Caixinha confirms end for O’Halloran – puts him up for sale


Pedro Caixinha has today effectively confirmed on-loan winger Michael O’Halloran is up for sale in January, by praising his displays at St Johnstone and hoping someone will buy him if his form continues.

Speaking at the pre-Dundee presser, Caixinha stood firmly by his statement that he does not want O’Halloran and the attacker is not part of his vision going forward at Ibrox.

The Portuguese said:

“I hope that he continues doing very good because ultimately he’s our player and if they want to buy him or someone wants to buy him if he’s scoring goals it’ll be perfect for us.”

O’Halloran for his own part had not completely shut the door on a return to Ibrox if wanted, but clearly Pedro has firmly slammed it himself and appears to be getting even more steadfast in his assurances that he does not want the player at Ibrox.

Whether that is the right thing only time will tell.


  1. I think Ped's handling of this has been absolutely diabolical and disrespectful in the extreme…

    obviously nobody knows what has happened between the two behind closed doors but for a manager who is trying to show and convey that he knows what its all about to be at rangers, he is showing he doesnt really have the a scooby…

    being a ranger is about carrying yourself with dignity and respect above all others and having such discussions behind closed doors…for a player to find out he is not wanted back by his employer in a newspaper is disgusting for anyone…

    the man needs to be advised to a better standard by the club and his "local" assisstant coach

    • 100% agree Tom.

      A lot of us are divided over MOH, but I think it's safe to say that these public statements by Pedro are continuing to hurt the club. He's not wrong, by the way, but putting a 'for sale' sign on MOH so publicly will not induce bidders to pay what Rangers want. Everyone who comes in for MOH will know that we want him off the wage bill and they will negotiate accordingly.

      Would have been better had Pedro not commented or simply left it at 'glad he's finding his form again'.

      Lastly, as you rightly point out, it doesn't matter what MOH did to deserve this treatment and whether or not it is justified (it is!), Pedro is not showing class, dignity, and respect that his position requires. If a player needs to be given the hair dryer or punished in other ways, do it privately. Don't humiliate the player publicly.

  2. Maybe wee mikey should have turned up for his reserve game then? He came to us from saints as one of there big players. Then he was average for us, barely got a game and took the huff. Now he is back in perth playing for a team that other teams dont sit in against and hes mikey big shot again. As you pointed out tom we dont know what went on behind closed doors but id bet my months wages that MOH was being a whining little b**ch. I like how pedro has handled it. Let him know hes a decent player at a certain level but not good enough for us. F HIM.

  3. Him and McKay were talking out a school like a cupla wee fannies greetin about Pedro.Totally unbecoming of any Rangers men,you get the head down and graft regardless of the manager.Good riddance.

  4. Personally I'd keep him and Loan him out at a very low league club. Plus fine him ever time he has an out burst at the club and manager. Very disrespectful player, no class on the pitch and none off it either

  5. I think Pedro just speaks his mind, he's payed the big money, it's his job so should be done his way as it's his reputation and job on the line. Ohalloran wasn't good enough for rangers weather he couldn't handle pressure or couldn't deal with teams sitting in, either way he isn't and never will be good enough, he's like forest gump give him the ball he will run there's no talent. Pedro message is simple if your aren't good enough or don't work hard enough or aren't committed to the cause then your out…we shout it every week from the stands so why shouldn't our manager stand by the same philosophy

  6. The guy hasn't been good enough for 2 managers not just Pedro. I was massively surprised Warburton bought him in the first place. There has been clear attitude problems with MOH otherwise he would have played under both managers. I'd put money on that Warburton didn't like his link up play and Pedro doesn't like that he doesn't want to chase back and help the defence.

  7. MOH has played a total of 156 games for 5 clubs he has scored 26 goals, hardly a success or maybe all their training regimes are at fault. He has failed to impress at Bolton, Sheffield united, Carlisle and Tranmere. Then we have St Johnstone, their manager is the only one who gets the best out this super mick. Played 90 scored 20 to date. Don't think we'll get our money back

  8. Good player or bad player Pedro should zip it
    Glasgow Rangers don't conduct themselves in the fashion pricks like Lennon or Levin
    Lost dignity and respect because he is a wobbly gob
    Probably lost us a fair few quid

    No class.. He should be concerned about the reasons why he has been left with a mediocre squad ad instead

    • Listen I couldn't care less that O'Halloran isn't coming back to Ibrox – but I agree with Brian that a Rangers manager should conduct himself with a little more class – something that Caixhina proves time and time again that he lacks. We gained no advantage from Pedro's public dismissal of the player – but we certainly lost a few quid in a future transfer fee. He done the same with McKay and put of fire sale sign around our most saleable asset. This isn't about questioning Caixhina's judgement or right to offload the players he doesn't rate – but his job is always to get the best deal for Glasgow Rangers and on many occasions now in his short tenure he has shown that he is naive and out of his depth in a business sense, and more interested in the sound of his own voice than anything else.

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