PHOTOS: Neil Lennon incites Rangers fans


Following the fallout of yesterday’s disappointing loss at Ibrox, there has been much to chew and ponder over for Rangers fans.

Not only the performance, the result, the defence and the sending off, but the behaviour of the opposition manager too.

Lest we forget, Andy Halliday was once sent off for gesturing in a Championship match, yet ex-Celtic and current Hibs manager Neil Lennon has not covered himself in glory with goading antics towards home fans further fuelling the animosity among all concerned.

As you can see from the photos, from various ‘up yours’ gestures to the hands on the ears, the away manager was not shying away from stirring up the natives, and many could argue he was inciting violence.

One wonders if the SFA will take retrospective action against him, in the way Beaton was only too happy to with Ryan Jack, and Barry Cook was against Halliday back v Morton in the day.

Probably not.


  1. The SFA will handle it the same way they handled the Scottish cup final, they turned a blind eye then.
    There is only one team they come down hard on as the article points out with SFA appointed Referees,
    Watch Beaton become the top referee in Scotland, he will get the first old firm match of the season on this showing, its no coincidence that Celtic have never lost a match or had a player sent off while he was the referee and thats 19 matches going back 4-5 years, Rangers have to learn to finish teams early to stop these Ref's influencing the game.

    • Wasn't Beacon the ref during the 1-1 draw at porkheid last season, who failed to award Celtic a penalty when Hill wide out Griffiths. More incompetent than biased I reckon.

  2. Lennon proved once again that he has no class. The SFA must charge him on bringing the game into disrepute for his disgusting and inflammatory gesture. If they don't then Rangers must ask questions at the highest level.

  3. We are embarrassing ourselves here. The fans dish it out to opposition players and managers all the time. Lennon got the treatment from our fans bigvtime yesterday, which is expected. He makes a couple of gestures and we are all seriously offended by it, want him reported to police etc. It's completely embarrassing. Same thing happened last week with Lafferty. We should be more concerned about some of the pish we are watching under Pedro than greeting about an opposition managers gestures.

    • Well said mate, totally agree. If we give it out then we have to be able to take it aswell, move on everyone!

    • Exactly. You can't complain about our players getting punished for gestures as being unfair and then call for punishment for other people, although I take the point that rules should be applied the same all the time.

      I think the game is more entertaining when there is banter (as long as it stays banter) it just hurts a bit when your on the end of it after a defeat. We will make up for it at their place

    • agree Jeff and we are being conned by our manager that we are a good team. Good teams require to perform for the whole game, we seem to run on empty after 20 minutes at present.

  4. So what he's always done that.
    Hate the ginger cunt but he takes it as well as he gives it I'll give him that.
    That prick of a ref fuked us yesterday not ginger and he's the one who needs reporting.
    If I did my job as bad as he did his yesterday I wouldn't have a job!!!!

  5. Here is the link to the Anti Rangers Refereeing Petition –

    • DCL
      We're starting to sound like the paranoid unwashed signing fuking petitions against refs.
      FFS No One Likes Us We Don't Care!!!
      Let's not give the cunts the chance to fuk us and wipe the floor with teams.
      Up the Ra!

    • Well said Robbie Wilson, remember that lot started a ref strike we dont want to start that. If we had taken our chances we would have been 5-1 up before half time never mind 3-2 down at full time. Pedro needs to get them scoring goals, I like what I see and feel the team will come together and destroy others but it seems to be taking a bit longer than I would have liked. Only one way we are going and thats UP ��⚪����⚽

  6. Firstly, Lennon is a wee ned who needs to wind up The Rangers,but this time he went too far…. SFA and SPFL need to do something this time about his disgraceful behaviour… Secondly, Why did Pedro panic when we were reduced to 10 men….. His tactics made us look as if we had only SEVEN men on the field. Now it's time to OFFLOAD MILLER, TAVERNIER and the so-called goalkeeper…. We can NEVER move forward with these THREE in our team….

  7. Referees up here need a reality check and I reckon it should be a Referee down south for the Old Firm fixtures as ours aren't up to the job!!

  8. Everyone knows wat hapined it the past with Threats and objects in the post, Lennon plays the victim as THEY!! Always do. Well he'll rub it in to him!! He ll b playing the victim again shortly no doubt!!

  9. Lennon is a cunt.Always has been always will be.Ignore his childlike antics and stuff 5 goals up his arse next time we are at Easter Road.Dinna think he.ll be smiling too much then.

  10. Well now, the mote in one's own eye and all that. Lennon had to endure 90 minutes of unalloyed hate, there's no other word for it, directed at him for the entire match. He was provocative and it could have lead to trouble but to attribute all the blame to him is nonsense.

  11. But lets face it what Lennon did we helped him to do that if we had stuffed his team that that never happened he will sit in the stand for the next few games and next time he comes here,but next time we will beat them and this will not happen.

  12. I'll tell you what,son.You start singing up the Ra next/first game you attend and we'll see how that goes awrite?Get a new addition to the song book going.

  13. The rotten stench of lunacy and desperation is beginning to waft all the fiercer on here, no surprise it's the usual suspects. Wind your necks in a bit eh?

    People already consider us a laughing stock without all of this crap. Spend 90 minutes of a football match abusing a guy, and then at every possible mention or sight of his name there's more bile being thrown not only his way, but in his families direction.


    To then sling the toys out of the pram when he has a dig back and go running to the police with a ridiculous charge is the actions of a spoiled child. Is that all we are?

    I'll ignore the "they've turnt the refs against us" crap as well. There'll be more mistakes all season that affect all teams. Give it a rest.

    • You really are an embarrassment, honestly. Some of your comments range from cringeworthy to full blown lunacy.

  14. Look. We need to turn the other cheek to people like Lennon. He is an unpleasant little man so let him make a fool of himself. Rangers need to start winning games . We need to go to Easter Road next time round and stuff them. There really is no point in making complaints about the other side's behaviour as it only smacks of sour grapes. Yes we we have a genuine complaint about the ref and the sending off but the way to deal with it is to go out and win, to be disciplined, and leave the result beyond doubt. Pedro and his assistants just need to grow up and start winning. Don't moan and do your talking on the park.

  15. Andy Halliday was booked for punching the air towards the Morton fans, whilst he was walking up in the middle of the pitch, a clear 100 yards away from the fans. The referee said he could have incited a possible riot amongst the Morton fans.
    Blennon, whilst only a few yards away from the stands, gesticulates several times towards Rangers fans,,,,,, and nothing happens?!,,
    Like the cup final, Hibs can do no wrong! As long as Rod Petrie (Fibs Chairman) and Shellics Beter Flawell runs the SFA, we will NEVER get justice within those corrupt SFA walls!!!

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