Neil Lennon: “Ibrox is a great venue”


In a curious show of honesty and respect, Hibernian manager Neil Lennon has praised Ibrox and warned his players to expect an intimidating atmosphere tomorrow afternoon.

The ex-Celtic manager and player is well known for his incendiary comments and conduct which have frequently riled up Rangers fans over the years, but this will be his first football trip to Ibrox in a non-Celtic capacity and the former Leicester player could not have been more gushing of his old adversaries.

He said:

“It is a great venue, it is a great amphitheatre of football, a great atmosphere and you sink or swim.”

A genuine concession of the history, pedigree and gravity of the Old Lady of Edmiston Drive, which is rarely seen from opposition managers at all, never mind ones with such toxic reputations among Rangers fans.

He also made a small reference to the ‘banter’ to and from opposition fans of a blue persuasion over the years:

“You have to find some humour. If you don’t have a sense of humour there is no point in being in it. Some of the comments are quite funny. We live in a world of social media where people make scathing remarks that are way beyond the pale but a lot are laced with a lot of humour and I find that funny. You have to laugh at yourself at times, you can’t take yourself too seriously.”

Maybe Mr Lennon is growing up a tad, with maturity like this. Or then again, perhaps he fears the worst tomorrow afternoon and is taking the sting out. Either way, I am sure his former fans at Celtic Park will love reading his praise of their mortal enemy.

Who knows; let us prove him firmly correct tomorrow.


  1. He's had reason to hate us too tbh…bomb threats and all the rest (half of which we probably don't know about). He should be the target of banter and not threats of violence. If any Hibs fan comes to Ibrox looking for a fight, though, there will be trouble. The atmosphere is going to be electric. Biggest test yet for Alves and Cardoso, as Murray and Stokes are capable of causing most teams problems. I wish we'd signed Murray ourselves. He'd bring investment too, as in a blue shirt he'd be a brilliant advert for Irn Bru.

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