Jack red card – did ref John Beaton ‘even up’ an error?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

If one thing is for sure, it is that the fall out from Saturday’s titanic tussle at Ibrox between Rangers and Hibs continues on with nonsense over red cards, police action, statements, and every which way but loose.

Rangers fans are especially angry over the Ryan Jack red card, believing the defensive midfielder was harshly treated by referee John Beaton and should never have been sent off.

However, if Rangers fans remember back to Parkhead and the famous 1-1 draw, there was a call from then-referee Bobby Madden which had Scottish football in meltdown. As the minutes ticked out, and Celtic searched for a very late winner, Clint Hill pulled down striker Leigh Griffiths in a desperate last-man challenge which should have seen action taken by the man in black.

It was not, and Graeme Murty’s men went on to secure a pretty admirable draw, with the home fans incensed at being held in the Meccanodome.

Subsequently, there have been strong arguments made that Celtic and their associates have just a bit too much influence in the corridors of power of Scottish football, and consequently could Saturday’s red card have been a harsh ‘evening up’ of a perceived injustice from last season?

If we ignore Stokes’ clear headlock on James Tavernier inside 5 minutes, well, we would be doing the same as Beaton did.

This is not meant as excuses, incidentally – Rangers were beaten (and Beaton) by the better team on the day – down to ten men or not. But that red card when Anthony Stokes had clearly done enough to earn maybe two reds of his own did strike of an evening up of a previous call.

How anyone can justify Stokes’ WWE-attack on Rangers’ right back while condemning Jack is just delusion – this is not, I should affirm, 100% justification of what Jack did. We have seen the videos – there was clear head movement and intent, albeit we have seen infinitely worse, and we do not even know that that was his sending off offence for sure. But there was definitely an uneven application of the law in that match, with Beaton standing out as incompetent.

Indeed, the powers-that-be have said as much in their decision to ditch him for this weekend’s SPL action, and this does seem just.

And again, the site will not stand for excuses – John Beaton did not lose Rangers the match, Rangers did – but Beaton’s incompetence or intentional/unintentional ‘evening things up’ must be called for what it was.

We do not really ascribe on this site to petitions about referee fairness – we have had calls in our favour many times (Hill being an obvious one) and we have had them against us. But Beaton, just like Jack, and just like Stokes, should be answerable to his decisions, whatever motivated them.

We only want an even playing field.


  1. We seem to being treated like leapords by all parties the police the managers federation the press the other premier league clubs as well as every clubs supporters the errors were in the past we were punished by being sent to the wilderness that was the punishment given to us we served our time but our opponents can't let things go they won't be happy till we have being publicly humiliated and sent into internal Damnation for evermore it is time to do our talking on the pitch by playing our very best on the pitch let them kick us when we are down for it should make us stronger if Lennon wants to make a pratt of himself so be it. If our opponents want to treat us as leapords so be it .We are better than them all. Their is no such thing as bad publicity . All the best to the boys for the game against hearts

  2. The simple fact is refereeing in this country is atrocious. Doesnt matter if your a celtic fan rangers fan or any other team in the top three leagues the officials are a joke. Its so inconsistent its unbelievable.

    Im not seeing how the sending off could be evening up for a penalty not given last season though. Id like to think that stonewaller was the usual atrocious refereeing were used to rather than corrupt officiating but who knows.

    The whole country needs to take a wee step back and take a look at the state of our game and how the rest of the world views us

    Weve not exactly covered ourselves in glory on our travels recently and i doubt ant true rangers supporter thinks that the manager saying we are the people in a post match interview is a step forward lol

  3. Stop spouting shite conspiracy theories. He is a professional. He made a decision him and his assistants thot was right at the time. I am a gers fan and felt agrivated by some(most) of the refs decisions on Saturday. Stokes should have been off, the ref was losing control of the game and made a poor decision under pressure. If he did have another agenda, you can understand why, when he makes a mistake and everyone calls for his head. Grow up and move on.

  4. Was at the game.After the Stokes WWE challenge Beaton was all over the place with his refereeing of the game.Jacks red card looked extremely harsh and if that was the case Stokes should have walked as well.I firmly believe if he had done his job properly we would have got 3 points on Saturday.Three value points lost to incompetence and I hope come the end of the season don't cost us.Ruined what started off as a very enjoyable game.In my opinion he should be severely reprimanded.Regardless of what happened after the red card with Rangers inability to take the game by the scruff of the neck and try to get something out the game that incident changed the whole dynamic of the match.However we move on,and what better way to see what our team are made of by getting a good 3 points on Saturday.If I was wearing the famous shirt I'd be dying to get in amongst Hearts and win convincingly.WATP

  5. its about time we started to dish it out a bit we just let everyone walk over us . jack was trying to drfend himself .players go head to head now as they are not aloud to raise there hands as long as its not glesga kiss no harm done .that ref just spoiled what was looking a great game .the whole scottish football is trying to keep us down .we will be back on top shortly w,a,t,p

  6. As a club we are our own worst enemy we rise to every bate thrown our way yes the men in the middle of the park have become inconsistent. I think if we had celebrated in front of the opposition fans we would have being punished so why is it okay for Lennon to celebrate in front of our fans. He was our oldest rivals manager and since the scotish cup final when hibs fans invaded the park causing mayhem and getting away with it he now thinks he can try to insiting our fans trying to get a reaction and when we complain he gets away with it if we did it we would have get punished as it shows when the man in the middle books our player which leads to him sending our player off without punishing the opposition we must learn to keep our heads in volatile situations as we will never win so let's say we will be at a disadvantage against hearts as we are going to be playing fourteen men not eleven so our fans have got to be equal to four extra players as the officials will also be against us .

  7. For me a key point about Saturday is being missed. Every foul on a Rangers player or any reaction was met by aggression from 3 or 4 Hibs players winding Gers players up and we reacted. That was Lennon's plan and we fell for it. PC should have briefed players to be ready for that and not to bite…..big mistake. He can't afford too many more IMO. Had that game gone to 4 1 I think he would be off.

    • Gman
      Couldn't agree more mate gingers game worked a treat for him and our players got wrapped up like skippers.
      That has to be a massive learning curve for us and hope we look back in 4 months and say we did learn big time.
      Could be worse imagine it happened next month against the unwashed!!???
      Also we need to put it all behind us Hearts Saturday, move on.
      We're starting to sound like them paranoid. Let's not!!!

    • Hands up – Celtic fan reading this article (sorry), not a 'plan' as such but yeah you're right Gman players would definitely have been told by Lennon… I'm not here to slag your team off or your manager – I think Hibs have a great squad and manager this season; and will be aiming for top 3 so all in all perhaps not too bad a result? The focus on Neil's 'inciting actions' is a purposeful distraction aimed at to your fans, to take away from the performance and result. Pedro needs to wise up imo, outside looking in his naivety is spreading into the squad, finishing his interview with 'watp' (regardless of my feelings on that statement) is an obvious deflection against either his team's failings or his own… shows a bit of desperation at getting fans onside – again, not a wind up – just my opinion

  8. Saturdays opposition display is what we will receive from most teams during the coming season.
    Rangers players and Management need to have the mindset to rise above it and not be dragged into the mire.
    We can do our talking by excelling in each and every game without lowering ourselves to thuggery.

  9. If the game at the weekend is something to go by we can expect this kind of tackling from most opposition teams this season.
    Rangers need to be better than this and for get aboutdishing it out etc. We can do our talking by exceptional play on the park.
    Let's not lower ourselves into the mire of thuggery that some clubs promote.
    Opposition players in Scottish leagues are jealous of talented players that run rings round them and the can only resort to fouling, which can end a players career.
    WATP and should lead by example.

    • U think??
      Makes me wonder what kind of phones/bricks they have, surely all phones have predictive these days John??

  10. You say Beaton was just levelling up!! So explain the freekick given to Aberdeen in the 1st game at the sheep pen!? The blatant elbow thrown by brown in the OF he reffed last season!! The man is so against us its un real. Hos "mistake" with Stokes was just a series of poor decisions in the game. Another that springs to mind is the Darren Mcgregor rugby/clothesline on Morelos which Hibs were given the freekick for and Alfie was booked!!! He isn't the only one and I fear that sat will be much the same as we have Willie Collum

  11. Difficult to forget the poor ref decisons, but in truth there was only one real howler imo, Stokes lost it and got away with one, if he had been dealt with correctly the tables would have probably been turned. The other main ref decision re Jack was right, the ref called what he saw, a head motion to an opposition player, better known as a head but, nothing to do with previous incidents in other games or indeed this game. Away from these high octane incidents we were basically outplayed for large portions of the game, Ped your time is up before you inflict more damage. J

  12. In a game of fire then you get booked for pushing and pulling and all hand bag stuff, but Jack got sent off after losing the plot and moving his head to the hibs players face that is a sending off kicking is punching is any type of fighting is a red card jack must take it and learn to play in the games of fire.

  13. What i believe we are witnessing is the outcome of constant criticism of referees by everyone associated with celtic over the last 15/20 years, players, managers and chairmen at celtic have used criticism of refs and created the conspiracy that they were out to ensure they lost. Now we have refs so scared to give the wrong decision against Rangers that they are no longer to able to make a balanced call. And vice versa with celtic

  14. club 1872, ,set up by Dave King , controlled by James Traynor , you are an embarassment and do not speak for me .

  15. Disagree with they were the better team they only became more dominant when it was ten against eleven the extra man made all the difference If you look at Beatons performance overall Stokes should have been red carded for the Tav incident Mc Geoch should have had a 2nd yellow card the ref choose to book McGregor when it was him who pulled Pena down and as far as the Jack sending off if you look at the video from the angle that the ref does not see its Stokes who grabs Jacks throat and motions his head towards Jack the referee was totally incompetent

  16. It's always an embarrassment to watch fellow Rangers fans talk about some "conspiracy". There isn't one. Just poor officiating.

    Mind you, i remember when complaining about the refs was an activity confined to the walls of the San Giro.

    Seems not anymore, we have our pathetic "no-one likes us we don't care" brigade turning us in to a classless laughing stock.

    It used to be the one thing we had over them every time.

    Now some Rangers fans are acting like we are "always cheated, never defeated".

    Don't get me wrong, i felt Jack's card was harsh, however, he made a bee line for the fracas and put himself in the wrong place.

    Stokes/McGeouch Should have walked too, that is where i have more of a grievance.

  17. For years we've been seeing and hearing paranoid rants from blinkered Celtic fans about how they've been shafted by corrupt referees, and it served to make us laugh or shake our heads in disbelief. Let's not, as Rangers fans go down the same route. Yes, the ref was shocking on Saturday. Yes, Stokes moved his head to Jack as much as Jack did to him. Yes, Stokes shouldn't have been on the field by that time anyway. But let's not prolong the agony. Don't give those who hate us cause to laugh. And who cares if Lennon gets a suspension or not. He thrives on publicity. He'll be sitting smirking in the stand with the cameras on him. It's of no advantage to us whatever punishment or not he gets. Pedro has to learn from this. Hib's tactics only worked on Saturday because the ref was poor and allowed them to work. I've said before on this site that Pedro has to be instructed to curtail his before and after speeches as he's only adding fuel to the fire which will overshadow any good work we do on the pitch. He's sounding like Trump, a source of amusement for our opponents. We would all be pissing ourselves laughing if Rodgers and Lennon spouted like he does. The game's over and we can't change the result, but we can annoy the rest of Scottish fans by being dignified and giving them no cause to mock. All our energy should be spent supporting our team. Mon the Gers

    • Quality post, sir. Totally agree. As soon as we stop biting, they will work themselves into a frenzy that can only end up with them looking like eejits.

      So no-one likes us as an entity; there's no rules to say anyone has to. Talking on the pitch is what we need and just suck up the very poor reffing that all clubs get.
      We are bigger and louder, so we may get more bad decisions, but I don't think there's genuine malice, just nerves, incompetence and zero support from linesmen etc.

      And as for the media, they thrive on us biting too, so to hell with them.

      Mon the Gers indeed.

  18. Mr Beveridge I salute you sir, that is one of the best comments on this sorry affair . We are better that the crap and we need to rise above it , we are moving forward and the football looks better in areas we needed to change so let us BE Rangers We Welcome the Challenge !

  19. Yep been saying it for days? Learn from it definitely.
    Hearts Saturday, hump them and move on, that's the Rangers way!!

  20. Where to start with this… Firstly, if he was 'evening up' anything it'd be in relation to not sending garner off against Hamilton last season (he was absolutely slaughtered in the press for days afterwards). Replays showed Clint hill clearly won the ball in the game you highlighted, it wasn't a penalty anyway.
    Beaton was a very, very significant factor in Saturday's loss. The influence of his performance on the result simply cannot be underestimated. We were 1-0 up when stokes headlocked then threw tav to the ground, it was a red card all day long. Instead he books stokes AND tav (who did zilch to merit it and spent the rest of the game walking a tightrope). Mceough committed multiple fouls all game (4 of which were well worthy of yellows) and only got booked for his part in the melee. Morelos committed less fouls than him yet was booked for persistent fouling.

    The guy who cynically fouled dorrans, starting the scrap, wasn't even booked, stokes got off scott free with grabbing jack by the throat and initiating the head to head, and mcginn got away with two handed pushes on no less than 3 different rangers players without a word said.

    Then there was macgregors last man rugby tackle on morelos which somehow ended up as a free kick to hibs instead of the red card it should've been. Finally, he booked macgregor for bringing down pena when through on goal when it was mceogh (yet again) who committed the foul and should have walked for it.

    He might not have scored hibs goals but he definitely ensured they won the match. It's the most one sided officiating I've seen in 45+ years at any level or age group, and I've been coaching kids football for over a decade. Sometimes we just have to call what we see, it was either gross ineptitude or blatant cheating. Either way, combined with the 'slippy' firhill surface, we are now 3 points behind when we could so easily have been 2 points ahead. If you can't tell, I'm still raging four days later lol.

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