Three players mentioned in ‘cash plus player’ deal for Jamie Walker


Reports have broken in the past hour that Rangers have formally re-opened negotiations with Hearts over the transfer of Jamie Walker, with the new condition that it will be a cash plus player purchase, possibly seeing ex-Jambo Jason Holt going the other way.

The fee is still said to be in the £700K region but with Holt’s value estimated at £300K+ the addition of the attacking midfielder as a sweetener should be enough to persuade Ann Budge and Craig Levein to part with Walker after all.

There had been certainty that a cash-only offer of that level would not be enough to secure the £1M-rated winger, but Holt taking the opposite route is a game changer.

For his own part, Holt has been a terrific servant at Ibrox – always held himself with total grace and behaved like a true Ranger – he did not make the step up to the SPL too well in the colours of our club, but he never hid and was always professional even when he lost his place under Pedro Caixinha.

However it should be pointed out Holt is not the only player being mentioned as a makeweight – Joe Dodoo, David Bates and a few others have also been dropped into the mix.

But if Holt is indeed to depart as part of this deal, we at Ibrox Noise probably speak on behalf of all Rangers fans by wishing him the best for his future career. Except, of course, when he plays against us!


  1. Hope Holt doesn't go, like him as a player, and he still has potential if given a chance.
    Wouldn't ind so much I'd it was Dodoo, but still don't think he got a chance at Rangers.
    Bates I would give on loan, but not for sale, too much potential.

  2. I wouldn't want to lose Holt as I really like him as a player and his attitude.
    With better midfielders beside him I think he could do a job.
    If I had a choice I would give them both Bates & Dodoo on loan for a year and money.
    If that still isn't enough then just hang tight until January.

  3. Holt is not anywhere near Rangers class…..not sure Walker is, but that's to be seen…….rumours abound the loaf is in for Dodoo who is a million times better than Dalcio…..Hedgerow judgement!

  4. I am at a loss at to why we are chasing Walker so hard for two reasons…. 1- I don't think he is Rangers Class, though admittedly does have potential. 2. If we do really want him, why give them anything? Wait till January, sign him on pre-contract and get him for nothing OR of course as would probably most likely happen….. Hearts would offer to sell him immediately at a big cut down price. In the meantime he would be getting regular 1st team experience, every week, which can only benefit Rangers.

    If Walker isn't prepared to wait for that he cant be that keen and therefor would we want him anyway?

    Why are we wanting to line their pockets???

    I certainly wouldnt be offering any of the three players mentioned…. Holt – No superstar by any stretch BUT very honest and good squad player. Dodoo – Laugh if you want but I believe, if given the chance AND played in his natural position that he could be very good players. Tell me what he cant offer that Kenny Miller does? Bates has great potential… Loan him out certainly BUT do NOT sell him.

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