Should Rangers fans boycott SPL away matches?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Ibrox Noise’s remit has always been to support our club, defend it from our enemies, and hold those in charge at Ibrox to account for their actions. We do these in different ways, sometimes in ways sometimes misunderstood, but never mistake any of our articles, comments, or polls as being for being in the wrong intentions.

Us fans may disagree a lot about the right way forward for our club, or the right manager, or the right this or that, but we are all united by wanting whatever is in Rangers’ best interests. Sometimes that is quite well hidden with petty squabbles between us quite a regular occurrence, and frequent accusations against those who disagree with our views that they are either not a Rangers fan or a plain undercover tim.

But if one thing has been resolute among a lot of the communication received on the site recently, it is continued disgust over Scottish football’s lynchmob mentality – despite hard facts vindicating Rangers, a mentalist majority of this country’s game wants us stripped of our titles. We have covered this delusion a few times, and will not do so again, but when a recent comment reminded us of the old Michael Kelly ‘Biscuit Tin’ Celtic era, it just further cements the hypocrisy in Scotland where no one wants to hold Celtic to account for anything they have ever done, while villagers with pitchforks continue to bang on Rangers’ door.

And on that note, the most valuable thing in Scottish football? The Blue Pound. With the best travelling fans the country has to offer by far, while the fare on the pitch has not been the best at times, the support off it at away grounds especially has been a credit to the club, and has helped to boost every team’s coffers considerably.

And so what do they all do? Bite the hand that feeds them. SPL revenue went down significantly while Rangers languished in lower divisions and yet now that the Blue Pound is again helping out the lesser clubs up here, the more these clubs want to ‘punish’ us for perceived crimes.

Hence, more than one communication received on the site advocates a boycott. It is ugly, and we do not want to have to do it, but at some point it starts to become a real question. Do we want to suffocate these clubs who would crucify us given the chance, or are we to be the bigger men?

We open this one to you our valued readers:

Should there be a boycott next season of away grounds?



  1. I'm not for a boycott, as the team should be supported everywhere- follow follow- but something needs to be done to address the venom being directed at us.
    This is largely media-driven, it has to be said. The national media is absolutely awash with journalists and pundits who are anti-Rangers and not just in a "quietly-seething" way, but in a huge agenda-driven way. Spiers, English, Sutton, McLaughlin… a bottomless pit of bile.

    I am proud of the way Rangers have always maintained dignity and the moral high ground and in the last five years I believe we have sunk to the lowest we can go in that regard and the only way is up.

    Boycotting might do something, but to be fair we were away for four years and the league still stumbled on, so all it would do is isolate us further.

    There must be a more dignified way of telling them all to GTF.

    • Sad to say it is more septic driven than the media these lot are foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs.

    • They may have stumbled on but for how long. Dundee utd are an example of missing the blue pound and Partick thistle were crying because they have less games against us. If we boycott away games eventually they will all suffer, after all most of them don't bring much of a support with them.

    • Excellent suggestion. Club 1872 are doing a great service to all the fans. Over 10% ownership in such a short space of time. More supporters need to join club 1872.

    • Yep, if all else fails then blackmail is the way to go. In fact fffff it, in any circumstances blackmail is the way to go.

      Pardon my ignorance but what charges did Celtic get hit with over the 'biscuit tin' thing?

  2. last season most thought to let the past go. Yet the other clubs in Scotland don't seem to want to do that. So time to let them suffer. So we should send the minimum amount of fans just so that it costs them in policing etc and so that our team isn't left alone, jist fill the empty seats with flags etc

    • I agree with you Stuart, I have often wondered how we can still provide some backing to the team and have the biggest impact on the finances of those clubs who turned their backs on us when we needed some sort of fellow club help.
      By taking a marginal ticket allocation, only enough to ensure the costs of policing and stewarding to outweigh what is actually required.

  3. Why boycott we need to see all the new players playing away from home i would only boycott our own team if the are rubbish on the pitch but i want to see Pedros picks playing at other grounds i love the trips around Scotland.

  4. Excellent piece I.N. A boycott has to happen to show these vile haters of our club that enough is enough and we won't tolerate hate filled witch hunts against our family one second longer.
    Done collectively and correctly we can send a clear message out to all who unfairly slander and tar our club.
    I fully understand that the team would Not receive our wonderful away support but this issue is much much bigger than that.
    It is time to stand strong together, because no one else will.
    We have the power!!!!!
    Well done IBROX NOISE for raising this issue 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Of all the replies jb, your's resinates with me. the fans of these clubs threatend their chairmen with boycotts if our club was not punished, incedently despite this their grounds remained empty. does boycotts work? by f**k they do! ask ASHLEY that's what fan power can all gers fans, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

  5. After reading the article and comments i say no boycott. The reason i say no is the biggest issue and biggest instigator of the title striping is Celtic and WE WOULD NOT BOYCOTT PARKHEAD, the game just means to much. The season ticket holders who get a ticket for that game will go. If we cant boycott them we shouldn't boycott the rest. WATP

    • Celtic may be the biggest culprit but clubs like Aberdeen,Dundee Utd and many many others are quite happy to follow suit and shade under Celtics umbrella.
      5 years ago fans from all over the country bar 1 and 1/2 lobbied their clubs chairmen to get our club thrown to the lowest league in the land.
      Guess what happened next?
      We have to fight back and send a clear message this hatred will not be tolerated.
      I fully understand that the vocal support the team would get would be downside but if we could get live beam backs to IBROX think what revenue and job creation that we could create.
      Having SKY SPORTS and other media outlets reporting that the highest attendance in Scotland is from IBROX where no game is taking place, only the best fans in the world watching a live beam back.WOW!!!!!
      We have the power.

    • Martin you have to think of the power of the boycott. We would be world wide news (again) if not one Rangers supporter turned up for an OF at their place. The power this would give us to go beyond the small minded Scottish media world be immense. The world would then be interested in our story. Johnboy's idea of live streaming at Ibrox would be the cream on top of that cake if it were possible.
      Remember The Rangers Football Club is bigger than the team, which changes week to week, season to season but our club is what we support so a boycott is supporting our club not just one of the teams that represent us during any period. What will it take for us to do something to hit back at these low life….missing a couple of games is a small sacrifice for the greater good of our club. Boycott!

    • I agree with both of your comments , I maybe wrote my comment too quickly. My point was basically if we boycotted everyone but turn up to Celtic park on OF day then the boycott would be pointless. I dont think we could boycott Celtic park , i just dont think all our fans wouldnt turn up. I am not against a boycott but it would need to be 100% or not at all. A another good option would be to have some peaceful protests either at a point in the game (say minute 72) or after the game, doing this at every away game might have the same impact (i understand we are aiming to hit the clubs pockets) but we would be supporting our team at the same time.

  6. Boycott the lot of them, beam back to Ibrox and let us sell it out every week- sicken them and have our club make more money from match day revenue. WATP

    • It is hard to disagree with that. I certainly believe that we should boycott those who were most against us (Celtic, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd.)and ONLY ONE CLUB REFUSED TO GO AGAINST US, AND THAT WAS KILMARNOCK. So whatever we do, we should not boycott Kilmarnock, as they were the only club who refused to vote against us.

  7. Martin, that's a fair and reasonable argument and one which I think would be the eventual outcome and make any other clubs/grounds boycotted, seem petty and disorganised. I voted yes but on reflection and reading your post, we must somehow find another, equally effective way.

  8. I say boycott and hit them all where it hurts I have stopped going to away games for that reason , , we can fill our stadium every home game and put the money in Ibrox and surround . They treat us with no respect all of them . The only way to end this is to boycott , we would lose nothing we would fill the stadium as we have our solid fan base and the tickets the rotten mob or others would not use would easily be bought by Rangers fans . Fuck them all .

  9. I would suggest we don't boycott as we become the same as those that try to beat us down–we are better than that
    All the haters and mud slingers are worth only of contempt for demeaning themselves and their club–follow follow

    • Unfortunately I don't think this is possible because our club ( or any club ) do not own their individual games. I believe the SFL own them and therefore sell them as a package to a broadcaster to get the best deal for all. So only TV games could be shown at Ibrox with the club having to pay a Sky fee just like pubs do.
      This is an interesting point though as apart from the 3 usual aggressors the rest need this TV deal. It would be good if we could break that and set up our own deal. Think of the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world that would buy a season ticket to watch Rangers matches live where ever they are in the world.

  10. Fans should boycott away games at the teams who have been most against us. These teams are: Aberdeen, Dundee Utd. and Celtic. We should never boycott games at Kilmarnock, as they refused to vote against us, and deserve to be rewarded for that.

  11. We should boycott away games at the teams who have been by far the most against us–that is Aberdeen, Celtic, and Dundee Utd., who we could meet in a cup tie. The money saved by fans in travelling expenses and tickets etc. should go to boost the Club 1872 funds. Kilmarnock should NEVER be boycotted, as they were the ONLY SPL TEAM NOT TO VOTE AGAINST US, so deserve to be well rewarded for that loyalty.

  12. This is easy, boycott. I personally promised myself when we were forced to the bottom by those crying for 'sporting integrity' that I would never step inside any of their grounds again. So that is my position because I am supporting my Club and not just the current team. My club was almost destroyed by these people so I will never ever give them a penny of my money.

    We can show great strength as a support if we boycott, we will also take our story far beyond the limits of the people at the Daily Record etc. If we boycott we will have the worlds media on our doorstep and be seen as the most loyal and strongest support in the world.

    Time to take serious action friends because we cannot just do the same as we have always done by turning up and giving money to those who clearly hate us!

  13. I agree Sage , boycott celtic, dundee united,aberdeen and i'd include hibs . If there is any attempt to take any of our titles then we must leave Scottish football altogether and seek to join another league .

  14. I think any boycott should only apply to Aberdeen, Dundee United and Celtic. I saw a post in the paper yesterday or Monday from a Celtic supporter advocating a boycott of all teams except Aberdeen and Dundee United because of lack of support for title stripping. Also, for cup games, is it not a case of the gate money gets split 50/50?. If so I would reduce the admission fee and raise the cost of match programmes accordingly. That would hit the away clubs in the pocket. Having said all that, I feel like I'm being dragged down a level or three. Mon the Gers

  15. We all know that Rangers are still short of money, and that is why it took so long to sign Dorrans and also why we STILL have not yet signed Jamie Walker and others. If ALL of the money that we spend travelling to away games, buying tickets, buying refreshments etc. at away grounds was, instead given to Rangers, then it would help us to buy better players and field a much better team. In addition , all of those, except Kilmarnock, wanted to punish us to the maximum, so let us return the favour, and hurt them where it hurts most–in the pocket.

    • Great point! The money supporters save they should buy into Club 1872 to increase our ownership of our club.

  16. No to a boycott. Players on the pitch need support in every game. Every point is a prisoner this season and the support will be crucial to the cause. Surely witnessing games like last seasons demolition of Aberdeen at Pittodrie is more important than depriving them of gate receipts.

    • Ken its not about this season my friend its about the seasons they are trying to take from us. Its time to support our club not our current team, or our future team but our old team they are trying to say cheated. I know it feels wrong but when under attack we can't continue with business as usual or they will beat us and take our titles….because we let them. Time to unite all bears and time to take a stand for our club. They tried to kill us before…now they want to take our titles. We need to be strong and by boycotting we will get the worlds press not the Scottish press taking an interest in our great club. Its now way beyond supporting the team, its about stopping them who are intent in harming our club…thats you and me and every one in the Rangers family.
      Time to be 'all in' for the club.

  17. Great points by ALL.
    But Glasgow Rangers FC since its foundation in 1872 (Yes 1872 say it loud and proud because it's FACT) Has always been bigger than players, managers etc.
    The arguement for non boycott because of the need for team support is both moral and just.
    However we have truly reached a point where we can either ignore/accept this vile hatred once more directed at our club or we take a firm,difficult hard stance against these cretins.
    To hit them where it hurts and not give them the "Blue Pound.
    Having a mass civil sit in at IBROX on match days would be broadcast worldwide because we are the best supported club in the world.
    This would shame and embarrass the media outlets, clubs and supporters who detest us and shine a worldwide light on their biggotted hatred towards our club.
    It won't be easy nothing worthwhile is.

    • It is time…we need to stand up and be united and be counted. Its time for bears to realise this …Be all in or get out, there is no halfway! Its us or them, its not about the supporting the current team, this is about who we are, what our club is about and the fact there are those set to harm us and our club, time to stand together. This is all about the Rangers and we are the Rangers!

  18. Don't boycott. Even if the other teams deserve it, our players don't. We struggled last season with confidence and if the players, especially the younger ones, have a steady stream of support every game then they may improve.

    • Its not about today, its about the future and the past. Its about supporting our club when its under attack. The club is bigger than the current team, the old teams and the future teams. Time to die my friend…if we are Rangers till we die…because they they want to kill us. Me I'm 'all in' supporting my club against these hoards, its time for us to support the club before the current team.

  19. Definately time to make a stand. How long will they abuse our club and reep the rewards of having the best support in the world. It would be hard for the players and perhaps a total boycott is not the answer but there have been good sugestions like limiting numbers and not spending in their grounds. My thinking is that strategic boycotting could harm them and my thought is that the spl teams will have their budgets for the season and the likes of aberdeen will have 4 matches with the gers budgeted for so a boycott of 1 away match scuppers their budget and if it is at the end of the season screws them over as they hit pre-season with no income from that last home match with us. There are other times also in the season when teams have not had a big match in weeks and funds are low and they have a home match with the gers to look forward to. These are potential oppertunities to hit them in the coffers. I think every team should be punished but when we choose not them. WATP!

  20. Firstly a boycott wouldnt work. Clubs pay for the tickets and profit by selling them. Secondly if you lot refused to take your allocation we could sell every seat in parkhead easily and get a bigger cut. So please boycott guys every penny helps lol

    • Hi Batman,

      Thank you for your interest in our club, but we fear you've misunderstood how boycotts would work. You're right that the clubs buy the tickets and resale to fans, but the principle should one go ahead is that our club would NOT take up its allocation. Your club is one that would probably cope, but others wouldn't.

      Thank you again for taking time out your busy schedule to engage with our site.


    • Firstly Mr Bateman, thank you for your interest in our club. We understand your facination because we are the most successful club in the world. However, just to correct you, the boycott would work because it would bring the worlds press to our door asking why the Rangers fans are so strong that to a man they all boycotted the away games. Its not all about not giving our money to people like you, it about showing the world we are better and stronger than people like you. Its sad you find the need to come on our site and comment. Have you such a poor, empty life you need to do this…just like the rest of your hoards.

  21. Just what will it take for us to come together and support our club…are we going to let them win? Are we strong, then lets prove it because we are up against three armies ( at least ) all united against us…forget the current team. Team's come and go the club stays, its now time to come together and defend our club. Imagine being on the front pages of news papers and websites around the world…'The famous fans of the famous Glasgow Rangers who to a man have boycotted every single away game in an entire season. …Now that would make us THE REAL INVINCIBLES. The only thing stopping us is us…Its time 'Be all in or get out. There is no halfway when being attacked.

  22. I remember many years ago when we banned the unwashed from IBROX for 1 game.
    Crowd full of Bears only and atmosphere was zero, especially for an old firm game.
    We were beaten 1-0 from a Collins free kick and you could hear their players congratulating one another.
    This is also what a Boycott would bring to the table, ZERO atmosphere at their excuses for grounds

  23. Yes hence the words refused to take your allocation. In all seriousness i would like to see a stronger rangers but until king goes and brother pedro i only see it getting worse. Its chaos basically i honestly dont see what boycotting games would achieve.

    • Boycotting away grounds is 2 fold.
      1: It shows our solidarity and strength that we will not tolerate mass hatred against our institution any longer.
      2: Hard earned Blue pounds will not enrichen these clubs

      The whole world saw what the SFA, SPL, Scottish media, Clubs and Fans not associated with RFC thought about our club 5 years ago and the hatred and bile is once again raising its head.
      Is it coincidental that SPL crowds and indeed Celtics attendances were at their highest last season than in the last 5 years?
      IBROX Home
      IBROX away
      We have the power

  24. F**k them all take the allocation of tickets n don't sell them on so they have empty seat n paying for the extra policing n stewards. Like the retail boycott we must follow this through. WATP!! Surrender to no one 🔴⚪️🔵

    • Really? So pay the money anyway but dont turn up? Theres a flaw in that plan somewhere lets see if anyone spots it

    • It wont happen. For starters people will always buy tickets. The only way would be for the club to refuse to buy tickets which would basically be suicide. There wil be contracts with the sfa,sponsors,advertising etc preventing this.

  25. Ok, so we boycott, a club or two or three go out of business, ok so we are stripped of titles we rightfully won, in both or either case what difference will it really make. While I admire the sentiment in the article and all the posts of the frank and honest thoughts for the good of Scottish football and our team, we need to move on, god knows how much trouble we have still to overcome with an inept chairman and unless a miricle happens a fast appearing inept manager. J

  26. Being an English man ground hopper visiting many grounds in Scotland they all need ££££s for there supporters off true football to have a club to follow !!!!

  27. Being an English man ground hopper visiting many grounds in Scotland they all need ££££s for there supporters off true football to have a club to follow !!!!

  28. What we should do is keep hitting then with the Kelly year's .does anyone think they played tax on the
    The gates when they said there was only 22 thousand at games when you could see there were more than that. PR SEPTIC THE ONLY CLUB IN THE WORLD WHO SAY THE FANS WERE NOT AT THE GAME IN THE 70s to the 90s. WHEN THEY WERE.NOW SAY THERE AT THE GAME WHEN THERE

  29. filling ibrox via tv would also reduce the impact from europa win/win ,not to mention increased revenue @ superstore, food and drink sales, hospitality ect. this would contribute to bridging the gap with celtic after years of financial disparity, that's what liewell mean't by stand alone policy,n short get rid of us for CL revenue.

  30. The 1 thing more than anything than being suggested would be to win that 55th title, it would sicken them above all else.They would want that investigated probably.

  31. Blue Blue IS SOOOO Correct here.

    The way these filth fans are behaving it is only Right to boycott away grounds, do it for the One Season…. then the dumbest of our fanbase will ALL see for themselves just as to WHAT Power we Gers fans have over scottish football.

    We will always HAVE the dummies who cannot see past their OWN NOSE and 'want' to attend away games, hell mend that sort.

    ALL Rangers fans NEED to take a good look and see for THEMSELVES as to how much the 'haters' really actually DO HATE us ?

    So STOP giving them ALL the blue pound, just STOP!

    It's a given that some of the fanbase are too young to fully understand as to WHY we should be boycotting the away games, some just have no idea of The Real World yet….. so we should educate this sort of a fan….. make them far more intelligent to DEAL with these 'haters'.

  32. Ideally I would like the club to take the allocation of tickets , release a reasonable percentage in a ballot, somewhere between 25 to 50%, then the night before the game return the tickets to the club we are playing.
    The supporters and the club seriously need to think on which team we boycott and those we don't. Obviously we should always take as healthy a support as possible to Kilmarnock, as they didn't back those who wanted our club moved to the 4th tier.
    The question we need to pose is; who would we fully boycott and who would we take up full allocation of tickets? Obviously Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs would probably be able to take up tickets we refused, so we wouldn't make any real impact on the bigger four teams we would most likely want to deprive, the fifth club Dundee Untd. have already suffered justifiably their demise.
    So do we really want to punish the also-rans like Dundee, Patrick, Ross County, St. Johnstone, etc.?
    It s something a united fan group might have some discussion over.

  33. Love the idea of going to Ibrox to watch away games but unfortunately it's a no go for a few reasons the top 2 being the tv deal the spfl has with sky(they own the rights to our matches) secondly the police would never allow RFC fans and the bheasts in the city together on match days. If only tho it would be great. Surprisingly joining another league(not England) is a more realistic option, like the Atlantic league. How brexit will affect that who knows. WATP.

  34. Alan 63 stop living in the past, our younger fans are our future, appreciate all you say, but in truth it is the future that is more important, we cannot change the past, no one can, the good and the bad. J

  35. Fantastic article, i believe clubs should be separated into those who are friendly, and or neutral, and those who are against. Support the Gers at home and in the neutral / friendly category and boycott the enemies. The world today is all about money, so lets use economic power to correct the current imbalance . GLASGOW RANGERS need to reclaim their rightful position at the apex of Scottish football. WATP.

  36. Rangers Fans will be at the away games that is for sure no matter what any one thinks there will be Rangers Fans at the away games for the team,i would hate it if all the clubs said they will fill there own grounds with there own fans how shit that would be for our players known there own Fans do not want to come watch them.

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