Trail goes cold on Rangers target while League 1 interest gets set to leave

Article by: Ibrox Noise

It has emerged in the past 24 hours that while Northampton Town’s bid for midfielder Matt Crooks has been reportedly accepted, any lingering hopes of securing Hearts wingers Jamie Walker have been reduced to nearly nil.

The midfield enforcer signed from Accrington along with fellow Warburton recruit Josh Windass simply never got anything like a chance at Ibrox, for whatever reason, and was farmed out on loan to Scunthorpe as soon as possible.

However Crooks did extremely well down there and it had been hoped by the Iron that they could secure the 23-year old permanently, but it appears League one rivals Northampton have stolen a march and submitted a bid deemed suitable by Rangers’ board.

So unless Scunthorpe wish to up their offer, the player will be switching to Town. The fee has so far been unreported but is likely to be in the region of £300,000.

Meanwhile Hearts have released their shirt numbers for the upcoming season and Jamie Walker has been assigned number 7. Unless Rangers are prepared to increase the offer they made beyond the £650k level it was at, Walker will be staying at Hearts next season.

So there probably will be further outgoing players, but as far as incoming goes the future is a tad uncertain.


  1. I'm led to believe that all permanent incoming transfers concluded unless there are some departures with decent fees.

    Only loan deals being worked on at the minute. Budget has been spent because of the euro failure. If we got through more funds would have been made available.

    Looking at a Mexican full back on loan to give competition to tav as a deal edges closer for hodgson to depart.

    Also been told young Hardie is being touted as a loan move to Motherwell to give him experience at this level with a view to him being our main striker next season if all works out well.

  2. We won't be trusting Pedro with another brass farthing I reckon and rightly so.I'd also give Crooks a chance to stay fit and prove himself.If it doesn't happen we can punt him in January. Walker is a player I like but he can sign for nothing in January if I'm not mistaken?

    • Correct. No point gof bing him anymore wonga. He's go By to be gone by Christmas I believe. Wish it wasn't true. But my hunch. We're in trouble with Tav as our main right wing defender also.

  3. Tam burns,matt crooks is rank my friend!We would be better with garth crooks the ex spurs striker than matt crooks and he's about 60 and 20 stone!Crooks & windass from little accrington stanley were NEVER glasgow rangers class and thats it in a nutshell mate!!

  4. I'd definitely keep Crooks. What I've seen of him, at least, the boy looks like he'll be a quality player. He can also play at CB, which prob would have been useful this season. Wd love Walker to come, but the defence is a major worry.

  5. Why are you getting so obsessed to bring Jamie Walker to Ibrox, he is nothing but ordinary. I watched him last season and he didn't set the heather on fire other than against us, which wasn't hard for any player to look good when playing us!!
    I want to challenge the beggars next season, not the sheep.
    We need to get rid of Warbs deadwood, but not replace them with fresh deadwood.
    We need strength, athleticism, skill, and balls of steel to handle the opposition and the demands of required standards to wear the blue jersey. Just because your a Rangers fan, it doesn't mean your good enough to play for Rangers!!
    Full Backs should be our priority! If we stick with Tav and Wallace, we are doomed before the season starts and we all know it!

  6. Seen crooks one time think it was against hearts and he was rank rotten ,so I don't know when you seen him Jorg but I would get rid to whoever is daft enough to take him !!!!!

  7. I think Crooks got fired in at right back for that Hearts game and was admittedly rotten but then the whole team was.I'm just saying he's the only one of loafs duds that's not had a proper go due to injury apart from Rossiter.I've just got a feeling the boy can come good if he can stay fit.Surely give him a chance he's on aboot 3 grand a week with a few years left on his contract so no big deal if he's no good,but to judge the boy on that Hearts game is unfair in my opinion.

  8. Hi richard fillingham,please tell me your kidding that you don't know who ex spurs striker garth crooks is mate!

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