Rangers v Hibs – the seven deadly sins


Rangers face Hibs today in what probably counts as the first serious test of the new season. While the result in Luxembourg was a disaster, it should not have happened against such a poor side, and Hibs represent a significant step up in quality, on a level of serious competition.

With the Easter Road men coming to Govan, Ibrox Noise decided to take our readers on a trip down memory lane as to where this new-found rivalry derives its origins and just what all the subplots and fuss are about, exactly.

1: The Championship rivalry.

For two seasons in a row Rangers faced Hibs in a new rivalry down in Scotland’s second top tier. As the second best while Hearts were there, then the best then second best thereafter, with Hibernian’s predisposition towards all things ‘eastern’ and their evident dislike of all things Rangers, it began a new rivalry with both teams at similar levels of ability. This in itself produced a tonne of subplots but fundamentally a new rivalry was born with Rangers and Alan Stubbs’ men facing each other so much.

2: Scott Allan.

In August 2015 Scott Allan made a pretty poor career choice. But it followed months and months of a transfer saga in which Hibs simply refused to sell him to Rangers, spouting such nonsense that they refused to sell to a rival. Fans prayed for the transfer to happen, but after what felt like a lifetime of hype Celtic decided to sign him literally for sh*ts and giggles. Then-manager Ronny Deila admitted they had signed him to stop Rangers getting him. Allan became toxic in the eyes of both sides of the Old Firm – Rangers, because he had betrayed his boyhood team, Celtic because he was a Rangers fan. It was an ugly sordid affair out of which no one looked good and it added to the growing toxicity between the sides.

3: Cup Final.

‘That’ cup final, the one Rangers should never have lost, but Hibs’ tenacity paid off and a late winner gave them their first cup in hundreds of years or something. Rangers were pretty poor that afternoon, and the greens took advantage – they have never stopped going on about it since.

4: Cup Final Part 2: the invasion.

Yeah, that will never be forgotten. Amusingly labelled by Hibs’ Rod Petrie as ‘over exuberant’, Hibernian fans stormed the pitch at full time, assaulted Rangers players, remonstrated with Rangers management and even staunch Celtic man Andy Walker was disgusted by them. It was a true maelstrom of chaos that afternoon, in which many Rangers fans feared for their safety. It feels like some time ago but must never be forgotten.

5: Neil Lennon.

Long-time adversary Lennon is now Hibs manager, and in defence of him he has actually been fairly dignified in the lead up to today’s encounter, but the circus surrounding him and his relationship with all things Rangers adds a certain extra spice to this afternoon in case we needed more.

6: David Gray.

He scored the winner in ‘that’ cup final and sure enjoyed it. We were not sure if we should add him to this list but end of the day he denied Rangers a trophy and he will be at Ibrox again today. I am sure he will receive a warm welcome. Speaking of warm welcomes…

7: Steven Whittaker.

Oh boy. Here is a guy who sat next to Naismith and while not as outspoken, became damaged goods in fans’ eyes – he made a lot of enemies that day and few fans wanted him back even with time healed. Admittedly this was based a lot on his ability as much as his history, but nevertheless some wounds do not heal. And to make matters worse, naturally outwith Celtic and Aberdeen, he has switched to a team supporters intensely dislike. One wonders if he might get a worse reception even than Lennon himself.

Let the games commence!


  1. Unfortunately I am not at the game today but I imagine 50000 fans will wake up tomorrow with very sore throats, almost every hibs player will be met with massive boos. So early in the season but win today and it will set down a good marker to rest of the spl, time to make ibrox a fortress again. Watp

  2. I see all the board wa s at the game today. I hope they stump up the cash needed to get a new keeper, right and keep left back abd get ready if I of Herrera as he is useless

  3. 1. The referee should be locked up.
    2. Foderingham, Hodson, Wilson, Tavernier are still liabilities. Our GK especially needs to go.
    3. Herrera looks bloody useless so far. No pace, offers zero threat. Morelos was great, chasing every lost cause, and should have stayed on the park.
    5. Until the disgraceful sending off, we were all over them.
    6. They should have played with 9 men for most of the game.
    7. Our strategy for playing with 10 men was – lump the ball forward and hope for the best. Not good enough.

  4. Like 50000 others and many who could not be there I shared your thoughts MH, FORTRESS mmmm, marker mmmmm, oh well, Ped will sort it out??? J

    • Yeah I should have probably waited until after the game to comment. I watched it on rangers tv and we were out the blocks really quick, could have 2 or 3. Then stokes goes all triple h on tav yet both get booked wtf. Tav didn't do much wrong and stokes should have been off for violent conduct. Worrying was cardoso, really poor for hibs 1st goal and Alves/hodson confused things blocking the goalies view though I think fod should have saved it. At that point we were still looking good. Jack should never have got sent off, herrera really does look poor. 2nd half tactics were questionable but not alot we could do at the 3rd goal. Moreles I thought looked like a dud vs progress but I should eat my hat the boy is putting in the effort and I have been impressed with him in the last two games. Disappointing but positives about our early form and on another day we could have won. Watp

  5. Agree about scott allan hed of been a good signing for you lot but nowhere near the level celtic expect.

    Hopefully some decent last minute loan signings from england or elsewhere in europe will strengthen a bit to at least put up a bit of a challenge if not it will be worse than last season

    Being a celtic fan obviously its good to be winning but not good for the future of scottish football if its so easy better to have some competition at least

    • On the subject of proper English, your comment should have two spaces (or one) after your question mark.
      If that comment had been written by a Rangers fan you'd have worked out he meant "he'd have". I think the red mist has descended.

  6. Calmed down a bit now, and I hope we (myself included) don't attack Pedro too much for this defeat. I've been his biggest critic, but he's shown in the past few weeks that he has what it takes to be a success here. The referee cost us the game, plain and simple. Krancjar simply has to be playing in these big games though. And Windass' position is through the middle, not out on the wing; I'd partner him up front with either Morelos or Miller. Cardoso was caught for the goal (think he lost his footing more than anything) but was solid apart from that. We were in charge before that ref destroyed the game. It's Hibs who should have been down to 10 men; Stokes should have seen a straight red for his neck-hold on Tavernier. All Jack did was try to prevent McGeouch from charging at Dorrans. McGeouch should have had 2 yellows in the game IMO.

    Anyway, a very sore one to take, but we dust ourselves down and get ready for battle again. Today was not a disaster lads. The team now knows what they're up against. It's not only 100 mph football in Scotland, there are good players here too (thought Simon Murray was exceptional) and our referees often make decisions that are beyond the pale. Alves was brilliant again today and knows what it's all about, but even he will have been geed-up by the ferocity of the game today. It was a battle from beginning to end, as all games should be.

    A new GK, full-back and striker are a must. If we don't bring them in before the window closes, the same ghosts from the Warburton era will keep popping up this season.

  7. Look at home ten men or not we must win these games you see it all adds up to not good enough yet maybe we will get better maybe not maybe manager is gone sooner than he thinks i am pissed right off.

  8. Hey JC, appreciate what you say and give Ped a bit of slack, sorry I just don't see it, Hibs are just back up, they score 3 against us at home, our defence was cr.p, just don't see any future with Ped, he is a bigger liability than W and he will leave us with a bigger headache, watch and learn, you will not believe until you see and hear what the board has let us in for. J

    • Talking from the heart and i must follow you up with what you said our defence was crap did you see the Murray goal even big man BA was running the wrong way? no one knows what they are doing its like a fucking kick about down the parkwith your mates no one knows or cares what the other man is doing it is down to some players and most of all ped and his back room team the buck stops with him,are we going give him six or ten or more games just to see if he can get this right it is no good winning two out three its win win win here ped you can only lose three maybe four and draw one maybe two a season now wake up.

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