Why Rangers won’t spend £1M on Jamie Walker


As we brought you earlier this week, Rangers are/were set to make a final bid to seize for Hearts’ Jamie Walker, but according to the latest information Rangers are officially likely to lose out on their man due to the Tynecastle side’s abject refusal to lower their asking price from £1,000,000.

Pedro Caixinha and Mark Allen are thought to have bid around £700,000 but Craig Levein and Ann Budge will not … budge (sorry!) from their position of demanding that seven-figure sum for a player considered their star asset.

Supporters may wonder why Rangers will not increase by a decimal place to secure Walker given the outlay of £2M+ on Carlos Pena and the like; Walker is out of contract next summer and with one season left on his deal £1M is considered too hefty – hence fans may have to tolerate signing him on a pre-contract in January, if we are still interested by then.

Rangers lack depth on the wings, with only Candeias for the right, and Windass and Kranjcar for the left. Recent signing Aaron Nemane is mooted as ‘one for the future’, so Rangers would be keen to get Walker now.

But not at the current asking price.


  1. To be honest if we can get him for He Haw on a pre contract in January so be it.
    Windass and young Aaron on the left will be fine till then, one of the conditions of getting the kid on loan we have to give him playing time if not he's back down south in January.
    WE have more midfielders than U can shake a stick @!!!
    Would rather 1 defender & 1 forward if anything at all!

  2. josh windass is injured and out of form ever since Pedro publicly slated him,
    Kranjcar showed on Sunday he's not capable of playing LM even if he could he doesn't last more than 60 mins anyway, the new kid from man city is for the future even though we only signed him for 6 month, our only in form wide man is candeas, we desperately need another or we may not be able to finish in front of Aberdeen never mind celtic, for the sake of an extra 300k it could save our season.

  3. Windass has looked very good in the last two or three games. By 'slating' him you must mean the manager telling him not to neglect his defensive duties. Hardly something to fall out over. Windass listened and did as the manager asked. Windass showing great promise in the left midfield. Why spend money you don't have to, when we can sign Walker on a pre contract in January?

    • it is what it is. pedro speaks so much about giving his players confidence but when he publicly slated josh he lost all his confidence and has not kicked a ball right since the first day at motherwell, and for pedro slating Ohalloran when he isn't even at our club that's a disgrace

    • You're right totally classless in his condemnation of MOH…and by the way, Jamie walker is mediocre at best.
      Worth 2/300 k

    • He didn't slate Windass as it's been said by David it is important going back as going forward, the manager making him a better player in my book.
      Thought he's played well till he landed on the defenders knee hurting his ribs, bruised ribs ain't going to keep him out long, fit for next game for me??
      The young boy from city will be playing soon if not next Saturday and Dodo can play there also.
      Forward & Defender required imo.

  4. Why on earth Hearts would want to hold on to a player that obviously wants away defies me. You would have thought that they would take the money now and run rather than lose out next year. However, if it s matter of principle at Hearts not to sell to Rangers then they are cutting their nose off to spite their face. I believe the money offered by Rangers is fair and reasonable and should not offer more. If it was a matter of choice for me I would in fact prefer another defender than a wide player.

  5. False economy. The question you need to ask is would Walker make a difference to Rangers this season? If so – for an additional 200K/300K it's a no brainer. Otherwise what are we saying – that this season is wash out and 2nd or 3rd is the extent of our ambition. Surely this should never be the case for Glasgow Rangers. At this moment we are 3pts behind Celtic & 5 behind Aberdeen – if Walker will improve the team – go and get him.
    Looking at the wider picture – I am slightly perturbed that Caixhina & Rangers seem to have a policy at the
    moment that it is okay to go and spend 2/3 million on an untried Mexican such as Pena while constantly offering derisory bids for homegrown talent. Apparently the only block to Naismith returning to Ibrox is Caixhina. This lack of respect for Scottish boys is also evidenced by how cheaply we have offloaded the likes of McKay, and Pedro's 'firesale' sign in the case of O'Halloran. For the sake of Scottish football in the longer term Scottish clubs need to be demanding proper fees for their players – and if that means Rangers bidding a fair price then so be it.

    • We will have a budget for the summer. If we have spent it, then its gone. I can't say yet whether the money on Pena is a mistake, time will tell.

      BUT, Naismith is a traitor who showed no respect for our club, so strange that you think Pedro is showing him a lack of respect. McKay, I think was worth more, but as he wouldn't sign a new contract, he had to go.

      I think Ped was wrong in his comments about O'Halloran. Walker is coming to Rangers, at a fair price or free, Hearts choice.

  6. I think we've offered more than enough to Hearts for Walker. He has clearly stated that he's not signing a new contract with the jambos. If he was worth £1million going into the final year of his contract then there would be a lot more than the Gers trying to sign him. Hearts are playing hardball and they clearly think that they're better at it than us. Maybe they are, going by what we've allegedly sold Garner and Mckay for. Although I think Walker is a really good player, it's only based on what I saw of him playing against us. And last season most players looked good against us. I think we should get him on a pre-contract in January or pay a reasonable amount to take him then. Mon the Gers

  7. I would never give any of the premier teams and
    some championship teams another penny.
    As for Naismith he can forget it.
    I'm not for rolling over and forgetting.
    For those that do god help us.

  8. Simply – only 300K has been bid + add ons according to Edininburgh evening times today – so well well short of the 1 million adking price. With other reports of a 4.5 Million cash injection needed at end of this month to get through the season – Rangers simply cannot afford to spend any more this season.

    • Kings estimated net worth sits at $930M but nothing disclosed since 2012.
      He's got plenty money, Hope he spends more lots more!!!

  9. Jamie Walker is an average journeyman a most…. So it baffles everyone why Hearts will stand in his way… Waiting till January makes sense…

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