Are these the ramifications of Rangers’ latest signing?


With last night’s breaking news that Rangers have reportedly secured a loan deal for Manchester City’s 19-year old winger Aaron Nemane, it is the first sign that Pedro Caixinha has formally conceded defeat in the hunt for Hearts’ Jamie Walker.

The Walker saga, which has protracted over the entire summer window, has become an excessive soap opera with failed bid after failed bid, and even the firing of then-coach Ian Cathro has done nothing to shift the balance in favour of Rangers.

Nemane, a product of City’s Academy structure, is the first fruit of Director of Football Mark Allen’s tenure, with the ex-City Academy chief pulling on his contacts to secure the attacker’s loan spell at Ibrox.

The deal for Nemane has not formally been ratified yet, and an announcement by Rangers has as yet failed to materialise, but it is only a matter of time before the youngster hooks up again with Allen.

The move for the 19 year old also pours a large bucket of cold water on Portuguese winger Dalcio’s chances at Ibrox. The ex-Benfica man has been disappointing since his arrival, and has borne the brunt of supporters’ frustrations during his brief appearances for perceived poor performances, and the attacker has played next-to-no role since the league began as a result.

Assuming the deal for Nemane is confirmed, it will leave Rangers with three wingers – Nemane, Candieas and Dalcio – and with the latter’s future at Ibrox in serious doubt as things stand, it really only leaves Rangers with a recognised two wingers, if indeed the Walker deal remains dead in the water.

Nemane would be Pedro’s 11th signing of the summer, with eight days left of the window.


  1. This is one of those no-risk moves, so it's hard to find anything wrong with the deal. I would say it should not derail another bid for Walker though.

    Looking at, Nemane seems to have stalled in terms of development. This would have been his 4th year playing at the U21 level, and last year he only managed 1 goal across all competitions. He's also supposedly out of contract in June, so to me this looks like City is just moving him on. Whether he's good enough to cut it at Ibrox remains to be seen. Regardless, Rangers have nothing to lose by taking a chance on the kid – worst case scenario is that he's not any good and spends the year with Murty's squad. Zero ramaifications for the senior squad if this doesn't work out.

    • Mate.
      For me the thinking behind this is we get him on loan for a year then Walker for He Haw in a year.
      I also read that this young boys contract is up in a year so we could end up with them both!!!

  2. Rewind and ask yourself what Ped said about Dalcio, 2 months later and we are potentially signing a 19 year old who in fairness might be great to replace him, if you were any club anywhere right now, would you put your trust in Ped? J

  3. No walker will be able to agree a pre contract he will not be free get your facts right before posting such bile m8 same can be said about this youngster if he's any good we will extend his loan or make it permanent with a development fee been paid to snap him up just like we did with bates from raith

  4. Alan, Walker will not be a free agent in January. He will be free to sign a pre-contract agreement to join next summer. Slight difference.
    I agree w clueless, it is a no risk play. If he does well, he goes elsewhere or we sign him then sell him on in the future.
    Doesn't do well, no damage.
    Think we are forgetting Windass though, who has been playing as a wide man. Not sure where the move to 4-4-2 leaves Kranjcar mind you

  5. This is the first move Mark has made to secure a loan deal for this talented lad with huge potential. He is reputed to have lightning pace and can play on either wing or indeed anywhere in the midfield, and signing Nemane would scupper Rangers' move for Jamie Walker

    The time has come for Nemane to gain first team experience, and with the help and confidence shown to Mark Allen from the Premier League giants, it all augurs well for future top class loan deals at Rangers.

    My Manchester friend has informed me that he is only 5’ 6”, but is a speed merchant who has an eye for scoring good goals and is now an established member of the City Elite Squad.

    He is also a terrific crosser of the ball at pace, which should be a great attribute for Rangers during his year-long-loan-deal.

    If he is as technically gifted, as some of the other City players, he must have the potential to excite crowds with his dribbling skills and his ability to set up and score goals himself.

    With all the new Man City signings this year, it obviously left young Nemane further away from a first team option, hence the decision to let him go and try his luck and show his full potential at Ibrox.

    Hopefully, Mark Allen can land the ‘Gers, a young, brilliant, tall centre half who is dominant in the air on loan from Manchester City to help us to stop being so weak at cross balls, free kicks and corners?

  6. One more comment from me on this signing:

    Upon further investigation, it looks more and more like this is a win-win-win for all involved. (1) The kid obviously needs a break and playing time at the full professional level (still hasn't debuted yet). (2) City are either trying to figure out if they want to cut bait with this kid or resign him, OR they have already made the decision to move on and are simply using Rangers to showcase his talent. (3) Rangers get a promising talent for the next 6 months that is either (a) better than what we already have or (b) the kid isn't any good and no stone went unturned while he develops under Murty until Dec.

    There's no downside here for any involved parties except perhaps the kid if he ends up getting buried in our youth system. But that's the price he paid when he signed for City in the first place…

    Anyway, philosophically, we should be limiting the number of loan deals we do unless it is either (a) a short term fix for a position of need – e.g. as cover for multiple injuries at the same position, or (b) gives us a player that is beyond our financial means to purchase. If we're going to put the resources into developing young players, they ought to be on our books and we ought to reap the reward when the player is eventually sold, or worst case kept as a home-grown player. Unless there is an option to buy that hasn't been reported anywhere, Rangers will see zero benefit of this deal beyond Dec 2017.

    While I stand by my earlier assertion that there's no downside to this deal, it has to be asked what is the long term benefit? Is this deal consistent with the long term plan to get the club back to where it ought to be? Asking for a friend… 🙂

  7. Seems to me our club can best be described under Ped/Mr King as similar to user surname Johnny, yup totally CLULESS and leading us nowhere. J

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