Rangers make deadline day enquiry for ex-striker


On this hectic Deadline Day, it has been reported that Rangers have made an enquiry about the availability of their ex-striker Ross McCormack, according to journalist Graeme Bailey.

The 31-year old forward, who currently plies his trade with Aston Villa, is still expected to make a move to Sunderland rather than anywhere else, but that has not stopped Rangers making a move for him anyway.

Since leaving Ibrox in 2006 the Scotland man has had spells at Leeds, Fulham and Cardiff and an ill-faited loan at Nottingham Forest since departing Scotland where he also had a period at Motherwell, while accruing a substantial number of caps for his country, but Rangers’ courting does still come as something of a surprise.

It is unlikely to materialise regardless, but it would probably be a signing many fans would be extremely pleased to see happen if it did, and it arguably shows a level of ambition to make such an inquiry.


  1. wont happen, getting bored now as well with the Walker saga as well, people trying to make him out the new Messiah, not much better than what we already have, rather get him on a free

    • Would we not still have to pay a development fee for Walker, or does this only apply if he us younger than 24 years old?

    • Can I ask where you heard this from. I grew up with Ross in his younger days. Lost contact now obviously but he was always kitted out in Rangers tops when we go out for a game of football . So unless he's a turncoat then I think you could be wrong.

      Hope it happens but can't see it.

  2. Thank God it's McCormack, I panicked when I saw the picture and thought it was Chris Burke for a minute!!!

    Won't happen and think a season long loan for Naismith is more likely (but still unlikely)

    We will sign Walker and John and that will be it I reckon.

  3. How about rumours Alexis Sanchez is at ibrox for a bowl of cornflakes with Dave King?

    About as realistic as us trying to sign one of highest paid players in English championship.

    We will make a bid for walker, it won't be enough and that's our TDD.

  4. What about Moult from Motherwell. Methinks we could be missing a trick here as he would defo be cheaper than Walker and i fancy a better proposition. He is a proven goal scorer in the SPL and have it on good authority he would jump at a move to the famous.

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