Players “100% behind” Pedro

Players “100% behind” Pedro
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following weeks of doubts, Ibrox Noise sources claim Rangers players are “100% behind” the Portuguese manager, something quite plausible following Saturday’s energetic display against Marseille.

There had been doubts following lethargic displays and rumours of unrest, but our understanding is any possible unsettling is a thing of the past (if it ever existed) and the players are 100% invested in their new manager and what he is trying to do.

In truth, listening to star defender Bruno Alves’ testimony, he does not sound like a player who has any doubts about his new manager:

“It was really easy (to join) because I already know his work in Portugal and also I have some team-mates who have been coached by him before. It was easy because he wants to win, he has a strong character and we want to be close to the best and I think he is one of the best, too.”

If Pedro is good enough for Bruno Alves, he is good enough for the rest it seems, and following a disjointed start to life in Glasgow, the Marseille display and result is clear evidence of ideas coming together and harmony in the ranks.

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  1. Good to hear it. It was heartening to see Rangers play a lot better and hopefully it can only improve now.

  2. Wow, some change in tone here. Of course, Alves is going to back Pedro….he is his main man. The manager has a lot to make up for including our worst 2 results in history. I for one won't be convinced until I see us challlenging ( and I don't mean win the league next season) and competing with the east end mob and Aberdeen. It was a friendly …….has a lot still to do for me. One good thing would be to keep him out of the media… that might be helping him.

  3. Agree to keeping him from the media until he is more street wise . I think he needs to be given the chance competitively and then can be jusdged , I think it will take up to Christmas for sure …still think we need a right back

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