Is THIS being neglected at Ibrox?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

If there were a few notes of positivity following Pedro Caixinha’s appointment last season, it was his willingness to use Rangers’ youth products without fear.

Thanks to the Portuguese manager, the likes of Jamie Barjonas, Aidan Wilson and Myles Beerman all got a chance to impress at the highest level, and while results were not always favourable, these young players rarely let their team down and indeed in most cases became even more highly regarded.

But something puzzling happened this summer. It was revealed that left back Myles Beerman had been effectively sent back to the Academy, despite mostly doing very well indeed for the seniors, and Jordan Thompson, a midfielder by trade, was now taking Lee Wallace’s deputy slot.

Even more puzzling is Jamie Barjonas. He really did capture the hearts of fans last season with his near-impeccable performances, especially during that 20-minute cameo at Firhill, and looked every inch capable of handling the heat of top-flight SPL football.

But he too seems to have been relegated back to the youth setup for reasons unknown.

And indeed none of the youth players, Beerman (Progres first leg), McRorie (second leg) and Hardie (Hearts) aside (can Hardie even still be classed as one?) have even made the bench in any of the six competitive outings Rangers have made this season.

With such a seemingly promising pool of young players at Rangers’ disposal, and the disappointing displays the seniors have made, it does seem a little surprising that Pedro has not cherry-picked the very best ones (the likes of Barjonas and Wilson) for more of a shout at the first team.

As we remember the lies Mark Warburton used to make about ‘pawfways’ and ensuring everyone felt close to the first team (while comically making sure most youth got nowhere near it), we can at least defend Pedro on the basis that he has never made promises all the time about playing youth.

And that really is just as well because just like with every previous manager, they are barely getting a chance this season despite seeming to break through last.

If we look at the Colts side that lost to Dumbarton in the Irn Bru Cup;

McAdams, Houston, Beerman, Holt, Wilson, McCrorie, Atakayi (Shiels, 66), Barjonas, Hardie, Rudden, Dallas (Palmer, 60).

And then we look at the national team calling up seven of them for the Serbian trip:

Aidan McAdams, Kieran Wright, Jordan Houston, Lewis Mayo, Aidan Wilson, Jamie Barjonas, Zak Rudden.

There is clearly a depth of quality here – particularly with Beerman (obviously not included in the second list), Houston, Wilson, Barjonas, and Rudden especially standing out, yet following the apparent signs that they were set to make a break through last season, it has not been seen through.

Maybe Pedro wants these guys to keep getting game time, but eventually he has to start giving them their rewards with call ups to the seniors. It seems a little unfair to give so many of them significant cameos last season then just take it away from them this.

I would say they deserve a shout. It is not like the team is playing too well for anyone else to be considered, is it?


  1. You have to assume that if they are good enough they would get a chance – I just think things are dodgy enough right now when using established players. There is already pressure on the team to get their act together, hardly the ideal environment to be dropping rookies in. I am more concerned about how these guys are supposed to develop their games, without being involved in any competitive games, as we are no longer involved in the Development league. The odd 'friendly' against whomever is no substitute for competition. That decision is difficult to understand tbh.

    • Hardie has a bit of Parlane about him we at first were never on page with Derek however appearances gave him confidence we need Hardie to get attitude both ally and Derek had that Hardie needs to say I am here I am the best I can score get out my way give Hardie the field

    • Yes mate a bit much on there shoulders at the present but put 1 in the subs bench and rotate and if were 3 up with 25 to go give him a run out

  2. I'd like to see Barjonas get a chance but it would be at Jack or Dorrans expense.Off topic here but what happened to these European games the unders were meant to be playing in?More bullshit?

  3. 1) 100% agree

    2) hard for Pedro to play the youths after going out and recruiting external replacements. He'd be, rightly, mocked if he continued playing youths and benching the players he just recruited. The underlying problems are (a) he recruited (some) crap players, and (b) recruited some when there was no need in the first place.

    It will be no surprise when more of our youth 'move on' to other clubs a-la Billy Gilmour because an overhyped Mexican is preferred.

    Yet another reason why Pedro needs to GTFO as soon as possible.

  4. This is a good article and I agree the youngsters should be given opportunities. The fans would be more forgiving if the young boys played but made mistakes (beerman penalty). Celtic played 6 youth players against killie which is both impressive and embarrassing. Our club needs better direction and playing youth players to improve them and then selling after 2-3 years makes business sense.

  5. I would love to see the youngsters getting their first team opportunities but if the excuse for poor performances so far is that the new guys need time to gel, then they need to play together as often as possible. But I'm thinking the clock's ticking.
    Mon the Gers

  6. so much pressure on you and your manager, difficult to go with youth in those circumstances, Celtic are doing it but in very different circumstances

  7. Especially when playing bottom-tier teams we need to play the youth. I'd rather play inexperienced youngsters who would die for the club than foreigners who have no idea what it means to play for the badge.

    • This is especially true when it is clear that we do not have the money (or intention) of buying good Scottish talent like Jamie Walker or Kenny McLean.

  8. It looks like the useless Pedro prefers to play the useless foreigners that he brought in, rather than give these good youth players a proper chance at first team football. Most of them would be better than players like Krankjar, Dulcio, Candelais, the pensioner Kenny Miller, and the other two useless strikers Morelos and Herrera. Give youth a proper chance–and ADMIT THAT MANY MISTAKES HAVE BEEN MADE IN SIGNING DUD PLAYERS. If not–you will be sacked soon anyway, Pedro–the sooner the better.

  9. It would be far too embarrassing for Pedro if the youngsters outshone most of the players that he brought in. That is why they are being quietly overlooked in the way that they are. I am sure that several of them would be much better than some of his foreigners who play so badly every week.

  10. I have not received any encouragement from Pedro's 'Performance' so far.

    So far Now, is Too far because of the fucking mess we are in after only 3 league games.

    Can I say that this is, in my opinion, the most accurate and Important article you have produced.

    We do not have any more time for settling in players who don't have the ability to hit the ground running

    I debated endlessly with you and others that Caixhina had the vision for start to assess the young guns in the latter stages of last season because he was aware that he would not be able to as European games started before the rest of the World finished Summer Camp.
    He, PC, had played successfully the best of our youth academy and along with Graeme Murty, excited us Fans by unearthing talent at our doorstep that would cost nothing and free monies for concentration on the real problems of a Real Defence and a Proven goalscorer.

    ✋ Stop the bus. The fans are having too much enjoyment.

    Get rid, rightly, of the players who failed to deliver or have a stinking attitude.

    Let's replace them with What? WHO? From Where?

    Oh yeah and let's knock the heart out of the ambition of the guys you have promised to give a chance to.

    Let's also give MOH to a rival who chased us all the way last year. And replaced with WHAT

    Guys we have been screwed over AGAIN

    We are watching the cast of Blazing Saddles ft Kenny Miller every week now.

    If he wanted non Scots players who are proven and Free agents?. Sone Aluko and his daughter were both available.

    Daft idea though hey

    If King was serious about stopping 10 in a row
    I would have preferred not to gamble on the 9th and 10th seasons

    Sound Worried?

    Are you convinced that there won't be 10 for them c..ts?.

    RElax me PLEASE Because I feel we have another board which is playing with our emotions

    • Sorry mate, I can't relax you, as your comments are far too close to the truth, and I believe that things are only going to get worse until Caixinho is eventually sacked. I don't need to tell you that will be far too late to save this season, which we can already write off as being no better than last season. (which was a disaster) Are King and the Board deliberately recruiting bad managers, so that THEIR shortcomings regarding money will not be so noticeable??? I have to seriously wonder about that. Very seriously.

  11. Just a thought, when we were winning the league in what seems like a long long time ago, we never deliberated over our youth set up, we just relied on the judgement of coaches and managers, the board was there to support and everyone was happy. Yet now we are reduced to talking about what is fast becoming an even bigger shambles than Warburton, never did I think it was possible, but the board have managed it. J

  12. As was mentioned in Ibrox Noise previously, I have sincere doubts that the current board will be able to produce the fund for the Club to progress appropriately.

    Now is the most important part of our history and Dave King has been making in appropriate attempts to belittle the main opposition that he has. He, like Caixhina come out with the biggest drivel instead of producing a new and stronger team on the pitch.

    Now we have been going backwards in my opinion since the last season Ally McCoist was in charge

    Sure the players allegedly are better quality, well more expensive anyway. But are YOU sure you want to watch the game put before you every week?

    Strangely I don't think that the opponents are playing much better than the lower league teams.

    But aside from Kenny Miller who really can't produce 90 minutes, are they skilled enough to give us entertainment and excitement. No. Neither did Warburton or Allys teams.

    My thoughts were initially Murty was the man. He lifted the squad and he was willing to give the youngsters a chance to prove worthy along with some elder statesmen.

    We never had a worse start to the season when it was time to go and play with the heart.

    Caixhina should go and I think he should go on the same plane as Dave King and Murray.

    Fucking hope there are no more Murrays out there.

    Unless they are Minted

  13. Pedro, as long as HE IS PAYING ATTENTION, will see what the more intelligent can already, Wallace , Tav and Miller , they need to go.

    None of the three are Rangers Class, never have been in Wallace's case.

    Wallace was a poor LB when with Hearts, so WHY on EARTH did the dud-manager Ally McCoist ever buy him in the first place, mind you Ally brought us in LOADS of other duds too and was castigated for doing so.

    So why has this ex-Hearts LB escaped all of the slaggings online that they other 'duds' all received ?

    Surely our backward fans didn't/haven't taken this Wallace to BE SOME GREAT Rangers Captain ?
    Right now, Wallace is our WORST Captain, ever !

    All he is good for are some forward runs, most of which end in failure….. he cannot defend properly either , and for a player around six-foot-one, his heading ability is crap….. not even bad, just crap as he cannot header, nor tackle properly either, so WHY on God's Earth is this crap player Captain of Scotland's finest, most celebrated and MOST DECORATED Football Club then ?

    BIG CHANGES are now needed at Ibrox/RANGERS Football Club.

    The sooner, the better, or Pedro WILL, …. be out on his ear, fact !

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