Latest transfer news; two in, one out at Ibrox?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

As regulars to Ibrox Noise will know, we have covered the Jamie Walker saga with a keen eye – with Hearts in disarray, Ian Cathro close to being fired and the Gorgie side out of the League Cup before August even starts, the 24-year old winger will not be held back from a move out now, if all is pure and holy.

Indeed, speculation is growing that Hearts have principally accepted a bid of around £700k plus addons, growing to over £1M based on the usual provisos, so it does seem just a matter of time before the flanker is a Ranger.

But as has been all over the press, Pedro Caixinha has confirmed Walker and another are his intended arrivals, two Scottish Rangers fans who understand the club. And today we have seen confirmation Sunderland intend to finally relieve of the phenomenon that is Martyn Waghorn.

So, who is the other incoming?

There are a few contenders, and a number of them seem slightly closer than the others.

Steven Naismith:

This one has continued to rumble and rumble. Whatever went before, he is an excellent player and would be a worthwhile addition. Claims have been made that the only thing stopping this being done already is issues over the wage – if Rangers offer Norwich a healthy sum, the Canaries would sell. But while Naismith is understood to want to join and to have theoretically committed to it, end of the day we need to be able to afford his salary or even said salary with modest pay cut. Whether that will happen is another matter. However Ibrox Noise sources have claimed today that Naismith has agreed a wage. This could actually materialise. Chances 6.5/10.

Louis Moult:

Yes this one has resurfaced recently. Apart from him not being Scottish and not really being a Rangers fan (as far as we know) he fits the bill perfectly (!)
Caixinha would have paid attention to him closely during that scouting mission at Hampden the other week, and the Portuguese is said to be an admirer. A fine player, plenty of SPL experience, not a fortune, and would score. But not of the nature Pedro specified. Chances 5/10

Kenny McLean:

Scottish. Check. Rangers fan. Check. Expensive. Check. Kenny is like Jack but with the cost. Ryan would probably have cost about £3M if Rangers were paying for him, so he was a bargain, but we will not get that luck with his ex team mate. Aberdeen have closed rank on this one, absolutely shutting the door on an exit. So only a serious hard cash offer will bring this guy in and one imagines McInnes would expect at least £2M. Cannot see this one happening at all now. Chances 3/10

Chris Cadden:

He has loosely been mentioned in Rangers’ circles this transfer window. A bright performer against Rangers last season, yours truly’s only surprise is we did not appear interested in him earlier. Scottish, understands the SPL, and a very promising young player, if perhaps not a Rangers fan. A modest sum would bring him to Ibrox – sub £500K for sure, and for a 20 year old winger/attacking midfielder it is a decent investment. Rangers are even more shy on wingers than they were before with only arguably two (Candeias and Dalcio) on the entire roster, so Cadden would be a solid enough addition. But we cannot see him being the ‘other one’. But you never know. Chances 4/10.

And as mentioned Waggy is seriously interesting the Tyne and Wear side so before too long we may well see him joining Joe Garner and co in the English lower leagues.

For all you wondering why we have not mentioned any defenders – well, incredibly still no names have surfaced and we do not expect any to do so any time soon.


  1. Assuming McLean is too expensive, the one name there that really stands out for me is Cadden. I read today that Brighton are interested in taking him to the Premier League. I'd love to see him at Ibrox. Moult has the ability and the mentality to do well with us. Naismith for me isn't the type of striker or the type of character we need, but of course I'll support him if he does come.

    • Again a very interesting post ibrox noise,which i commend you on!!Here's my take on the players you mention are possible rangers signing targets,in your post mate!I would honestly sign both chris cadden and louis moult,from motherwell now,and wait and sign jamie walker,on a pre-contract in january!!Here's my thinking!For the 1million quid it would take to sign walker now,i believe we could get both cadden and moult,for the same 1million quid fee!!This for me just now represents the best business for us!Cadden is a very strong boy, with good pace,who can also go past players,whereas moult who i continually state on here,that i rate him very highly and will imho score goals galore for us!!I say go and sign moult and cadden now,before they end up getting snapped up,elsewhere!!They'd be 2 very good signings for us!!Thoughts on this guy's??

    • Lol.

      Robert, good thinking. Moult and Cadden would be excellent signings now. I wonder if Walker is prepared to wait until next year? I can't see Cathro lasting longer than another couple of weeks, so Walker might be happy to hang on for a pre-contract next year. Only thing is, if he'd go on to have a stormer of a season with Hearts I could see the EPL or Championship teams lining up for him in Jan. He was Hearts' highest goalscorer this season, but from what I gather had a pretty mediocre second half to the season by his standards. If he were to start ripping up the league between now and Jan, the pull of higher wages from England could well draw him away from us. All speculation though, of course…..jeez I feel like I'm playing Football Manager again! (wrecked my life the first time lol).

    • It's been reported before that Motherwell want 500k for molt, but they have said if it's rangers is 1.5million, so doubt we will buy him with there attitude.

  2. Talking of wingers, one player I really like is a 20 year old left-winger called Martin Samuelsen. He's in West Ham's U-23s and was out on loan with Peterborough last season. 6 ft 2" and can also play as a striker. He's contracted there for another 3 years though, so don't know how available he is.

  3. I hope whoever is coming comes fast. The season will have started you would imagine, so the poor sods won't be given time to settle before the critics are out in full voice. From thier armchairs of course.

    Walker would be great and I am greedy.

    I'd take McLean (pay the fecking money) and Moult.

    We really need a support striker and a strong defence.

    I agree reluctantly about Naismith. I don't like the man, but ANYONE in our colours gets my support at all times.

    Except Kiernan, there's a limit 😊

  4. Naismith won't be coming, the deal was all done even his kids were registered at the school but Pedro doesn't rate him so it was halted there and then. Until Xmas ?

  5. I would sign Cadden and Moult both SPL proven , exactly what we need to add to the squad , both have faired well against the Rotten Mob and Aberdeen Motherwell need the cash. . Walker leave him till January .. Fuck Hearts and their posturing its lack of respect again .

  6. Some decent articles on here get spoiled by your inability to resist downplaying the English Leagues, and I just don't get this. In this article, you refer to Waggy possibly ending up in the lower leagues of English Football – that'll be the Championship then. With a pay rise. Oh, and a league which no team from the SPL could compete in.
    Then there's the piece on Max Power – Wigan have been consigned to "the ignominy" of League one. Only three teams from the SPL would survive in this league – one vying for promotion, one mid to lower reaches and one which could go either way. Just saying…..

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