Can Rangers’ board turn round their ‘mistake’?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

To attempt to restore Rangers back to the force they once were, the Board will have to admit they took a calculated, dangerous risk and as it turned out, they made a monumental mistake by hiring Pedro as the new Rangers manager.

After the last gamble of signing Englishman Mark Warburton, why would you rush into another and possibly an even more speculative move to bring in Portugal’s Pedro Caixhina to Ibrox? It didn’t make much sense to me at the time, and it makes even less now. 

He promised them the stars and produced mostly disasters. He obviously talked a good game at his initial interview and informed them of the Mexican & Portuguese international players who he would deliver to Glasgow to “Make Us Great Again”. It all sounded good and it was different, so they fell for it – aw naw – I couldn’t believe it at first.

Due to the lack of money involved and the difficulty of the language barrier, I would take Caixhina out of the direct firing line before the points difference hits double figures, which is now looking inevitable to happen during the month of September.

Motherwell was a hard fought must-win game, that we were fairly lucky to prevail in – as proven now – and followed it up with two unconvincing home results and performances; it proves that we are miles away from being a good solid side.

I would urge the board to bring in a former EPL (names on a postcard) competent manager and use Pedro as his first team coach. The buck stops with the experienced manager picking the team and how they will play and hopefully Pedro is a decent coach who could help improve every player attached to the club, by being more usefully deployed on the training pitch.

We clearly require a workable 4-5 year-plan to challenge for honours and to play regularly in Europe competition to build up the money required to enable Rangers to really contest the league positions. At the moment we are 5 points adrift of Celtic, Aberdeen and St Johnstone and the Blue Brigade will not tolerate that situation for long.

Some fans want Alex McLeish (Ibrox Noise can confirm Eck was the choice of at least one legend of the club) or Walter Smith, with their experience of Scottish football, and to me that would only be a short term answer to stabilise the ship, but I wouldn’t say no to either of them. In fact, my original choice was Alex McLeish and Barry Ferguson as his assistant and I don’t think they could have done as badly as Pedro has.

Due to Warburton signing too many players that found playing for Rangers a step too far, Pedro had to go more for quantity in player recruitment rather than the quality a team the standard of the ‘Gers requires.

Now he has to figure out a way to get more out of what he’s built. Good luck Pedro!


  1. If Pedro is to be replaced then he has to go, keeping him around as a coach will not work, his ego is far too big for that knock down.

  2. Pedro must go..there must be some good managers out there Sam Allardyce for example that will galvanise the team and get the best out of what we have got and build for next year.

  3. The problem lies with the interview panel who have no football experience.
    To get the right manager we new people with a football brain doing the interviews.

  4. If you really think Pedro would consider working as a coach under another manager, then you're as crazy as he is – his wages and massive ego would never all this. SHOW HIM THE GOD DAMN RESPECT THAT HE DOESN'T DESERVE!

  5. The St Johnstone manager is the man for the job. He'd win us trophies of that I have no doubt. I could even see him reaching Walter Smith like status. However, for now I think we should give Pedro a chance, his team needs to gel and there has been some flashes of fantastic play (first 20 mins against Hibs, Dunfermline). I think if we can hit our stride we'll walk over most teams. Let's face it, Hearts played for the draw and most teams will, he just needs to think of a way to defeat that tactic.

    • Excellent post mate. Tommy Wright is the best option outwith Pedro.

      We need to give Pedro a run but because if him and his players are really the duds they are being made out to be by our fellow supporters then Tommy Wright is going to come in and fall on the same sword Pedro is predicted to fall on.

      The way i see it, the only way is still up.

    • Codswallop Tommy wright is not the answer. Derek mciness was the answer.but if the board are considering letting pedro go. The next appointment has to be imperativly the correct one not a stop gap appointment but a solid long term option.

    • Look at what Tommy Wright does every season for St. Johnstone with little resource. Always a hard team to play.

      Derek McInnes is the expensive option and not necessarily better.

  6. We as fans are being too harsh imo. Pedro is beginning a process of changing our style of play while integrating all our new players. We won the 1st game of the season , Were unlucky against hibs and had enough chances to beat hearts. We are too quick to spit the dummy out and the point of being supporters is to support. We WILL not win the league, We were never going to win the league this year. 2nd , 3rd and 4th get into Europe, Embarrassing as it may be finishing 3rd is not a disaster in the grand scheme of things. We are in year 2 of at least a 5 year plan to bring us back to were we USED to be, We are not at the same level as 2010, We have no magic billionaire to save us . we cant just sack every manager after 13 games and replace full squads cheaply, We should give Pedro the season, We wont finish worse than 3rd, we will gel and we will improve but we need to support , stability now will makes us so much stronger next year, Then maybe we will have a chance at success. Lets get behind the team , they need us now more than ever.WATP

    • I agree 100% with what you say. When when we beat Celtic in cup everyone bar Dave King thought Warburton was magic. His was a progressive appointment but we now know he was not up to job.We also now know that he screwed a new deal out of board immediately after that game. Meanwhile he was already plotting to leave. Board have made a lot ot good changes to club. Ashley will be totally out of picture by this time next year and we will have clearer picture on finances. Frustrating at present but as long as Kenny Millar is still playing we are not up to scratch. Kenny has been magnificent but at his age we need younger players. I have certainly not given up on us improving. The big picture is what matters. No one turns businesses around in 10 mins. And we are a business. Hang in. We will come right.

  7. Eck and Barry was a no brainer , they would have brought in better players and Gers men who would fight to put our club back where it belongs !

    • This "Gers men" chat is going to keep us down. How about getting the best person for the job rather than any old idiot in a Rangers top.

  8. I have thought long and hard after reading the post to try and not get to the Get Rid conversation !! But I do think we are close to having to Get Rid if he fails in the next few matches leading up to the OF game.. then he has to go without question and his replacement should be Billy Davies who has all the right credentials required to both manage and understand Rangers and what it takes do so. I love Big McLeish and he would do a great job of steadying the ship , but to get us up close and really challenging over the next 2/3 years then Davies is the man… Perhaps Pedro might surprise us but I doubt it !!

  9. Whoa there!! it's 3 games in and the doom and gloom merchants have written us off.
    Get a grip. I'll admit I considered big Eck for a come back as manager, but I'm sorry Barry Ferguson great player that he was is not management material and never will be.

    The one and only criticism I have about Pedro is stop putting Kenny Miller on from the start. We will get it right give the squad our support and the manager and it will happen.

  10. The board have painted us into a corner as we simply can't afford to sack him.

    Or put it this way, even if we did find money to sack him, who is foolish enough to think the same board would not make yet another mistake?

  11. Cannot disagree. Caixhina is a great talker BUT. I said all last season Players must be given a chance NOT ONE Game. O'Halloran is an attacking midfielder who destroyed our defence
    So he came to Rangers and got half an hour to hour to play as a right winger.

    Basically it was a fuck up and he has scored 4 in 4 games games out on loan

    How many have our front players scored between them?

    We continue to use Waldo and Tav as full backs? Joke.
    Walker and McLean are sitting to be had? King is in his counting house counting out his pennies.
    No Ambition for a Club the size of ours.

    I do Not care about McKay, Garner or Waghorn. One reason or another thier skillbase or approach was not good enough for Glasgow Rangers standards.
    Souness and Smith General Management
    Wright Manager
    Murty Football Coach
    Tam Forsyth, John Brown and Alex Real Disciplinary Team

    Hererra Barber

    • I honestly think your comment is bang out of order m8 …….. We already have a great Barber at ibrox , get it together 🙂

    • Wow 3 fuking games and the swords are being sharpened.
      Give the team and Manager time to gel it together.
      Anyone who doesn't think we have a better team than last year is a Bafoon.
      Also who gives a fuk about players that have left, they weren't good enough for the Ranges simple as that.
      Stop with the manic depressions and get behind everyone at Rangers even the fuking barber!!!!!

    • Ibrox Noise has been gunning for Pedro to be fair. I also agree, we are already better than last year.

      As i said, some people wont be happy until we have a bog standard british 4-5-1 merchant.

  12. pedro to go a,s,ap why not give big terry butcher a go at least we will be up for it.miller and windass are bench players where is these fantastic players wee pedro has signed

  13. There are only two scenarios:

    1. Pedro isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 2. If Pedro does leave he will do so by resigning.

    At the end of the day there is no chance the board will sack him simply due to the time and effort invested already never mind the financial implications. He will only be replaced if he abandons ship. And considering his reputation would be in tatters I doubt he would do that simply because of the money on the table.

    • Bang On mate he's going nowhere.
      We are where we are.
      Hope we win the next 4 games, we need to be positive not sack the manager the board the tea lady.

  14. Good article. I also feel we are not going anywhere fast. Goals get points, simple as that. We need a strategy to get by the parked buses in front of goal. The amount of balls going into the oppositions box and not finding a Rangers player is frustrating. Out of 8 defenders in the box, you will only see 2/3 Rangers players trying to get the ball! The rest of the players are playing tippity tappity bollocks around the box. Get Pena on, we desperately need a solid central midfielder, goodness know what the story is with him!.
    As for the Eck and Barry Ferguson suggestion, this would be 10 steps backwards, not forward. Barry is a wee ned with no where near the experience to be any where near management at Rangers. Eck?, just no, look back why he left the club in the first place, so why would he be successful now?

  15. Most supporters know Wallace is a weakness and probably Tavernier. Miller is not a no 10 and Windass is not yet consistent. We have a few decent players but good decisions have to be made about signing another couple for the correct positions. I'm not sure Pedro can do this as his tactics, substitutions and gobbly gook he talks concern me. We're probably on a 5 year path but supporters would like to see this happening a lot quicker. Have we the patience and the trust?

  16. It's high time pundits got of the back of Pedro neither eck or fergie are upto the job we employed Pedro we should give him a fair crack of the whip as for barrie mckay waggy Joe garner they think they are above the club by not giving 100% in every game but wanted the big bucks we all know that once the eleven men cross the touch line their is no more the manager can do we are all to quick to jump on the managers back it's hightime we took poor performances out on the folk that matter we are only 3 games in to the season yes we need a proven goalscorer but what we don't need is hasbeens interfering in the team affairs messing with our players heads the team needs to focus on matters on the pitch we need to get behind the club we should forget about McLean and walker we should go for Wiess or Harris and naismith all the best foregards the boys for the away game at ross county this weekend let's get our campaignew back on track and get off Pedros back

    • Well said allan couldn't agree more with your comment, give him the season to prove himself then judge. We need stability. I remember just 10 years ago we had only had 14 managers in our life span, we are supposed to back our team as the previous longevity of our managers show.

  17. Why all this negativity? We are where we are 4 a reason so lets get 2gether & support our club(as the song says) WATP

    • Because our manager is crap, no actually he is worse than that, but lets give him more time, he deserves it, he has after all got rid of the green boots. J

  18. Going to start with I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST WALTER! In relation to the comment about having him back.

    The follow that by saying look what happened the last time, McCoist was his number 2 and that didn't exactly work well. Walter and Ferguson. GTF!

    I'm not happy with the results so far but we have (again) almost a new team who haven't played together and don't speak the same language.

    We certainly can't get rid of Pedro (IMO), not because we dont have money or we need someone to steady the ship. Our priority should be to win one title. Then we can regroup, sack Pedro and get someone else in.

    We need to stick with a few shite results this year and look to realistically challenge next year once the players have bonded.

    Fuck sake look at Hearts, the year they were demoted they almost managed to stay up despite playing youngsters and would have, had it not been for the points deduction, the next year they smashed the championship with most of the same young players and then 1st year back in the premier they finished 3rd.

  19. The obvious choice was and remains McLeish who'd steady the ship at least. Why Pedro was chosen ahead of him remains one of the great mysteries.

  20. How long before the board give Pedro the dreaded vote of confidence. ? After all the booing of the team and the cricis talk and bad press you could expect some reaction from the board, or director of football. Are their heads in the sand or are they working on a solution to the problem? I really think that if Ross county do us over at the weekend then some sort of statement should be forthcoming.
    Mon the Gers

    • I think it will be until we get pasted by Aberdeen and Celtic, at that point the board will do what they did with Warburton and force him out and try to avoid compensation payment.

  21. The league is pretty much lost after 3 games – how is that better?

    Aberdeen are already 5 points ahead – how is that better?

    Last season we struggled to score, same issue this season – how is that better?

    It's true Pedro won't be sacked, but that's due to the board pressing the financial gamble button on a long shot not due to his performance, which so far has been worse not better than Warburton.

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