Long-term Rangers target rejects new contract


Long-term Rangers transfer target Louis Moult has today refused to sign a new deal at Motherwell, sparking speculation a move could be imminent for the English striker.

While the Steelmen are adamant he will not be sold, they risk losing him for nothing next summer unless they do, and with Rangers strongly linked for weeks now with an interest in his services, the plot certainly thickens.

Moult was a standout performer during Rangers’ opening match of the season at Fir Park, and while he did not score, he was a constant nuisance to Rangers’ prized central rearguard and got the better of Portuguese Bruno Alves on a number of occasions.

Indeed, Pedro and his management team were at Hampden last month to take in Moult and Motherwell during their League Cup win over Queens Park prior to Rangers’ meeting at Fir Park.

Any sale though would depend on Rangers bidding enough, enough to persuade Motherwell to make the quick transfer rather than get zip in a year.

But as said, they are reported to have stuck to their guns with a refusal to sell; whether the colour of Rangers’ money will change that remains to be seen.


  1. Moult was a standout?! What game were you watching? He is ordinary at best, along with your much publicised Jamie Walker.
    We were lucky to win against Motherwell, thanks to Fodders save. Moult wasn't any better than the rest. Again our team floundered and Motherwell dominated half the game.
    Our players play for 45 minutes, then fall asleep. And please don't give me the Dumfermline game, they are lower league and should be pumping 6 by them.
    Simon Murray of Hibs and Dick Stokes ran our team ragged at our own ground, should we sign them too???! Because they both played better than Moult did!
    Like last season, we are making other teams and players look good. Our players need to grow a pair and give us 90 minutes of high standards and start being ruthless in front of goal. Other teams see us as an easy scalp and we are giving them the glory of easily beating us without a fight, time to change that and stand up for the jersey and what it represents!!!

  2. Maybe we should buy Garner, Waghorn and McKay back with a new manager. They are scoring goals for fun and sitting top of the Championship. Because Caixinha has only one way ( or the highway ) to play his system is ssssssssssoooooooooo rigid and easy to stifle. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring, mediocre and predictable. No change in months and letting these guys go looks like a very poor piece of business indeed.
    Ipswich sitting top of the Championship with Garner and Waghorn on the scoresheet every week. Same with McKay. Caixinha could hardly squeeze a goal from any of them.
    Looks like we should have kept the team and changed the manager.

    • Apologies for exclusion of Mr. O'Halloran. 4 goals in 3 games. Amazing transformation. It was and still is the system folks, not the players.

  3. it's simple, tell ped thanks and bring big eck & murty in and you'll see the diffeence n atttde and also the stadium. within 2 weeks we have seen the performances of mc Kay, waghorn and garner improve against better quality.there's a problem somewhere, he's got to go now. i can see us 15 behind septic @ xmas @ this rate.we need somene we the fans and players beleive in.3.5m player on bench having played about 20 minutes of football since signing?

  4. Well great if he ever gets fit, clearly problems, he will be in good company if he eventually does sign, reckon he will have at least 3 more crocks with him during the season as certain players will def not last the full season (M, K and A). J

  5. I didnt think we needed another striker but I also didnt expect Miller to be sub-par after an excellent season last year.

    I think Moult is the only proven SPFL goalscorer available and if 250k is accurate then he is worth a punt.

    I would hope Herrera and Morelos can push him out by the end of the season once they have both got used to Scotland but have my doubts about Herrera.

    Can Pedro succeed? Of course he can, he has plenty of games to come and he can win them. Do I think he will succeed? No, I think we will need to send SOS to Big Eck by Xmas but hope I am wrong

  6. It is not more players we need we need to get those here winning and playing football like men.

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