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Bears of many vintages know only too well what summer transfer sagas are like. Only this summer we already experienced the Graham Dorrans epic which thankfully got resolved before it turned into a circus. And summer 2015 saw the Scott Allan soap opera run forever without a happy ending.

Even further back some fans will remember the Derek Riorden tale, which saw derisory bids rejected by Hibs (aye, them again) before he eventually ended up a Celtic player (recurring theme, that). And of course another Old Firm tug-of-war ended up with Nacho Novo saying no to the … them before finally joining Rangers all those years ago.

But this Jamie Walker saga has threatened to overshadow the summer window at Ibrox, with, at the last count, a confirmed three bids rejected and speculated fees of around £600,000 dismissed by Ann Budge and her band of merry men.

The latest in the yarn is ex-Ranger and current Hearts interim boss Jon Daly has confirmed after his star player’s head dropped recently, that he is now back in the game and is ready to face his boyhood heroes. The former Rangers striker said:

“He’s focused and he’s trained really well this week. We just need more of the same from him and he’s back in contention for the game against Rangers.”

It has been speculated that Walker would be switching to Ibrox at the tail end of this month – with Hearts playing hardball over the fee but refusing to sell until he had at least faced his (impending) new side – and increasing claims are being made that Rangers are set to submit their latest bid for the 24 year old this week, possibly with a mischievous eye on the weekend’s fixture.

The bottom line is this story has been going on for weeks now, and reminds yours truly very much of what happened with Scott Allan – he faced the team he wanted to join, and looked desperately conflicted at the end of one particular fixture against Stuart McCall’s men when evidently appearing more at home with the opposition than he did with his team mates.

Hearts appear to be trying to set up a similar awkward situation for reasons best known to themselves – it is ok to ditch the lad for other matches (like against Celtic) but he has to face Rangers?

Utterly bizarre.

End of the day though he is their player and they pay him to play for them. But honestly it really is an absolute toss up as to whether Rangers will secure him or not.

From what we understand there has been no progress for weeks. We hope sincerely that changes.


  1. Forget about Mclean & use any money avail to sign the boy. He.ll not only add creativity but will score goals as well. The more good players we have the easier it.ll be when a new manager comes in to clear up the mess left by Pedro.

  2. Walker would be a good addition to the squad , but we cannot spend £1 mill on a lad who has been decent but done not much more I agree he could get better playing for us but whatever happens I'm sure the Board in Whom I Trust will make the right decision for Rangers , they have done so far . The result on Saturday will tell once again that we are moving forward to rightfully claim our correct place in Scottish Football , rising above the bile and hatred that confronts us at every turn . WATP

  3. I don't understand why people are so against Pedro. Give the guy a chance. He is trying to revolutionise a squad that was only half decent at best last year. Cast your memory back to when Walter took over Le Guens mess. He was given not only a much bigger budget but was also given the benefit of the doubt for his first season. I for one am more optimistic this time round than I was after seeing the loafs start to last season. Pedro could come good and fair play to the man he has taken a huge wage cut to come here. Also apart from Dalcio his recruitment has been night and day to Warburton. Moving on to the article in hand. Walker is a must sign for us. We need depth in wide areas. Windass is playing good just now but what if he gets injured or drops form. Dalcio…. no thanks!!

    • I agree 100%. Finish 2nd this year. Bigger budget next year , Ashley will be booted out and Pedro will have stamped his mark on game. Scottish football is going nowhere. We need modern game but have to suffer being kicked to bits and bad refs.

  4. I really think we should try and sign motherwell winger chris cadden,before its too late!I think young cadden is a terrific young player,who possess very good attributes ie.very strong and direct,fast,good delivery and more times than not,gets past his man!Whats not to like fellow bears?We must move fast though,as hearts,the sheep,brighton and now hull city are showing big interest in him!!Sign cadden now i say for 500k tops,and leave walker until january on a pre-contract!I certainly wouldn't be paying the 1million quid that hearts want as he's in the last year of his contract!

  5. Ok! Lots of exclamation marks! Maybe cadden isn't available for £500k! Bargain basement signings!! What's not to like?

  6. I think this site echoes what the fans say too strongly why all the paranoia? celtic are the champions after all and we wont change that by making our own players so tied up in themselves that they cant play there own game ! look at the changes in waggy garner and little boy blue since they have left if they weren't good enough to play for rangers then all the fans who are causing this problem are not good enough to support rangers wise you mugs.

  7. too much fan paranoia on this site. weve transferred 3 useless players and they are all doing very well with their new clubs thank you .The problem is obvious!get off the teams backs your criticism is wrong let them play there game without your stupid comments then we might start winning games

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