Tommy Wright: “I won’t treat O’Halloran like Pedro has”


We at Ibrox Noise like to be honest – to take the frequent backlash for our views on the chin, because we just love our club so much we genuinely are not interested in the criticism we take. We know it is out there, but we do not give a damn. If supporters in our fanbase frequently slaughter club legends like Barry Ferguson, Kris Boyd and of course Super, then we guess anyone is vulnerable.

But it is not like we want to be critical – we want to praise, and we take every chance we can get to do so. There just is not a lot to praise right now, and Tommy Wright, St Johnstone manager, a coach we respect at this site today has implied subtle agreement with our thinking.

Asked about the situation with Michael O’Halloran, Wright summed up, without saying, the problem the lad experienced at Ibrox;

It’s all about man management”, he said.

Do you think he was not managed right at Rangers?” came the reply.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to comment on that, but I know how I would manage him.” He professed.

And therein lies the rub – what has happened with so many managers since Walter Smith that none of them can seem to blend Rangers’ dressing room in a way which keeps most players happy and gets the best of the lot of them?

Yours truly would love to see Wright as Rangers manager one day. Indeed he discussed how as a goalkeeper during his playing career, he was able to study defence more than anything and sitting behind them could see how they lined up, the organisation of it, and how to position each player to get the best out of them.

And how he has now taken that into management and made St Johnstone a very hard team to beat in the SPL indeed – the modest Perth side have a 100% win ratio this season including that resurgent Michael O’Halloran, while Pedro tells us to take positives from drawing 0-0 with Hearts, that we are ‘progressing’ then proceeds to smear a £500,000 club asset just like he did with Barrie McKay.

If Wright is canny and respectful with the comments, Caixinha appears to be the absolute opposite.

Pedro seems a decent guy, but today got a lot of Bears’ backs up and disappointed and angered many of us. And then we see the smart views of Wright on the same topics and one really wonders what might have been.


  1. Are we forgetting MoH going awol for the youth game? Apparently he didn't know where the bus was picking up from…does he not have Kenny Millers (one of the youth coaches) number to ask? No wonder Pedro doesn't want him.

    • I don't think anyone is questioning the decision to move MOH on. That, I think, was the right one regardless of how one rates Pedro as a manager (and I personally rate him very poorly — full disclosure).

      That said, it was both unprofessional and unproductive to say what Pedro said today. There's no excusing it, even if he was accurate in his assessment. Like it or not, MOH is still on Rangers payroll, and we're trying to sell him to another club on a permanant deal. Throwing him under the bus like that did not help out cause and arguably hurt our reputation in the way he's handled this.

      I'll put it this way: has there ever been a case where a manager has publicly said a contracted player is not welcome at a club, and the club came out of that situation for the better? Chelsea is having that problem right now with Costa, and surprise surprise, they can't get market value for him.

      It would have been far better for all involved had Pedro not commented at all on MOH.

    • Two sides to every story. You use the word "apparently ", therefore I assume your believing everything you read in the press. I don't and I'd like to think if I cocked up at work I'd get some encouragement. Man management! Mon the Gers

    • There is two sides to that story.

      Personally, if Pedro does prove unsuccessful, I'd love to see MOH succeed at Rangers under Tommy Wright's management. Reckon Halliday and possibly even Forrester might do well under Wright too…

  2. Moh wasnt interested, never turned up for that youth game, pedros right he isnt Rangers class anyway hes just telling the truth just like you say your website does.

  3. MOH – another impostor who the media are 'bigging up'. He took a large pay cheque at Ibrox but his heart was never at the club. I hope he scores aplenty until January & we can get some decent cash for him to spend on a player who wants to play for us. On the subject of 'impostors', Ped is slowly but surely ridding our club of deadweight – MacKay,Garner,Waghorn,Kiernan, Forrester, Crooks. If you really want that lot back then there really is no hope for our club. Forget them and give support to our new players and let them establish themselves before making rash judgements. Anyone remember Mark Hateley in his early days at Ibrox?

    • agree with you admiral on your point "give support to our new players and let them establish themselves before making rash judgements"I am proud to say that ive been in love with the light blues since when I was an anklebiter and its hard to take the position we find ourselves in…but…these things tend to revolve and ime convinced that the club is now in the control of genuine bluenoses…so.. in my opinion it will happen sooner or later that WE WILL PREVAIL…its not going to be an easy time but the club needs our full support as usual…I fully accept that opinions will differ but we are all bears and its good that we are able express our thoughts on this Ibrox noise site…rangers have the very very best supporters there is…so thats why the fans are "simply the best"

  4. Can anyone please tell me what Pedro is bringing to the club? He has masterminded two of the worst results in our history and has made himself and our club a laughing stock when he opens his mouth. He appears to have little tactical knowledge and lacks man management skills. How long do we need to suffer this man until the board rectify their mistake. Seems a nice guy but gotta go … now please

  5. MOH will always be a great out for teams like St J.
    Unfortunately his game will never suit the Rangers, Everyone behind the ball will never ever suit his style unfortunately.
    Think he would also be a great asset to Strachan's Scotland squad against the better teams, in the same breath he would be ineffective against San Marino!!.
    Wish him all the best & luck whatever path he ends up following.

  6. Watching the pacy M oH playing for Rangers, I felt he was a St Johnstone class player, but some players play for less talented teams and become Rangers legends, like Davy Cooper who was a Clydebank player, but became a great Ranger. Ally McCoist came from St Johnstone and Colin Stein signed from Hibernian.

    You never know until you see them playing 6 games in a Rangers jersey, how good they really are.

    Pedro was 100% wrong to say what he did and I hope my friend Jim Traynor let's him know exactly what he should have said, and not repeat his stupidity as a Rangers manager, ever again,

  7. Whilst I agree MOH shouldn't be wearing a Rangers jersey, but Pedro should not be publicly bringing the lad down in a press conference. As for Tommy Wright, I certainly would not want to see him at Ibrox. It would be 10 backward steps to the 80s if we hired any of the old guard.
    Scottish football as a whole, is an absolute shambles and the SFA have done nothing in the past 40 years to improve it, whilst the rest of the world has evolved. We are jokes in Europe as well as internationally.
    Game against Ross County is, again, a must win, I hope Pena gets a start with Kranchar, we desparately need creativity in the middle as well as goals!!

  8. From day one, I got the distinct impression that Michael O,Halloran was probably the right standard and quality of player BUT unfortunately in the WRONG PLACE, and by that I don't suggest that it was the Rangers fans who considered him to be in the wrong man to pull on the famous jersey, but he himself, who I suspect (know) would much rather have been running his guts out for the east end mob

    This is not, in any way, a criticism of the guy as I, presumably like majority of other Bears, get the boak just looking at their minging strip, never mind wearing it to pay the mortgage, some players can see passed this ancient tribal issue without any problems, which has been proved in recent years as we all know but it wouldn't be fair to judge the guy for it all going tits up as his heart was not, and never would be in it at Ibrox

    Proof of the pudding is there for all to see as he now looks like a guy that has just been chucked oot The Big Hoose and is making the most of it

    I agree completely that Ped, couldnae motivate or persuade a dug to bark and is totally devoid of any man management skills (as well as any other managerial skills unfortunately!) and also that Tommy Wright undoubtedly does possess motivational skills in abundance, along with all the other required skills to manage a modern day football club, all of which Ped sadly lacks, as results constantly remind us every week

    But also feel that the O,Halloran saga, negatively or positively, has very little to do with either Mr Bean or Tommy as all the real negativety demons were in the players nut

    I do however agree with the main article view and was initially also hopeful of Tommy getting the Rangers job as I felt, and still feel, that he would provide the solid foundation we so badly need at the moment and restore our self respect and provide a bit of light going forward instead of the consistent, heat only, bullshit from Mr Bean which nobody is buying these days

    But as we always say, never say never & keep believing


  9. Ok whatever he has done or not done is not the point we paid half a million for him and we must at least try and recoup as much as that when he goes so the sensible thing is to leave him to play out his loan deal and there is no reason to answer stupid questions from so called pundits about his future be diplomatic and say he is still a Rangers player and we will look at the situation in January but then its Pedro we are talking about all mouth and no brain

  10. MOH was shite for us. Dont really get why people are up in arms over pedros comments. We arent a counter attacking team. Saints are. Thats why he is back to his best. Although a player like him should be used at parkhead. Thats why walker would of been nice to get in.

  11. Agree with the article. Heard the Tommy Wright interview today and he was respectful but subtle in indicating he is getting the best out of MOH. There seems to be a degree of unrest amongst players and the common denominator is Pedro. I would keep him miles away from media…..

  12. well done to the team today to dig out a result…thought everybody tried hard to please the traveling bears…they sent them on the home journey with a positive result.G.S.T.Q.

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