Should Lee Wallace remain Rangers captain?


This subject has been rearing its (ugly?) head of late more and more. With current captain Lee Wallace receiving a lot of criticism for his captaincy and levels of communication on the field, many supporters and readers of Ibrox Noise have sought to point out how unsuited he is to the role.

It is a view the site has to share, unfortunately; for the respect we have for Wallace, for staying in 2012 and sacrificing the best years of his career for the club, and for all that he deserved and was rightly honoured with the captaincy, there is an increase in opposition to him retaining the position and canvassing of support in the direction of other candidates.

Fans seem to feel that while he is a decent sort and has carried himself honourably, Wallace’s captaincy should be handed to someone deemed more suitable – but who?

Well in our eyes the most obvious candidates would be Bruno Alves and Kenny Miller, while Ryan Jack would stake a claim too. There is even a left-field shout for Danny Wilson.

But who would you guys suggest? Or would you argue a case for keeping Lee Wallace on?

We would love to know.



  1. I think Wallace would be relieved to give up the captains job and he would probably play much better as a result. It has got to be Bruno.

  2. Love Wallace. An absolute Legend. But. Time for change. We need a new dynamic. Alves would command respect (show me your medals and all that) + he's a born winner and leader and thats whats needed right now otherwise this could all turn into one big circus (if it hasn't already)!

  3. I would keep Wallace. Earned it. Plus previously lot of concern expressed about communications on the park and lack of English as common language…….do we know where Alves stands on this point?

    • Reported Alves has good English. Wallace has never been and will never be captain material. Good player, I rate him highly thank him for standing by the club but not a captain.

  4. Assuming he'd stay fit, I'd hand it to Niko Krancjar myself. A model (literally) professional his entire career, commands respect as soon as he enters the room and has been around the club for a year. Always speaks respectfully of the club, the fans, the history and size of the club. He gets what Rangers is all about. If not Niko, I'd go for Ryan Jack. I don't know enough about Alves, but I'm sure he's a good shout too. Jordan Rossiter is another who always impresses me; a real wee gentleman but has plenty fire in his belly. He's a leader in waiting. Any of these 4 would not let us down. Wallace has had his day, and as Roland says, he'd probably become a better player if he was relieved of the captaincy. He's like a stiff in that position at the moment.

    • You joking? Yeah his role model mentality really came across when he was basically sent off in the friendly against St Johnstone for screaming at the referee. That does not say Captain quality to me. It actually says that he's anything but!

    • Perhaps you would have screamed at the ref too if you'd just come back from a season-long injury only to almost have your leg taken off in a challenge during a 'friendly' game? If you know anything about football, you would know that Niko Krancjar is highly respected throughout Europe and beyond. To say he is 'anything but (a role model)' is absolutely laughable.

  5. would leave it to big lee guy is been up and down left wing trying to do other peoples jobs for years lets see if wee pedros signed any half decent left mid or left wingers so the big guy can concentrate on his own position

  6. Bruno Alves could turn out like Senderos for all you know. By end of Aug humiliated and picking up wages until there's a chance to release him. How can you talk of him being captain when he didn't even turn up to play in the qualifiers?

  7. I'd love to see Ross Jack being our new Captain. Alves is too old and as of now undeserving, not that Jack IS but he'd have so many years in front of him and he's got previous for one so young ?
    Just an opinion….. but feel free to hammer, 🙂

  8. to be honest, lee wallace gets less criticism because of his commitment to us through the lower leagues, if he was a foreigner or a warburton signing he would get pelters for some of his performances in the last couple of seasons, stronger managers would have dropped him. relieving him of the captaincy might improve his performances, if not i would seriously consider getting another left back.

  9. Wallace will never be a leader and should never have been given the job of captain. This was clearly a reward for his Loyalty when others left and he should be admired for staying with the Club but put simply he is not a leader, he does not lead by example, he is not strong enough either to motivate or to drag the non performers by the scruff of the neck into the fray. His displays as a fullback have been poor over the course of last season and without the added responsibilities perhaps he will improve defensively. At the end of the day there is no sentiment in football. Winning is the only thing that matters!

  10. Kenny or Bruno are much more suited. Normally I would go with the defender (or a midfielder)–but Kenny has already been doing a fair bit of leading, as Wallace is too silent to be a good captain.

  11. Here's a list of Rangers captains who've performed the role for a year or more.
    For me, of the current squad, only Alves is good enough to add to that at this time.

      Robert Campbell
     Tom Vallance
     David Mitchell
     John McPherson
     Robert Hamilton
     Tommy Cairns
     Bert Manderson
     Tommy Muirhead
     David Meiklejohn
     Jimmy Simpson
     Jock Shaw
     George Young
     Ian McColl
     Eric Caldow
     Bobby Shearer
     John Greig
     Derek Johnstone
     John McClelland
     Craig Paterson
     Terry Butcher
     Richard Gough
     Lorenzo Amoruso
     Barry Ferguson
     Craig Moore
     Stefan Klos
     David Weir
     Lee McCulloch
     Lee Wallace

    • Why Alves – total unknown quantity in Scottish football. There's enough change at the club to add a new captain in to the equation……

  12. Why Alves?
    4 x League Winner with Porto
    2 x League Winner with Zenit St Petersburg
    1 x League Winner with Fenerbahçe
    Portuguese Cup Winner x 3
    Russian Super Cup Winner 2011
    Turkish Super Cup Winner 2014
    European Championship Winner with Portugal 2016
    Portuguese Primeira Liga Player of the Year: 2009
    93 Caps for Portugal.

  13. How can we as fans ask for loyalty,then as soon as we sign a player with a pedigree (alves)we cast aside a player who played 3 levels below the top tier for 4 seasons,which cost him a small fortune in wages & an unknown quantity of scotland caps. Should he still be captain? Of coarse he should, HE'S EARNED IT. Let's see if alves can earn a starting slot before embarrassing our captain by ripping the armband off him and handing it to a 35 yr old on 2yr contract.

  14. Too much is being made of this. we should have 11 captains on the park. If Lee decides that the armband puts more pressure on him and its affecting his form then fair enough but he should be the 1 to make that decision, he's earned that right! We should support him whatever he decides. Lee Wallace Captain for me! WATP

  15. I think instead of worrying who should be captain, Dave King should be very interested in getting Jamie Walker signed up. Why are we still looking at other wingers when we know their is a very young talented winger called Jamie Walker, money is surely no problem.

  16. Like kolo toure – 6 months age difference to alves, arrived in Scottish football with 2 EPL titles, 2 FA cups, CL runner up, AFCON winner, played at a higher level and then…looked off the pace, lost his position and doesn't make the squad.

    What happens if alves is made Captain and five games in is dropped, meaning a new Captain is needed? You can't give captaincy to a guy who hasn't played.

    And he didn't even turn up for the qualifiers! Some Captain. He could have played and then taken a break after.

  17. Why Alves?
    4 x League Winner with Porto
    2 x League Winner with Zenit St Petersburg
    1 x League Winner with Fenerbahçe
    Portuguese Cup Winner x 3
    Russian Super Cup Winner 2011
    Turkish Super Cup Winner 2014
    European Championship Winner with Portugal 2016
    Portuguese Primeira Liga Player of the Year: 2009
    93 Caps for Portugal.

    We have a very good Captain in Wallace and Alves like all the other players who where here before and all that are now here will have to listen to the Rangers Captain no matter who it is.

  18. I actually said he's anything but captain material. Whether he's just back from injury or not, that type of temper doesn't work in Scottish football. He's incredibly inconsistent and rarely keeps his match fitness. He was at New York Cosmos for a reason. So a guy who can barely maintain his fitness and who sees red so quickly, giving him the armband would be a very poor choice indeed

  19. I agree. Although I don't think that Wallace has the strength needed to be captain I would much rather he kept it than giving it to any new signing. He should keep it, for now. He may still be the captain come the start of the season but I don't think he'll be the leader on the pitch.

  20. My affection for Wallace and his loyalty to our club will go on forever. That won't change if he not captain!
    "thebluebear" has summed it up perfectly to why Alves should be Captain. However, this is all hearsay and I'm sure these rumours and talks of changing captaincy will be getting back to our players. Therefore, I suggest Pedro makes an announcement to clarify this position so everybody can move on and get on with things.

  21. Lee Wallace was not that long at the club when Celtic, Hibernian, Dundee United and others SENT US DOWN! His wife was pregnant and they didn't want to go down south with a new baby, and he was already on decent money at the time, so it was easy for him to stay at Rangers and become another hero.

    He didn't know how bad McCoist or Warburton would be as Rangers managers.

    Wallace did the right thing for his family and for Rangers, but, he certainly is not a leader of men and it is not his fault that he was given the loyalty badge of captain.

    I feel that with the achievements of Bruno Alves, he will certainly be a contender for this season and Ryan Jack in the near future.

  22. Niko Krancjar, a guy "who sees red so quickly" –

    Number of Red Cards in a 16 year career – 0
    Number of Yellow Cards – 19 (1 yellow every 25 games)

    Presumably Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard and David Villa joined the MLS because they wouldn't have been able to hack it at the top of the Scottish Premiership too. And I don't know too many "incredibly inconsistent" players who would get 81 caps for Croatia – one of the top national teams in Europe.

    I've wasted too much of my day already, so I'll leave it there.

  23. How can you say Wallace is not a leader unless you've sat in the same dressing room as him? Just because he doesn't snap and snarl at people doesn't mean he isnt providing leadership.