Pedro: “We’re not the best team in the world”

Pedro: “We’re not the best team in the world”

Pedro Caixinha has admitted while Rangers are ‘not the best team in the world’, they are on the right track and things are promising.

Speaking after yesterday’s comfortable win at Hillsborough, the manager was pleased with what he had seen, but his team need to know there is still work to go.

He said:

“I mean, we knew it, since the very beginning, and we are still knowing, that we were not the worst team in the world and we are not the best one.”

Statement of the obvious perhaps but after the Niederkorn disaster many fans feared their side going in the direction of the former.

But the past few friendlies have seen a change of heart by many, including us. Pedro went on:

“We need to keep this focus. We need to keep this approach to the game especially. Against Watford we controlled almost the entire first half.”

And from what we have seen this focus has led to more than competent displays v Marseille and Wednesday too.

But as long as we do not think we are the best team in the world! But are we not? We are the Famous after all!

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  1. My fear with Pedro has always been his tactics, strategy and game plan. Yes, past friendly results have been encouraging, however, those teams came out and had a go at Rangers, therefore opening play for Pedro's plan to work.
    Now, as we all know, next season, 10 out of 11 teams will bring along their team bus in front of goal which proved successful against us last season. What will Pedro do to combat this?, only time will tell.
    SPFL league games is a different animal. I just hope our players are up for the fight and get into the oppositions faces with more aggression to win the ball and score goals.
    The good thing about Pedro is he is learning to be realistic about our team and what challenges are lying ahead of us. He and our team will get my utmost passion and support, and all I ask of our team is to "Gerintaethem" and show that we are indeed the People!!

    • Think thats why we got herrera in?? And we are starting to get crosses in the box! Something we lacked last season? plus midfielders are starting to support the strikers more with over lapping runs into the box .

    • I hear what your trying to say Gersmadmark and hope your right. However, have a look at those crosses going in and count how many Rangers players are in the box?, 2 at the most, which is no good when your playing against 10 in the box come the start of the season.
      Progres parked the bus and look how that panned out! We ended playing the same tippity tappity crap as Warbs did before they ran up and scored 2!
      Our finishing in front of goal was atrocious last season, and we have the main offender Waghorn still playing for us!, I just hope the new lads give us a different dimension and show more aggression and accuracy and bury their chances!

  2. Lee Wallace needs to shut up about winning the league , we had all that bravado shite last year and look what happened . As captain he should know that you do your talking on the park !

    • All he has to say is one game at a time and look to win them cant get knocked for that kinda says the same thing but doesnt make the headlines

    • A bit harsh Jimbo, Lee never actually came out and said we'll win the league. He was asked the question if he believed we could win the league and he replied “Of course. We’ve got to have that mindset".
      A bit of media trickery there. However, I'd be more upset if he said no, we have no chance! Therefore, the guy cannae win.
      I am also one who feels players should be kept away from the media because they do talk some crap at times and don't deliver on the pitch. But our Captain has to take part in press conferences. I was quite happy what Lee said, positive, but keeping feet on the ground.

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