Saturday, 9 September 2017

Caixinha confirms THIS is what he disliked today

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha was happy with a lot of aspects of his side’s play today, but has confirmed he was distinctly displeased with a tactical mistake he believed gave his opponent more of a sniff of the game than it should.

Speaking after his side had thumped Neil McCann’s men 4-1, Caixinha praised the side after they put four goals away, but admitted that tactically he and the players had made a modest blunder.

He said:

“The only thing I didn’t like to be fair, it was for the strategy. My fault. The way we stayed a little on balances them, allows transitions from the opponent because Jack was staying alone down there in the middle of the park; and we were a bit far away from the target players.”

In other words, his tactics isolated Ryan Jack a tad and allowed space for Dundee to build play when they should have been getting closed down more.

Fair play to Caixinha – it is not the first time he has put his hand up to a mistake, and there is nothing worse than a stubborn manager who only blames his players and takes no responsibility.

We have given him credit before for being accountable and we do so again.

In the end it did not matter – Rangers more or less strolled the match and won deservedly, but it is good to see the manager not entirely happy and endeavouring to want to fix things.
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