POLL: Will Rangers miss Barrie McKay?


The rise and fall of Barrie McKay has been extensively documented, so we will not waste your time repeating it all. Regardless of whether you think Pedro Caixinha was in the right or wrong, Rangers’ manager has the final call and according to McKay himself deemed the Scotland winger surplus to requirements at Ibrox.

While the fee Nottingham Forest paid for McKay was undisclosed, Sky Sports, who are usually pretty accurate with this sort of thing, valued it at £1.5M which is a solid return for a player signed for minimal outlay from Kilmarnock youth. If, indeed, for any outlay at all. Earlier information had claimed Forest’s investment at £750K but it seems this was incorrect.

Of course we had hoped for a bigger six-figure fee for McKay but end of the day it was ‘free money’ which probably helped force Norwich’s hand and allowed Rangers to prise Graham Dorrans north – but whatever the details, the question we at Ibrox Noise want to ask is will Rangers miss young McKay, or do we have the quality in our ranks to compensate for his sale.

One could argue we have replaced McKay with Dorrans, and many would suggest that is a very decent swap, but for all the potential Barrie has, will Mark Warburton get the best out of him at the City Ground and could we have seen that next season at Ibrox in our colours? Or has it all worked out for the best?

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  1. Well considering the fact people have already written off Candeias without properly giving him a chance (which is quite sad to say the least), I say no. It's sad that McKay couldn't show more consistency and I wish him the best, maybe he could make a return to Rangers one day if that were to improve, what I will say however is that from the Candeias I watched against St. Johnstone in the last 20 minutes, he was impressive and a threat. This proves the boy is more than capable of performing. So the question marks I have over Candeias is why he didn't really show up against Progreś Niederkorn, maybe it was too early, perhaps he just needs time? After all going from playing behind closed doors to the pressure of playing immediately in front of 50,000 would be quite the difference. I think given more game time we're going to see the best of him yet and from what I saw Candeias was impressive down the left, so he can play either side.

    Also I read about this boy Pedro is looking at on loan, Matty Willock, he can also play right-wing as well as through the middle, get him in on loan and buy Jamie Walker and we could have a good few options there. Just wish we would then bring in at least a right back or something.

    • Totally agree with you about candeias, he has got real pace and I think with a bit more match time and experience of our demands he could be a good signing, sometimes we are too quick to judge and the progres embarrassment has made lots of our fans more critical, these new players need our support more than ever now

  2. We'll miss him for what might have been. We won't miss him for his contribution this year. I do wonder though how he might have done playing in a better team, with better players around him and coached by a better manager. Missed opportunity.

  3. I really don't think we will and I'm saddened to say that.
    Barry had potential That's for sure regarding ability but his commitment was below par.
    The only player to come through the ranks in the last 15yrs and get a "fair chance by our fans was Barry Ferguson this was down to ability and commitment.
    Malcolm,Smith,Burke,Ross,Adam etc got Peters from the stands when things went awry on the field because they were missing the 2 ingredients ability and commitment.
    Unfortunately having one has proved unacceptable to the fans and that is why Barry Mackay is no longer at the club and why he won't be missed, UNFORTUNATELY.

  4. The standard in the English Championship is very high and the defenders are superior to SPL teams. If he does well in that league, he has the ability and if he fails down there, then Rangers were right to take the money. Simple as that and only time will tell.

  5. The most talented player in the whole squad imho. Further evidence in my book that Agent Pedro is certifiable,

  6. Better players have come and gone. No player is bigger than the club especially a player trying to hold the club to ransom.

  7. Far too much expectation put on him last season in a really average side. However, didn't show anywhere near the form he is capable of. Players can have bad seasons but maybe some question over his commitment

  8. Not to be missed sorry, He showed poor attitude both in the season and also the end when Ped came in . He will find it tough in the EL its fast and hard down there . I f he can cut it I take my hat off to him , but glad we got some cash or him now. I also agree we need to 2 new full
    backs and probably another CB

  9. We will definitely miss his potential. What he showed this season was not his best for a country mile. I would have sent him out on loan for one or two years. I'm just hoping our new signing will be better than he was.

    • Send him out on loan? His contract runs out at the end of the season? He didn't want to sign a new deal. He downed tools as soon as Warburton left.

  10. I wanted Barry to stay and fight for the jersey. But he didn't. I don't think Barry could handle the expectations of our great club. He was very inconsistent last season, bottles tackles and never rose to the occasion, bar the wonder goal against the beggars in the cup. But, he did have something, and agree with Richard, only time will tell if he will be successful down south. I for one hope he does make it, and matures to handle the expectations of a bigger team like Rangers in the future. Will I miss him? No, he didn't do enough for me to suggest Rangers would suffer without him.

  11. Kind of irrelevant if, as he says, he was told he was "surplus to requirements"- when was he told that makes a difference. That's not the same as "prove to me you've got the desire to stay".

    That seems to me to be two things Warburton and Ped have in common- 1) their players don't look like they understand what is being asked of them and 2) Their man-management skills suck balls compared to prior managers.

    If I was told I was surplus and dumped in the under 20s, I'd be desperate to get away from the nonce that was treating me like that.
    Why fight for your place if the manager clearly doesn't rate you?

    It's a shame. I hope he does well and doesn't turn into another "could have been" like Lewis Macleod, Chris Burke and the likes of them.

  12. Boy got his wish althou I think he wanted to go for free thankfully we have learned our lessons

  13. Along with the signing of Cummings, I'd say Forest have got themselves the bargain of the Championship by a country mile. The boy is quality and will have quite a few Bears eating humble pie in the next few seasons IMHO. I'm with SAVANT all the way.

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