Mark Warburton to complete three-player Rangers swoop; reports

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Hot on the heels of the failed bid but simmering interest in James Tavernier and successful swoop for winger Barrie McKay is the breaking story this morning that Rangers’ ex-manager Mark Warburton is finally showing interest in goalkeeper Wes Foderingham.

This was a transfer link many fans have expected for some time, with Foderingham being one of Rangers’ better performers last season, and had been tentatively proposed as a player who would attract suitors.

But this morning is the first tangible sign of real interest from anyone, and arguably it would be the third (and final) of Warburton’s most successful Rangers ‘signings’, if we count McKay as a Warburton signing.

To be absolutely blunt, Rangers can do better than Foderingham – he is a decent stopper but certainly has his moments and with Rangers’ past history of great keepers (Woods, Klos, Goram eat your heart out) he certainly does not compare.

But in this climate and these days whether Rangers could find a good replacement is a matter for some debate though.

As for that three player deal – well as we said, McKay has already gone and Warburton does want Tavernier going by reports. Add Wes to the list and three of Rangers’ absolute stalwarts over the past two seasons could be plying their trades at the City Ground.


  1. We can Do better than wes?
    Please explain this to me? If it wasn't for him last year we probably wouldn't have even finished in the top 3. Apart from Kenny Miller big wes was by far our most important and outstanding player of last season.
    Can do better ? Really?

    • I agree 100% with you, as a shot stopper he is terrific, outstanding blocks and saves on many occasions last season.
      I also feel he needs to improve his command in the box, but with decent coaching and a more solid defence and more regular defenders in front of him; who would enjoy playing behind Kiernan, Wilson, Hill, Bates, Aiden Wilson and with Wallace a poor header, Hodson and Beerman small doesn't help.
      My final point is that Warburton put him under pressure insisting he play the ball out from the back, it is now no longer the case, as many fans took a disliking to Wes due to him spending so much time with the ball at his feet.

  2. sorry but Wes does NOT control the box and is not a brave goalkeeper he stays on his line and is a decent shot stopper but thats it , If the money is decent i would get rid of Taverier and Foderingham , even at Rangers sub par level neither is Rangers class.

    • I thought that too but it seems David Marshall is injured for at least 2-3 months so doubt Hull would let McGregor leave…

      I like the Welsh keeper Danny Ward, who Liverpool have
      previously loaned to Aberdeen and more recently Huddersfield Town.

      23 years old, 6"4 and capped by Wales, Liverpool have told Huddersfield he is not for sale, but a loan move to Ibrox to learn what it takes to play for a really big club before going back to challenge at Anfield might appeal…?

  3. If Warburton is true to his word "Foderingham will be international keeper" then £3m to £4m please thank u and take numpty Tavernier with him for our asking price. We have a good young keeper in Liam Kelly who will prove to be a suitable stand in. Also McGregor or Alexander are available again and always have Alnwick. Foderingham a good shot stopper but suspect a cross balls so yes I think we could cover his absence.

  4. He has mckay, and he wants wes and tavs!!! Well Mark, if you buy these two Rangers can throw in (as a special offer just for you) martyn waghorn for free!!! He can't do a lot but he carries luggage and opens doors like nobody else!!!!! Seriously though if we don't have a replacement it would be mad to sell him on, Alnwick isn't better than wes so we need to drop in to the market again before we consider selling.

    • Major problem at the moment for me is that I don't trust Pedro to sign a decent keeper to replace Wes. I'd rather stick with what we have in the goalkeeping dept til Pedro goes. Mon the Gers

  5. Yes Brian Stevenson ,your spot on we need a good right back and Liam Kelly is good young keeper.

  6. Wes has been excellent, yeah not the best in the air but generally I think we'd struggle to replace him with someone better unless real money is spent. The days of us attracting another Klos are gone, keepers of the level wouldn't come near Scotland in their prime. Saying that, is want at least £3M and probably more and then it reinvested in the likes of Walker and a couple others!

  7. Fod is a decent shot stopper, but is very weak on crosses – something which has cost us goals repeatedly.

    Tav is an outright liability.

    So accept decent money for both.

    HOWEVER – I'm disgusted with the reported treatment of McKay and the brainless decision to force him out.

    • McKay sounds like 'am no playin cause its no fair' spat the dummy. Agreed he was talented but went hiding on the park on a regular basis, and it was rather stupid to sell him also so cheaply, but surely he should just belt up he is suppose to be an adult. Maybe the manager asked him to do certain things on the park and he didn't deliver or refused to deliver?? always two sides!

  8. Yep I'd sell Wes and Tav too. Wes is a shot stopper, but on crosses, decision-making and distribution he's too often poor. I'd be glad to have Tav as a right-midfielder to make up the numbers, but not as a defender. If we can get a few million out of Forest, it's great business assuming we have good players lined up. McGregor is twice the player of Wes IMHO, but as BT says he might not be available now. I'd love someone like Michel Vorm from Spurs if we could possibly afford him; he's 33 and has only 1 year left on his contract. A few years ago the guy was probably the best keeper in the EPL (first season at Swansea), and being no.1 at a club like Rangers might interest him. Mind you, with the way prices are going down south, I'm probably dreaming.

  9. Yes. Tavernier and Foderingham and Kiernan and Waghorn and everything connected to Warburton and Weir.

    That's their level.

    We still need 6/7 good players because the current bunch ain't showing ANY signs of improving

    Wallace can go too

  10. We could have had the guy that now plays in goal for our Arch Rivals had it not been for McCoist's stupidity. The guy trains with us, gets match fit and then we don't sign him and Gordon ends up at Celtic! As for Foderingham and Tavernier they are probably the only two decent quality signings that Warburton made if you exclude young Rossiter and if he wants them both then we should be looking for a significant fee for them both. After all he reputedly has £15m to spend and right now we could do with buying Walker and a couple of quality fullbacks.

  11. If we get a half decent offer sell him he's bang average would even put a load of our number 2s ahead of him snelders maxwell niemi charbonnier

    • JMF – How can I no dae that – very few words but sums up the standard of our current keeper situation exactly, if £2m plus offer comes in bite their hand off.

      Wes improved over last year and has reached his abilities ceiling which unfortunately is and always will be average at best with no idea of how to come out for a cross ball or take charge of the 18 yard box

      Theres no doubt he did put the effort in since his arrival and I am sure we all acknowledge and appreciate that but in truth he is not good enough and we need to look elsewhere for our No. 1

      Also, taxi for Tav, no brainer


  12. For me fody has been up there with Miller as our best players ok he's not what we used call rangers standard bt is Miller or any of them and will we ever get no to that standard of player in this league?
    We can only let him go if silly money is bid and only then if we have a better replacement in mind I'd take McGregor bk .tavernier has done ok and has great attacking quality and will excell bk in warbs fold bt again same applies only sell at right price and if a better replacement is on hand

  13. ye could write the script, warburton takes them 2 premiership and mc kay & fod being valued @ 10m a pop after a great season and the bread man hailed as a genius.

  14. Too many folks living in the past here, with talk of Klos, Goram and the other world class keepers that have worn the jersey. Fact is, Fod is the best keeper in the SPL and would command a decent fee – Alnwick should be able to step up having played at the same standard in England. Club makes a profit on the first and then hopefully, on the second. Whisper it, but this is what Warburton said would happen……..
    To buy better than Fod would cost money the club can't afford.
    Scooby – a fiver on Forest to get up to the EPL in two years wouldn't be a bad punt.

  15. Not the thread for this I know but as much as a hate the sheep got to say well done.A few astute Scottish signings instead of fat Mexican unknowns and a manager that knows his arse fae his elbow can take you a fair way.Bosnian cheats who weren't interested in trying to play the game so a well done to the merino black faces. (breed of sheep btw)

  16. Let him go he will command a decent fee.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure I read an interview a few months back on rangers website with them saying that the aim within the next 5 years was to have 1 of our current youth keepers as the number 1. Start now if he goes big Bruno in front of him I'd be happy with that

  17. I would keep the goalkeeper Wes Foderingham and get rid of the other one James Tavernier he should bring in £100.000 all on his own.

  18. Foderingham is not Rangers class. Sell – but enough of Warburton picking up players on the cheap – make sure we get a fair price. Bring back McGregor who'll do as a turn for a couple of seasons.

  19. I'd keep Wes, was one of our better players last season considering the crap that was playing in front of him.