril then scored the amount time they gave him in and around the box … A Joke !! So lets get real here fellow Bears we are better than the Bread Mans Pish by a goo way … We have got a long way to go …But it looks much better The OF game will come and go but its the whole season that we need to focus on …By the way How Much Bile and Hatred is that Bastard Liewell Spewing Out about Us again !!!! Twat …

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