Pedro makes key personnel switch?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

In a slightly unexpected move at Ibrox, manager Pedro Caixinha has apparently made a change at left back with previous deputy Myles Beerman being restored to Graeme Murty’s youth setup while traditional midfielder Jordan Thompson has been surprisingly promoted to become captain Lee Wallace’s deputy.

The Maltese international did rather well during his brief spell at the tail end of the campaign, and big things had been expected of him with some seeing him as a natural successor to the established first-teamer, but with Jordan Thompson taking his place on the trip to England while both Beerman and Thompson went out with Murty’s unders for the pre-season tour of Northern Ireland last week, it marks an unexpected change at the back.

Previously Ibrox Noise had discussed Beerman as a firmly-cemented piece of the first team match squad picture, but it appears the manager has other ideas and the 18 year old has been returned to Murty’s group. It is possible he is still viewed as a little green for the stage, and not quite ready for first-team football, with Thompson two years his senior.

Indeed, the midfielder has been praising Wallace for the help he has given him for the role:

“I’ve had a few experiences playing left-back beforehand and I like it. It’s something different and you can see everything in front of you, and having a left foot, it’s easier going up and down the wing. It’s just about getting the positioning right, and I’ve been watching Lee Wallace and a few other left backs to try and get ideas from them. Lee has been great in terms of that. He’s brilliant with all the boys, but when there has been something new for me he has certainly helped me there.”

Meanwhile Beerman has made some cryptic posts on social media possibly about the situation:

It does appear, for now at least, that Thompson has been unexpectedly promoted to the senior squad with Beerman going the other way. Of course, Beerman’s absence from the England trip could be injury related.

We will await the start of the season to see what the case is.


  1. I wasn't blown away like a lot of rangers fans by Beerman. It could be a shrewd move to put Thompson on at left back but I think a fit Wallace will keep both out of the team for a few seasons.

  2. Agree with Alex, I wanted (and want) Beerman to do well, but I don't think he's ready for the first team. Another 6 months or year with Murty, or even a loan spell, wouldn't do him any harm. Guys like Jamie Barjonas and Aidan Wilson looked far more comfortable in the first team than Beerman IMO. His attitute though is spot on, so let's hope Graeme can polish him into a diamond. I'm looking forward to seeing what Liam Burt, Serge Atakayi and Ryan Hardie have to offer too.

  3. Were you not at 5-1 humiliation? Rout started with Beerman giving away a stupid and unnecessary penalty. Not ready by a long chalk.

  4. Hope it is the case that Beerman is out of first team picture. He's not ready, I cannot get that stupid naivety he showed in first old firm game at hampden and then to make matters worse he let his past demons against Roberts get to him and within 5mins of his second old firm game he wipes out Roberts who was going nowhere to hand the scum a goal start. Thompson has far more ability and I'm glad Pedro and his coaching team have noticed this. While we are on the subject of young defenders for me Bates just hasn't got the talent that's needed. We need another centre half signed or perhaps an existing cm needs to adapt to play at the back instead in case alves, cordoba or Wilson (jury's out on him also after his poor second half display on sat and his less than shining performance over the past two seasons

  5. Alan and Albertz,, if you look back in old firm history, there are a lot of accomplished and much loved legends who were at fault for stupid mistakes which gave the beggars a goal, give the lad a break, he wont be the first and certainly wont be the last to do so. Tav did the exact same thing in the previous old firm also.
    Beerman is the only one, imo, to show potential to be a quality fb. He is fast, confident and likes to attack.
    I agree he needs to be mentored to develop, but I think he could be an asset to our team in time. But please fellow bears, spare me the "he made a mistake in the old firm" comments, I could pick you a barrelful of players who had slipped up in the past that lead to a shellic goal.
    Its CB cover we desperately need, get rid of Bates, Wilson and Mcrorie, the just don't cut it.

  6. It's good management I say. We've seen it before under smith, give the lads a chance in the 1st team to see if they are ready. If not then let them get game time and great coaching in the youths, plus now they have had the 1st team action they will push on even harder to get bk there.

  7. Gersjimbo, situation with tav in hampden old firm game was completely different, he was one on one with Griffiths (I think it was thumb face) running through on goal so he had little option. My judgement on whether beerman is good enough is based on all his performances in first team not just those two old firm games I referenced, the reason for those mentions where that he was shown to be completely out of his depth and was terrified whenever he was in possession of the ball. I don't care what age you are, if you're good enough you're old enough but whoever watched him and thought that he was ready for starting first team games or worse still felt he was capable of handling the magnitude of an old firm encounter was wrong as his performances showed. I'm not writing him off yet I'm just saying spare me all the "give him a chance give him a chance" he's simply not good enough at this point in his career to don the famous royal blue jersey IMHO. While we are on the subject please reference those "legends" you referred to who handed the bheggars a goal start or a goal in a game out of nothing when under no pressure and with your opposition player going nowhere. I can recall most games from 1984 onwards and I'm struggling to think of one as bad as that. Ricksen and some others have had poor performances but gifting goals like that, I'm struggling to recall.

  8. Really?!,,, Scottish Cup final 1989, Gary Stevens, have a look –

    Or Nigel Spackman?

    Then there is Allan McGregor

    Stefan Klos

    All Gifts to the beggars!!,,,,

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