Deadline Day: Rangers’ transfer latest


Over the past few weeks Rangers’ transfer window has definitely dried up somewhat.

A lack of new names has appeared on the horizon, and while there were positives to take from the hard-fought win at Dingwall on Sunday, improvements to the squad are still needed and new blood essential.

With that in mind, let Ibrox Noise take you through the most up-to-date info we have regarding any more potential incomings between now and Deadline Day.

Jamie Walker:

As everyone and his dog knows, this saga has been going on for months. Jamie wants to come, Rangers desperately need him, and the only thing holding it up is submitting a bid Hearts deem acceptable. The latest is that Rangers’ final attempt at producing one will take place this week. We must hope it convinces Craig Levein and co. to part company with the winger.

Matthew Olusunde:

This name cropped up on the usual channels over the past day; a 19 year old full back currently plying his trade at Old Traffford, Olusunde is an American-born utility player capable of around five different positions ranging from defence to the wing, and the claims are that Rangers are looking for a possible loan.

Kenny McLean:

This one is still there. It does not seem to have completely gone away yet, and with Rangers always looking to improve the squad a Scotland international midfielder would be welcome. We do suspect the cost would be well out of Rangers’ budget though, with it likely to be a couple of million. Aberdeen absolutely 100% do not want to sell. Except to Celtic.

Not exactly a plethora of linked players, mentions to the usual Louis Moults, Steven Naismiths and a few others who remain tentatively on the radar.

With the capture of Man City’s Aaron Nemane there has been something of a buzz about new Director of Football Mark Allen taking more control over the transfers, and using his contacts to get some high-calibre youth from the bigger clubs. Nemane is certainly in that category but Rangers’ history recently of loans from other Academies is certainly not glorious and we sincerely hope the ex-City Academy director can effect positive change in that department.

Not long to go…


  1. We definitely need a left MF if we stick to 4-4-2, i am actually surprised Dalcio hasn't found his way back in that slot after Windass being injured, Pedro will be keen to prove everyone wrong on that signing (good luck). Walker seems to be the one fitting the bill, cant see us signing both him and McLean and i cant see us needing the both of them in a 4-4-2. I wander if pedro will switch to a 3-5-2 on a more regular basis, this is the only way he will get Pena, Jack, Dorrans, Morelos and Herrera on the pitch at the same time in preferred positions, this would of course mean dropping Miller which i think is only a matter of time. he could then use Tav (or Candieas) and Wallace on the WB/FB position.

    • Can fit them all in with a
      Jack & Rossiter in the 2
      Take us pick for the 3 supporting the Buffalo up front.
      It's not negativity if the 3 work like fuk and the 2 cover the FB's when charging on!

  2. It wouldn't matter if we bought Ronaldo and Messi, as long as Wallace at the back alongside Wes the complete fud in goal, we are going to lose many more goals than we should, Wallace is not a captain, Wes is not a goalie, Ped, needs to piss off back to Qatar, if all 3 go we just and l say just have a chance against that mhanky mob Sep 23rd, if not l fear complete humiliation

  3. After watching Peds Rangers with their unimaginative, tacticless, nervous, approach where we ALWAYS look beatable, week in week out, I have totally lost faith and unfortunately think we have 2 hopes of beating the manky mob next month – BOB HOPE & NAE HOPE!

    Christ, I thought we were as bad as we could get around 1980, but theres a distinct danger we could disappear into oblivion all together under this nugget

    Is DK and his chinas completely deaf, dumb and friggin blind???????


  4. I would have preferred big eck & murty, i would have consdered bringing back davis,jelavic,aluko,& naismith as they know what it's all about, considerng the money spent. aluko over dalcio/candielas, davis over pena? jela/naismith over herrera? just a thought! midfield 3 of dorrans davis jack, naismith and aluko in wide areas as a 5 and jela and bffao up top?

  5. We are fukin awful,and if u people out there can't see it then u are blind or u know fuck all about the game,county are the worst team in the league and we struggled against them,we looked slow and heavy legged on sunday other teams can suss us out easily,

  6. I see aluko is going for 7.5 mil. Davis Naismith jevalic God knows what they would cost wages alone have you not realised David Murray has left ant ETBs are done with we shop in basement market now and wages are capped the badge kissers like Naismith it's gone it's about money the only thing he kisses now is his wallet

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