Should Rangers copy Chelsea?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

I suggest Rangers taking a leaf out of Chelsea and Arsenal’s books as they changed their playing styles from the usual back-four formation to a much harder to beat three at the back with two hard working wing-backs, vital to the success of this move.

For those ‘Gers fans that will tell me that we are the Rangers and we should always be an attacking team, well what do you think Premier league winners Chelsea are?

Also Arsenal started to win more games immediately after changing the way they played with their new three at the back, and won the FA Cup because of it!

CHELSEA EXAMPLE: 4-2-3-1 under Jose
Petr Cech; brilliant tall goalkeeper, Branislav Ivanovic at RB, as part of a back-four with John Terry, Gary Cahill, and Cesar Azpilicueta who was signed from Marseille in Aug ’12 as a Spanish right back, but was played at left back.

CHANGED TO: 3-4-3/3-4-2-1 title winners in 2016-17 under new manager Antonio Conte:

Installed Thibaut Courtois their 6’ 5.2” Belgian goalkeeper, moved Cesar Azpilicueta to play right centre half, David Luiz from PSG to play central centre half and Gary Cahill to play left – centre half and dropped captain John Terry to fit Luiz in.

N’Golo Kante signed from Leicester in Jul ‘16. He is a tough-tackling, energetic defensive midfielder, who breaks down attacks, wins the ball and distributes it well.

Marcos Alonso, the 25-year-old Spanish left-back signed from Fiorentina on 31 Aug 16. He was the first defender recruited by Conte, to be his new left wing-back when Conte introduced a hard-working, versatile 3-4-3 system to Chelsea.

So what do we do with this current Rangers squad? Who do we sign in the near future for this proven better way to play?

Foderingham, the 6’ 1” keeper must be replaced (ASAP), as he is NOT good enough or tall enough for a title-winning Rangers team. Good shot stopper at times, but his positional sense is dodgy and he is completely hopeless at crosses.

Three at the back: The Ibrox side must buy another tall, quality centre half to play alongside Bruno Alves and Fabio Cardoso. David Bates & Danny Wilson as back-ups for loss of form or injuries.

Two wing-backs: Possibly James Tavernier or Jason Holt or Dalcio Gomas for the right-wing-back & Lee Wallace (NOT Captain) or Josh Windass or Daniel Candeias for the left-wing-back

Defending Midfielders: Ryan Jack or Jordan Rossiter

Midfield: Graham Dorrans & Carlos Peña

Attacking Midfield: Niko Kranjcar

Attackers: Eduardo Herrera, Kenny Miller, Joe Dodoo, Alfredo Morelos


             David Bates or Danny Wilson, Bruno Alves, Fabio Cardoso (3 from 4).

                     Dalcio Gomes,                  Ryan Jack,            Daniel Candeias

                                        Carlos Peña,           Graham Dorrans

                                                     Niko Kranjcar (hopefully Jamie Walker)


Subs: Alnwick, Tavernier, Holt, Rossiter, Wallace, Miller or Herrera/Morelos

When Rangers have the ball it requires Dalcio and Candeias (or whoever plays in the wing-back position) to get forward & support the striker, along with Kranjcar/Walker, Peña & Dorrans, pouring forward to attack and help Herrera/Morelos at every opportunity.

As soon as we lose the ball, everybody has to work hard to win the ball back & then start attacking again.

So let’s cut to the chase; this system would make the Light Blues much harder to beat, especially at Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road, and that to me answers my question. Rangers have to be open to trying new things.

Ibrox Noise has recently been discussing formations – we feel Pedro is most likely to go 4:2:3:1 but this 3:4:3 is a robust and reliable alternative.

Radical, but it could work. What do you think folks?


  1. I Think this is a totally pointless article. The manager picks the team abs the formation. Not us. Plus we no next to nothing about the majority of players at Rangers. So what would be the point in selecting a squad that we know very little about. And what we do know of them is they haven't really done anything at all since I've watched them.

    • Martin, the point of the article is to open up a discussion and not to pick a team. Lighten up.

  2. Top teams change tactics and formation depending upon the opposition. That was my main criticism of MW. He insisted upon 4-3-3 No matter who we played; and that's fine if you have a really talented 11. E.g Chelsea but currently we must match up. I'm sure a lot of these rangers players will prove it. Time is the key.

  3. So by your logic just shut the forum down,Martin? It's close season mate folk need something to occupy them bullshit or not.Not saying for a minute the piece is any means btw Richard!

  4. more noise from ibrox noise how can you ask a team that no one has seen to copy the way chelsea fc play unless you seen chelsea fc like play against Progrès

  5. Good point Alex.Horses for courses.I want to see two up front most games though especially at home.

    • That's pretty close to the format Martin O'Neil used at Celtic and had success with . His was 5-3-2 with the full backs becoming wingers when it was on and getting back to defend when required . Also prefer the idea of two up front . The good thing about this formation is it's flexible and able to adapt to circumstances.

  6. It worked very well for Chelsea, so it could work for Rangers. The ONLY REASON IT MIGHT NOT is because we do not have the same quality of players as Chelsea. If we sign Jamie Walker and also get a top class goalkeeper and right back–it could work. Foderingham is useless at coming off his line for the ball, and Tavernier only looks good when running upfield–but is far too easily beaten by a good winger, and Rangers have lost many goals by crosses and shots coming in from his area. Get busy Stuart Robertson and Caixinho–and get us Jamie Walker , a good right back, and a very good goalkeeper.

  7. Windass and holt as wing backs??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ….. Enough said.

  8. Hi True Blue, You are bang on, the point of the article was to open up a discussion on different ways Ped the Ted could keep his job and make us much harder to beat, especially at the most difficult away matches. It was never just to pick a team.

    For example: I cannot stand Tavernier as our right back in a back four. The only way he would POSSIBLY get in my Rangers team would be to play him at right-wing-back. Would Jason Holt with his athleticism have the skill to play the position and get up and down the right all day.

    Or do you play two wingers as your preferred choice of wing-backs, and if you do, you would probably need 2 holding midfielders for security (Jack & Rossiter).

    Should Lee Wallace be stripped of the captaincy (of course he should).

    In most away games in Scotland, Celtic play with only 1 up front and their 2 wingers lie back a tad in wider midfield positions, giving them security when they don't have the ball. As soon as they win it back, they immediately attack at pace.

    There are so many different ways to play football, Ped needs to pick a way that works for the players he has at his disposal.

  9. Do you think Chelsea is a good example?, Ibrox Noise has always encouraged the Scottish influence to our team, however, Chelsea hasn't exactly got the English influence in their players?!
    Chelsea have Champion League and World Cup class players in their team. We don't!
    Our Scottish game is crap and the 'long ba' is still dominating our game.
    Pedros tactics and strategy is static, it just does not flow, and unless you put world class players in our team, it will fail. We desperately need 2 full backs. If Pedro continues with Wallace and Tav, then we are fecked before a ball is kicked.
    Attitude, appetite, urgency, high work rate and good old fashion dig is required next season on top of athleticism, skill and win every game or die trying!
    I hate being negative, but Pedro hasn't shown me anything in his games to make me optimistic, I hope I'm proved wrong.

  10. Why is Wallace getting such a hard time.

    The guy stood by the club and is a great example of professionalism. When in form he's a threat going forward and chips in with goals and assists.

    As far as formation goes we definitely should go with three CDs, two wing backs which suits Tav and Wallace to a tee as their better going forward than defending.

    Two strikers is a must at ibrox and against weaker opposition away and this then leaves us with room for three CMs which is a good thing when you look at the many options available. With the players available we would be able to play with one defensive CM and one attacking CM or if we wanted to go more offensive go with one defensive and two attacking.

    It's a no brainer Pedro!!!

    Also surely signing Allan McGregor is obvious especially since he's on a Free

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