Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Caixinha confirms intentions over further signings

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has confirmed his intention and hopes to reinvest the funds received for Martyn Waghorn back into the squad, citing there was still ‘time’ before the transfer window closes.

Naturally this raises serious implication that Rangers’ boss is still looking heavily at both Jamie Walker and Kenny McLean, and with the reported £1M received for Waghorn, that cash could easily help seal both deals.

The Portuguese said:

“I can tell you that Martyn was a great professional while with us, a great Rangers standards player. We spoke with him and understood that he should move away because this season he was not having so many chances and that’s what happened so I wish him all the very best.”

And when asked about the capital received for the transaction and intention:

“Might be. Since the very beginning we have our ideas very clear regarding the squad and this move maybe things may happen other times depending on the market. And We will see, we will see, we still have time until the end of the transfer window.”

Rangers have been closely linked with Walker and McLean for weeks now, and like any decent manager Caixinha clearly expects received monies to be used for reinvesting in the team.

We can hope this materialises.


  1. Would be surprised if walker wasn't here soon? Would like to see mcclean here so at least windass has some more competition just in case his form drops off again like last season.

  2. If that figure for Waghorn is anywhere close that is good business for sure and Mclean and Walker still want to come then let's do it I fear the stumbling block willthe reluctance to deal with The Gers ....again no respect !!!!

    1. What do you mean by no respect?

      They're under no sort of order to be forced to sell players to someone just because a paltry offer has been made.

      Clubs will sell to whoever they want, or as the case, not sell to whoever they want. I sure as hell wouldn't sell a player to our nearest rival.

      Respect has nothing to do with it.

    2. Your argument who ever you are ! Has no credence my friend They sold Hayes to the Rotten Mob ...Dundee Utd did the same with Armstrong and MacKay Stevens so that pish doesn't hold water sorry ...Its always been about US and the HATRED

    3. Offer them what they want and they get them. Simple as.

      Thought it went "no one likes us. We don't care" as opposed to whinging about it?

  3. I wouldn't be so sure. Management must have anticipated getting money in from sales and that would have been factored in to the money available to spend.
    We may have got a bit more for some players than anticipated(Waggie), but we will also have got less for some players than hoped (McKay)

    I also would not want us to overpay for Walker, so let them sweat or come down in price. I am also not sure we absolutely need McLean in this window. We have plenty of midfielders not including youth players who need blooded, to say nothing of the man who was allegedly our most expensive signing of the summer, Carlos Pena. We have Pena, Rossiter, Kranjcar, Holt and Dalcio not on the park as well as the youth players. If McLean wants to join, and we are led to believe he does, then he can sign a pre-contract with 6 months to go. That way we don't overpay, he comes at a cut price or for free and we don't have too many players covering too few jerseys.

    If we have any spare cash, it should be spent on the one area we are extremely weak. I am a big fan of Kenny Miller's workrate and devotion. BUT, we need someone who will bring us 20 goals a season. Kenny (gonnae drift wide and back to look for the ball) Miller is not it. Candeias is not it. Dodoo may never get the chance to find out, he seems out of favour. Manager knows better than me, so I won't argue. Herrera has previously scored between 1 goal in 3 games and 1 goal in 4 games until last season when he was 1 goal in 5 games and at 29 years old he is not going to change now - like Pena a strange signing so far. Morelos was tearing up Finland, but doesn't look like doing here yet. Hopefully just needs to settle in. But goalscorer is a position still unfilled. Jamie Walker has a good strike rate, but he is not a striker.

    I am (reasonably) happy w defence, happy with midfield, but We still need a forward line, specifically a goalscorer to lead the line. I am not greedy, they don't have to be McCoist, Hately or Boyd. I would take anybody the manager can tell me will get 20 goals a season, even if only as an interim measure. Ross County boy would have done, but as he is already out for the season maybe we got lucky there. I thought Moult did well last season but he looked crap on Sunday. I don't care who it is though, as long as they get us 20 goals a season. We can upgrade the team bit by bit, but without a striker we are going to suffer this season.

  4. I simply don't understand the signing of Herrera - he just seems to be a taller but less effective version of Garner. I just hope he steps it up more than a little because I can't see any sell-on potential here if he doesn't. Moult would simply be a waste of cash - if that was the best he could do on Sunday in the shop window, he'll be going nowhere.

  5. A right back and a keeper and I'd be happy with that until January. Rome wasn't built in a day and Rangers can't be rebuilt in one transfer window so unless there are obvious upgrades available we should only take two more in max and give the guys who have come in some time to adjust and see if they are any good. One league game isn't enough time by the way!!!

    With Windass revival we don't need Walker (yet) so happy to play hardball. Same goes for McLean, he wouldn't get a game at the moment. Naismith won't come yet as transfer fee will be too high while he still has 2-3 years on his deal.

    Our strikers need time to adjust to the league and as long as Miller stays fit he will help with that. Moult is average and no guarantee he'd adapt to playing for big club - O'Halloran was a world beater before we signed him remember and no surprise he'll look fantastic again at Saints. Point is that Moult offers no guarantees and looks decent because SPFL is so poor.

    Right-back and keeper please then review in January

  6. Agree with BT RB and Goalie please . Moult agricultural.. has looked less than average in a poor SPL. Not sure where we could find such a thing as a 20 goal a season striker ... Not in Scotland that is for sure.


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