Midfielder to join summer exodus out of Ibrox – a who’s who

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

With Harry Forrester set to make his way down the Marble Staircase in the coming days, Ibrox Noise wanted to take our readers through the full exodus we have witnessed this summer, it being the third one fans have had to tolerate since 2012.

We have seen much coming and going through the doors over the years, more turnover than we can probably remember in a lifetime in Govan, and here is the timeline of all of the players gone but not (all) forgotten from Ibrox over the past couple of months, in order, and where they are now.

Clint Hill:

The first to go, the 38 year old announced through a Sky Sports interview that he was finished at Ibrox, but hoped to continue on in football. Quite honestly Hill was not treated with a great deal of dignity, with an official statement never even being issued. He was a good servant at a time Rangers needed some defensive reliability, and left through the back door. He is currently training at Chesterfield who will not be giving him a deal.

Philippe Senderos:

This was a disaster of a signing. We were sure this was a great signing – his CV was immaculate and he was a clear upgrade over Rob Kiernan. Or not. Ok, he was not absolutely awful in matches, those two rookie mistakes at Celtic Park aside, but something stopped either Mark Warburton or Pedro Caixinha being interested at all in him. He too left without a hint of fanfare and was signed yesterday for a cushy gig in the MLS with Houston Dynamo.

Emerson Hyndman:

One good match this guy gave us at Fir Park – we truly believed he was special – but he faded to nowt after that and was dreadfully absent in all the Old Firm clashes. Quite how he won YPOTY is beyond us. He is back on the coast with Bournemouth.

Jon Toral:

Fans really did not take to this lad – seemed to have some technical quality but lacked the commitment and attitude. He was not greatly missed when he headed off. He is back at Arsenal and will either go to a Championship team on loan or be sold to one.

Joe Garner:

Sold to Ipswich for a reported £1.5M, Garner did not suit Rangers in any way shape or form. Certainly did not lack graft but just the wrong guy in the wrong team at the wrong time. Thanks Bread Man. He did get a nice goodbye on the official site though.

Andy Halliday:

He lived the dream and while he is technically out on loan in Azerbaijan, it is safe to say his Rangers career is probably over. He is contracted for another three years but if the manager does not fancy him that is the way it is.

Barrie McKay:

What a waste of a talent. We have discussed it all before and we will not harp on about it. McKay left for his real manager Mark Warburton’s Nottingham and we got £1.5M. Nothing more to say, much like the official statement which was cold as ice.

Matt Crooks:

The biggest mystery about Crooksy is why everyone, including us, thought this central/attacking midfielder was a defensive midfielder/defender. Crooks has confirmed he is much more a Graham Dorrans than a Ryan Jack and quite why we signed him as a DM and played him as one and made him look like a fool as one is something only Mark Warburton knows. He excelled at Scunthorpe on loan then clinched his permanent move to Northampton Town.

Michael O’Halloran:

One cannot see on-loan St Johnstone forward MOH getting back into the picture at Ibrox. He, like McKay, Garner and just about everyone else we got rid of scored the winner on their debuts for their new clubs, begging the question of why he could not do it for us! He is still contracted to Rangers till 2020 like Halliday so unless St Johnstone give us our £500k back he will return in January.

Rob Kiernan:

Pedro confirmed last week that the misfit defender was close to a switch, and indeed Phil Brown’s Southend United snapped him up for the usual ‘undisclosed’ fee (probably around £200K). He was a decent guy at Ibrox, but up there with Cribari as one of the worst stoppers we have ever seen. Looked thrilled with his switch to the Boot and Laces Training Ground (!). Rangers’ departure statement was less than warm though.

Martyn Waghorn:

A quick sale; pleased with their first purchase in Garner, Ipswich came back for more and bought Waggy for a massive profit – he cost Rangers £200K, and we sold him for five times that. A maligned soul, nowhere near good enough for SPL, and that fish and chips episode in Giffnock will be the overriding memory, but we wish him luck.

Harry Forrester:

It looks like he will simply be released – he was an initial six month signing, having been considered surplus by Doncaster in January 2016, and history appears to be repeating itself. Burton Albion are said to be on standby ready to snap him up and he has been told by Caixinha to find a new club.

And truthfully the only other contender to depart now is Joe Dodoo (appears to simply not be in Pedro’s plans).

The exodus is effectively complete now and we await to see if anyone else appears on the horizon to come in.


  1. I don't think Halliday is finished at the club. He obviously can play if in the right position, and with a proper dm behind him. If he keeps doing good on loan and I can see him bk as a squad player

  2. I don't really accept that we got anywhere near £1m for Waghorn, and suspect that we were so desperate to get him off the wage bill, it was likely close to what we paid for him. Who would pay £1m for a striker who couldn't even score in the SPL?

    • I'm not buying it at all, and why all the cloak and dagger shit about publishing the fee then? Guarantee you we got nowhere near £1m for this guy.

    • Plus – we only got £1m for Joe – after buying him for £1.8m a yeay ago. Not exactly good business.

    • I see big Mick MCCarthy(the same person that paid $1m for Joe Garner) has killed any argument about the fee for Waghorn. Lo and behold its nowhere near the £1m figure thats been flying about. Well I'm shocked… as its first time I've ever had cause to thank that big square-headed bastard for anything. Like I said yesterday, we're so desperate to get these guys off the wage bill, our board will accept any offer going. The board must think we're all idiots who will swallow obvious bullshit like this. Although some of you seem happy to chow down on it! Stuart?

  3. Good shout Stuart. Halliday has blue blood running through his veins, but might not be a first team player, but certainly a good enough squad player. He was unfortunate to be almost always played out of position and with him and other "Rangers men" in the team like Dorrans, Miller and all credit to Wallace we need to have any new player, home grown or foreign to feel what it is like to be a Rangers man.
    I also think Holt is in a similar situation to Halliday if played in the right position, he isn't a holding midfielder but someone who can ger into the box with the strikers, as he showed in his early career with us and with Hearts.
    One thing to note; both players are just in mid 20's.

    • Can't agree with this either – Halliday may be a bluenose and was never a defensive midfielder, but he isn't creative enough to play attacking midfield either. He will never measure up to the standard required and should be playing for Kilmarnock or the like…

  4. Halliday..great Bluenose but not good enough sorry…Forrester not a team player thinks he's better than he is …happy will all departures …Fotherinhgham …dont trust this guy good shot stopper does not command his box ….Greggsy ?????

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