4 points of a possible 9 – what now?


Ibrox Noise recently described Rangers’ start to the season as ‘patchy’. With mixed but increasingly impressive results in friendlies, we started to buy into Pedro Caixinha after the huge doubts we had previously had. But those were only friendlies – and competitive action for season 2017/2018 now sees six fixtures, three wins.

We do not want to be too critical or castigating of Caixinha, because while we were strongly against his appointment and had huge worries following last season and early pre-season, at the end of the day he is the Rangers manager and he is unlikely to go anywhere any time soon.

So he needs our support, just like the players.

The problem is the whole regime is becoming increasingly difficult to explicitly defend. There are some positives for sure; we have signed some theoretically half-decent players like Ryan Jack (who had a good match today), Graham Dorrans (not so good), and Bruno Alves (still not really impressive), and we are employing a proper Rangers formation in 4-4-2.

We also have the end of the retail stranglehold enforced by Ashley, so increased funds thanks to a spike in merchandising (even if shirts remain AWOL and will not be back in stock for reportedly two months), and the return home for a lot of our loved ex-players like Andy Little, Peter Lovenkrands, Jonatan Johansson and even Stephen Wright.

So it is not all doom and gloom.

But unfortunately the football and management of it simply is not convincing anyone, and Rangers now languish with only four points of a possible nine. Thankfully we did not lose a place in the table, but once again Pedro’s men struggled today (in a match we believe had massive significance) and this time was against a really, really poor team in which neither of their theoretical best players (Lafferty and Walker) remotely shone.

They bullied Rangers and strangled them, and while Windass received some harsh treatment, I can honestly say it is time to grow up over referees – this is the SPL and it has always been a clugathon. It is just that in this modern PC world with Rangers being away from this division for four seasons we seem to have forgotten that is what it is like.

And on a football level we are not back. We are miles off where we need to be and we currently barely contend for a top four slot. Hamilton today went to Easter Road and smashed them. Yet some Rangers fans still whine about the Jack sending off at Ibrox as if it cost us a win. What cost us the win today then?

The worrying aspect is the nitpicking. Instead of just accepting we are absolutely rubbish right now, some fans point to this event, that one, this call, that one, this miss, that one – they try to justify us and our inferiority by giving it extenuating circumstances – the simple harsh truth is how utterly bad we really are and it is not improving on any level.

Where that blame lies is anyone’s guess. Is it Pedro and his eccentric management? Is it the standard of player we have? Is it the spending power we have? Is it the board and their vision for how we proceed?

Whatever it is, sadly it does not seem to be getting resolved any time soon.

Inside five minutes of the opening fixture yours truly feared trouble. The difference between the friendlies and this serious competitive action had been a chasm – the impressive displays against Marseille etc an illusion – a slow-paced friendly is no substitute for serious action, and when five minutes had elapsed at Fir Park we looked shellshocked at the pace and the physicality.

We went onto win the match regardless and that was pleasing from a fight point of view, but with only one point since, it is becoming clear that this regime is struggling just like the last one did.

We shipped out the old rubbish and unfortunately we do not have the results or performances to show that the new players are a significant improvement. We are playing the same tripe Warburton forced us into – feeble tiki tika. Ineffective rambling play which has no cutting edge.

In theory Bruno Alves is a heck of an upgrade on Rob Kiernan – but alas the results simply do not reflect the supposed improvement.

Rangers simply seem to be continuing to go round in ever-decreasing circles and where the heck we go from here absolutely beyond me.


  1. Pedro ,is more worried about getting respect than points it seems.Give Kenny Miller a rest for goodness sake. We need Walker and Mc lean as of yesterday,or else it's going to be.one long year again.

    • William you can bring in any number of players but the ones we have let go for peanuts can't stop scoring every week with winning tactics.
      It isn't the players mate, its the formations they are playing to that is losing us games.

  2. I said it a long time ago – Pedro is nuts. He is actually mentally unbalanced and out of his depth at Rangers. How he was awarded a 3-year contract defies belief….

  3. Very constructive post and valid points.
    As you are aware publicly and privately I have and do support our manager and his(our) team and staff.
    But one thing I do agree 100% is that 1 point from 6 at home is just nowhere near good enough nor acceptable.
    But I truly believe the gaffer feels exactly the same and we will come good.
    Evidence so far result wise would seem to contradict my beliefs but performances do not, have we been brilliant NO but we have played as a cohesive team and considering the amount of additions there is still a bit of gelling to do.
    This team is way short of achieving what we all demand but there are signs that it will happen but how long the gaffer gets to prove his critics or/and believers right or wrong God only knows (Not too much longer I think, then where the f…k do we go).
    Let's all read the "Secret" ask the universe for a winning team, see it believe it and it will happen (Now I'm sounding like the gaffer lol).

  4. Absolutely smashed this article.

    The BIG test was going to be competitive football against Teams who sit deep and defend. And today we were shown up plain and simple. We were found out. Today was a reality check and like IN said nit picking at blaming sending off etc. I honestly believe Pedro is on borrowed time. And the board have twice chosen wrong man in a row. They need to get a grip this time and get a manager who will get it right. Celtic get a top manager and we get someone who is on wealfare rates. We've lost the league with three games gone. And Pedro said we've improved after his interview against hearts. I like the guy and genuinely feel sorry for his future but it's not good for me. I expect much of the same patch work were used to.

    Rant over.

  5. 10% of the way through the season, out of Europe and 5 points behind the leaders in the league. Top 6 is the aim, but not guaranteed.

  6. Just come out and say it the manager has no idea about team formation and tactics miller plays ninety minutes every week going round in circles playing any position he wants today we went from 4 4 2 to 4 3 3 and at some stages to 4 2 4 he makes substitutions not to improve or alter the team but it seems just for the sake of it yet miller who was woeful gets kept on Pedro is not the manager to take us forward I would not trust him with any more cash to spend on inferior players cut the cord now before its too late

  7. New team needs time to gel. Agree its frustrating but whoever the manager is the fact remains that you cannot build a new team and expect them to be consistent and win games early doors. There will likely be more blips.

    We need to hope Pedro can turn it round and give him until Christmas before we take a view. I know we might be "x" behind Celtic by then but we aren't challenging them this year – we need another two transfer windows – so please keep it realistic.

    • Hibs have gelled in that time. And is the argument not, therefore, that he shouldn't have made such wholesale changes to he team if it was going to cost so many points? Especially when the players he got rid of are flourishing elsewhere.

      It was Pedro's decision to buy so many players, so you can't then say he needs time because of it. He's caused the problem

    • Did you not watch the shambles of last season? Whoever the manager was it was obvious we needed an influx of new players and new players need time to gel.

      Also Hibs is largely the same team as last year. And you think they have gelled after getting pumped by Hamilton and beating us thanks to very dubious refereeing decisions???

  8. Not going to mention the s word but all I'll say it as a manager look at his overall stats something like a 40% win rate thats says it all. This team is no further forward from warburtons, no cutting edge. Is it a coincidence that every attacking player that's left can't stop banging in goals. Something not right at GERS Jst can't put my finger on it. As u say wer do we go from here.

    • I can put my finger on it mate if that helps.You got your manager from the the 4th best team in Kuwait.
      Your team is full of third rate players.
      Kenny Miller is your only half decent player,but is running around trying to do everyone else's job.
      Your other half decent player is Alves,but that signing is 10 years too late.
      Now that your club has to live within its means,you have to come to the realisation that unless some oligarchy nut job comes on board then is it.
      What needs to happen will be hard to swallow but you need to get a manager who is given 10 years to rebuild the club and bring on the youth system.
      But at a club like Rangers,that will never happen.

  9. Its painful to watch. Sack the manager now. Its goin to happen sooner or later. No more bloody excuses, we are going round in bloody circles,crap tactics,Idiotic press releases. RESPECT. BLOODY WELL EARN IT OR FUCK RIGHT OFF.

  10. In the last three competitive games in the league Rangers have scored four goals.

    In the same number of games these four players are all sitting equal top of their leagues with O'Halloran – 4 goals
    Waghorn – 4 goals
    Garner – 3 goals
    McKay – 2 goals
    Total – 13 goals

    Caixinha could hardly squeeze one goal out of these players.
    On paper the man has failed miserably. On the field even more so.

    • Many did Alan but I rate Garner very highly and said the tactics were all wrong for the guy. Nothing has changed my mind. Neither on him nor the tactics up to and including today..
      The above shows it isn't the players, it's the system and it is the only one this manager has in his locker.
      He has bussed a whole team, stated loud and clear we have the best squad in the league and ………looks more and more like a failure with every passing game.
      I get no joy saying it but we are a very mediocre and unremarkable team.

  11. So what happens now? Another few dodgy results upcoming and then a doing from the Thims and there will be pitch fork matches to Pedro's front door. If we jettisoned him, then what? The Portuguese and Mexicans in particular must be wondering what they have walked into! August and torrential rain! Wait till the end of January up in Ross County. If they haven't curled up into a ball before then Dingwall will surely finish them off. Im not blaming Mr Caixinha. If this all goes tits up Im laying the blame firmly at the door of the directors and management who decided this dumb ass idea was the solution when Mcinnes or McLeish, a simple appointement who would have steadied the ship, were but a text message away! As Savant says it defies belief…!!

    • Agree bluebear , if big Eck had been given the job we'd have a team now ready to fight Celtic all the way .Instead of signing a load of cannon- fodder he'd have brought in another couple of guy's on the same level as Dorrans and Jack , quality rather than quantity and Gers men would give everything for the jersey . It's not Pedro's fault , it's the idiots who appointed him and they've set our club back another three years at least . I'm beginning to think we're never going to recover , what with Celtic raking in 30 million and upwards every year .

    • Spot on: It's time someone pointed the finger at the incompetents who appointed him and sanctioned some ludicrous signings.

    • I agree with that earlier guy in the thread who said that Rangers must build from the ground up. It's a reasonable proposition. Look at Celtic's team yesterday, 5 or 6 came through the academy. In fact I'd say Celtic could win the SPL with just academy players. Short-term frantic "solutions" ike Pedro's appointment will only add to the problems, dissipate cash reserves and delay the inevitable.

  12. What's happening with Pena? We can't get rid of Pedro, he's on a 3 year deal and have the team speak the same language as him.
    Hopefully the players get the finger out quick before the old firm game

    • Mate.
      Spot on he's going fuking nowhere.
      As U say how in God's name can we get rid, who can communicate with the players if he gets the bump, unless we get Jose from Man Utd were fuked.com
      Can only hope he turns it all round and Pena is Maradona style and we nail Walker & Moult.
      If not long long season in front of us.
      But we must get behind the team and Manager!!

  13. The article I see a fair assessment of what is happening at Ibrox so far this season.
    I am not going to dispute any other Rangers fans comments, we are all entitled to our own opinions.
    For my assessment of the 4 points out of 9, I think we struggled against Motherwell, it could have been a loss but we got the points. Last week against Hibs, in my opinion, had things been slightly different in Us not being reduced to ten men, I think we would not have lost that game and am certain had Stokes been rightfully sent off and other Hibs players been cautioned, in the same context our players were, we would have won the game. Today against Hearts we played like a Warburton team, unable to break down a nine man defence. We can all blame the manager, I am playing devils advocate here as I make my opinion, but how many players got pass marks today? Jack was our best player, Moreles worked his socks off against 2 centre halfs, Tavernier at times worked hard Alves did enough. Miller, Kranjaer, Cardoso, Dorrans and Candias were poor to rotten and the rest under par. That sort of team won't win us games. How many times did we get to the edge of the opposions 18 yard box and play a sideways pass when a shot was the best option on a very wet slippery surface?
    The game is about the 14 players we can use to win a match, the manager selects his best 11 at the start, but we need 100% from all players at all times.
    The manager is the fall guy if those 14 players don't perform. I have said this in here before, in my opinion; Pedro should be given 11 league games, after all these games have been played 33 points were at stake, if we are out of contention to at least mount a reasonable challenge to win the league, we must be in a very good potential position to win 2nd place, if not he must be sacked. If he keeps up the current percentage of points won, we would have around 14 to 16 and that would mean he would be out of a job.
    As I said at the start of my comments, it is my input to the article.

  14. One nail in Pedro's coffin I'd say. Why oh why is Pena not playing?!!! It's obvious that Ryan Jack and Dorrans is not working, they are simply not creative enough between them. Didn't want Jack in the first place. Kranchar was slow and did not look interested when he came on. Get Dalcio, Pena, Dorrans and Candeias in midfield, Dodoo and Morelos up front
    I'd put Dodoo in front of Kenny just now, he is having a nightmare and needs to spend time on the subs bench for a while and let Morelos and Dodoo have a go.
    I have watched all opposition this season, and we are in deep trouble. They already have us sussed and know our predictable game.
    Our incapability to cause problems up front is legendary to the rest of the SPFL, and we keep giving them the glory and let them embarrass us in our own ground.
    Today was a disgrace. We needed our team to respond and rise to the challenge from last week. They failed, even after all the bullshit they said in the media before the game!!! It's all well working hard in training, it's on the pitch we need to see that work rate!!! 5 points behind the beggars after 3 games, unacceptable!

  15. Enough is enough! Caixhina has to go..1pt from 6 from our first two home games is unacceptable. Hamilton's trouncing of Hibs puts last weeks performance in perspective, and what response to we get today – more garbage on the pitch to match the rubbish coming out of Pedro's mouth. Caixhina believes his team are now getting more respect because teams park the bus at Ibrox. Has no-one told him it has always been like this. Difference is we used to break defences down. The problem is This is all par for the course for Caixhina – his win percentage at Rangers poorvas it is – is his personal best ever. As long as he keeps 'doing the bouncy' with fans at Firhill, or spouting 'we are the people' in post match interviews – he thinks he'll get to live his football fantasy as a top manager just a little longer.
    Look it pains me to be so critical of any Rangers manager but Caixhina is doing untold long term damage to our recovery on the field and embarrasing us off it. Rangers have spent money this summer, and serious money compared to the rest of the league with the exception of Celtic. Some on here seem to be of the view that we can't get rid of Pedro because of the Portuguese and Mexican recruits he's signed. Herrera, Dalcio, Candieas – do we care? Best of the lot – the £3 million man Pena. Whether he turns out to be a great player or not – if we were going to spend that kind of money then we needed someone who would make a difference and add a bit of quality from day one.
    When Pedro goes – and he will be gone before the end of the year – then we must do all we can to ensure that there are no more reckless experiments and that the Board invest in a proven top class manager.

  16. Watching the game I thought I was watching a Warburton team The same old possession is everything no risk football a totally sterile football by numbers mentality. He will be gone by October.

  17. Why pick on the defence they kept a clean sheet today they did there job. Its putting the ball in the net we are struggling with now

  18. I wanted Tommy wright as manager but, I'm willing to give Pedro the season. This season was always about transition. A year from now, the dof will have implemented a decent scouting network and recruitment etc will have improved.
    Pedro still hasn't found his best team or shape, I still believe he will come good. Unfortunately, I think both Mexicans will find it hard to adapt. It's a massive adjustment, have you watched Mexican football?? Both good players but a gamble we may regret.
    I think the way forward just now is play 3-5-2 with wallace/tav or canideas
    As winbacks. Wilson in as Lcb.Jack & Rossiter in the middle releasing Dorrans/Nico/Pena?? To link up with attack. Up front is where we're struggling. I'm pleased Hardie got on today as there's a player there.
    Morelos looks like he could be a good signing and we must give him time and be patient. It's the 2nd striker where the ultimate conundrum is. Do we persevere with Miller? There's plenty of competition for this role and Pedro hasn't sussed it out as yet.
    We'd all like to see a few new faces but shouldn't we give some youth a chance? We have a manager who seems to be willing to do this. That for me is a major plus, certainly, our last manager didnt have the balls to do it.
    I say, get behind the manager and the team, take the rough with the smooth and let this new squad gel. It's far too early to press the panic button, that mentality gets you nowhere.
    One thing I will say I'm dissapointed with is our reluctance to shoot from distance. This, imo should be encouraged.

    • Me I would be going 4-2-3-1
      Same 3 as yours in midfield with Jack & Rossiter in the 2.
      U might think that's negativity but they can cover our full backs.
      But if I'm totaly truthful I think we're still 2/3 players away from challenging the soap Dodgers!!!

  19. Wake me up when my nightmare is over, that is when Ped is gone. Me I am off to dump with my green boots, then off to the car centre, there is this porche I have fancied for ages, might be a bit late, I was slow at getting up this morning J

  20. I think we need to sit back and let Pedro work all this out we just need to be second so he should catch that.
    What a fucking joke we need to be winning every game and our home games we do not lose simple as that.

  21. I think this rangers side will be at least ten points behind Celtic on the evening of sept 23rd. That said I think a couple of additions could change it

  22. spend the money on Walker and Moult, Walker wants to come here and Moult wants another club. Hardie was OK when he came on at least he played like a striker and is young and has goals in him. As far as the left side is keep Windass there cause we will never get McLean not unless he demands to leave. Cant get another manager just now to much has been invested in him so we will need to suck it up and learn.

  23. If we had last season's defence playing I think we would've lost yesterday, so that is a sign of improvement. One point out of six at home is unacceptable and we must start banging in goals soon or Caixinha will be out of a job. I would sign Moult to hopefully get the goals for us. Walker was poor yesterday, I am not convinced that we need him. Pena is looking like a waste of money, but I haven't given up on Caixinha yet. Hopefully he will turn this around.

  24. With the greatest respect, statements like "he is the Rangers manager and he is unlikely to go anywhere any time soon" is naive at best and plain old fashioned daft,at worst

    To suggest that this forum is a valuable vehicle for all people Rangers, who are, at the end of the day, the main, if not only income source, to vent their opinions, concerns, and as in recent times, downright disgust at the state of our beloved club and to come out with, in my opinion, a defeatist statement like that renders the forum toothless and no use to man nor beast in reality

    Ped, does not need to go NOW! because we just don't like the guy, he needs to go NOW because he is completely inept at managing a football team and the way its going we are destined to become another Leeds Utd and accept being in the position of playing 3rd or fourth (not even second) fiddle to the manky mob for the foreseeable future

    In the best interests of Rangers FC, fans should be encouraged to utilise all forms of correct and valid communication avenues to insist that DK BiteS the bullet and getS rid of this weirdo NOW,

    And again, With the greatest respect, any fellow Bear out there who still thinks this nugget deserves more time or that he has a cunning plan up his sleeve needs to wake up and smell the shit, It is now abundantly obvious that he doesnt have a friggin clue what the hell he is doing and is turning our ONCE proud club into a laughing stock

  25. We can all see it from the stands. The board simply won't recognise their error. No tactics. No passion. Poor decision making, enough said about Kenny having a bad day but remaining on the pitch even if out of position. Pedro describes needing pace yet keeps kenny on the pitch in a wide role to accommodate Kranchar then later in the game Kenny is roving all k we the place. And as for the press releases…..OMG!
    I reckon he has until the old firm game but it has to happen…..very poor appointment!

  26. Forget the date. Forget the points. Forget celtic.
    This team under pedro is 100 times better than last year
    and you guys are hammering him?!
    WOW! This team simply needs to gel and it'll take time. We are not
    going to beat the scum to the title but an old firm win is a real possibility
    and second place is a given.

    • Zippy,i do hope they gel with 4 points from 9 or is going be 8 points from 18 and that will piss me and 10s of thousands of us right off he has run out time take a look back at the start of this season and tell me he has not.

    • I don't buy that second place is a give for one minute John G. Aberdeen proved last season they grind out wins and they once again done it on Saturday. We will struggle to get second this season I genuinely believe that.

    • I am the same i would hope we did get second and a cup but i fear we may not,and i think we will be with Pedro for some time i think the board will give him longer just in case he can turn it around.

  27. The press releases after the match in today's papers are an embarrassment to our great club. Kranjcar was poor when he came on yesterday and the shite he's said after the match is a disgrace. As for Caixinha talking garbage about respect! Scottish teams have always played with every player behind the ball at Ibrox Pedro, it's nothing new! The problem is the management team don't know about Scottish football. I want to see him turn things around but the comments in today's media, don't inspire confidence in the manager.

    • So true,it makes me wonder some times about who we have playing for us or are they just taking the money with another agenda in mind.

    • Totally agree John, Kranjcar has superb technique but what we need is players who understand what Rangers mean. We need players who will win at all costs by running through brick walls like Greig and Graham Roberts. This will make me sound like Jock Wallace and maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think we need more players with character!

  28. This will rumble on until around Christmas when the idiots ruining the club instead of running it finally realise what most people knew from the get go- that they made a stupid choice of manager.

    Remember that nobody thought this was a good idea. Then look at the growing list of failures.

    There will be ups and downs, lots of performances like yesterday and the odd crushing defeat. There will even be the odd decent win to lift the spirits. But in the end even the idiots in charge will finally have to admit their rather costly mistake.

  29. Positives yesterday- Morelos. Jack.
    Negatives- same old shite as last year. Tip tap tip tap, no teeth. Wallace got in good positions, but crossing was poor.

    I said I wouldn't moan about KM anymore, so I'll just say he needs a rest.
    Windass looked sharp until he got that knock. Took up some great positions and I'd like to see him in a 10 instead of Miller.

    I would love to see a 3-5-2, if we aren't going to get any new faces in. Tav and Wallace clearly like spending time up the pitch.
    Alves-Cardoso-Wilson ; Wallace-Jack-Rossiter-Dorrans-Tav/Candeias ; Windass and Morelos up front.

    Not gonna happen. Ped seems happy to plough on regardless and his post-match patter is pish. Pretty much a rewording of the BreadMan's "We go again".

    As for the former players, I've posted many times on my feelings and why I feel they never got the chance to play in their preferred positions with decent service and I apply this to Garner, Waggy, McKay, Crooks and Halliday.

    The prospect of Garner and Morelos up front would have been magic for me.

    Anyway. No words on Pedro- it's obvious where we are and that is where we were.

    Nothing changed- better players, yes, but quality doesn't matter when your opponents park the bus. And 90% of our opponents will do that, so figure it out.

  30. Anyone on here who still thinks Pedro needs more time and will turn it around is deluded. Tell me what Pedro has done anywhere he's been, or anything in his managerial record to date that would lead you to suggest that he can turn things around and build a successful team at Rangers. Caixhina is the most bizarre, and disasterous appointment in the club's history – yet no-one from the Board has come out and explained why Pedro was tasked with the rebuilding job we clearly need. After the failed experiment that was Warburton the last thing Rangers needed was another left field risk. The club is crying out for a safe pair of hands that has seen and done it all before, and knows what it takes to play for Rangers, and can identify the type of player with the right mentality that's needed. Caixhina's spent 3 million on a guy that isn't ready to play. This time next year we are going to have to go through our second wholesale clear out in 2 years. Whoever the next manager is they need to be bringing in 2/3 players are year who are quality and will add to the team – and if we have to supplement this with our own home grown youngsters for the moment then so be it.

  31. Agree most comments on the posts today..Ped looks out of his depth .No decent threat not real shots poor diagonal passing with no impact … Kranjar terrible …Pena ??,? Herrera??? Miller…for godsake please let him sit a game out !!!!! Notwhar we need not looking good for the OF game…Need a Striker badly

  32. Sam allardyce is what you lot need. The players are dross but youre stuck with them for a while. He would come in settle it down and build for next season. Way things are only top 3 pedro is challengin for is best manager celtic ever had lol

  33. Prefer Walter Mazzarri myself if we can afford him.
    Hope Ped proves us all a bunch of tossers and turns it all round, but needs 2/3 good players before the 31st and Pena doing what the fuk he's getting paid for.
    He could be our jewl in the crown, he defo is quality!!!

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