Key Rangers target dropped

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Reports have emerged this evening that Ian Cathro has dropped Rangers target Jamie Walker from tomorrow’s squad to face Dumfermline for alleged ‘football reasons’, fuelling further speculation he is heading to Rangers sooner rather than later.

It had been previously believed that Hearts might play hardball with the winger and Rangers and keep him in the squad, cup-tying him for a move to Ibrox, but with tonight’s emerging claims that the 24-year old attacker has been ditched for the League Cup clash with the Pars, it further adds fuel to the transfer saga fire.

Naturally it is possible Walker has been dropped for genuine football reasons, in the sense of his commitment being questionable in the face of his desire to switch to Pedro Caixinha’s side, but nevertheless it is extremely rare for such an action to be taken by a manager and it not then inevitably lead to an imminent transfer.

We shall see if Rangers do indeed come back in with the kind of bid Hearts want, and finally get their man.


  1. Another Walker story for GersJimbo:)). He will be delighted.

    This is great news IMO lads and can only mean we're closer to a deal for Walker. Our midfield is shaping up to be better than Celtic's this season if you ask me. Come on Pedro, another striker and at least 1 full-back.

  2. I hope not, don't need him, waste of money and better players out there. Need two CBs and two FBs for cover. Our defence should be our priority! Alves cannot fill the gaps by himself! Without Alves, we have the same defence as last season, absolute dross!

    • We have Cardoso as well remember mate, but I agree, the defence has to be priority. Do you have any other players in mind who are available right now for 500k-1 million and are better than Walker?

    • Yes,,Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he is a free agent, use the fee money as wages. Thats the 'Calibre' I'm looking for! Walker or Ibrahimovic?,,hmm who would I pick,,:))

    • 😉 if we could afford his wages, I'd take him in an instant.
      As a striker in a similar mould (powerful, prolific, big game player), I'd try getting Demba Ba back from China. The money these guys are on is in a different stratosphere, but there's no doubt they're the types of players that can make all the difference.

  3. Jimbo Spot on.

    As long as we stick with Tavernier and Wallace in defence we are going about our business wrongly

  4. Really hope we get him signed. Let's be honest he almost single handledly tore us to shreds in Nov. I've not seen a hearts player do that to us since McCann (league cup final 4-3 we won at San Giro) but you know what I mean and we then took him off their hands and what a shrewd investment that turned out to be. Whatever your feelings on long this saga has been drawn out for, the lad is a great talent and to score 15 goals from midfield in SPL just shows you his Calibre, did any of our strikers hit that many league goals last season………you get the point. Get him signed.

    • Albertz,, most of the teams tore us to shreds last season! That's because we were so rubbish and we made them look good, crap defence and impotent up front. Walker is ordinary at best, I would never part with a million for him. We are being held to ransom once again. O'halloran was bought because of his performance against us when he played for St Johnstone, look how that turned out?! Secondly, our Scottish game is redundant, we are the minnows of european football, so please use the word 'Calibre' loosely when describing Scottish players, because I don't see any EPL teams banging on their doors to sign them, especially Walker. If we have money to spend, my priority would be our defence at this moment in time.

  5. We really need a tall quality centre half and two good full backs, but I still want Jamie Walker.

  6. Walker scored 10 goals last season , how many goals have we scored so far, not many. He's a good player and worth £1m .. We need to start scoring more goals from the chances we are making and Walker will do that.

  7. Very promising turn of events re- Walker, in reality I personally dont doubt that he would succeed at Ibrox and has a better than average chance of being a very good long term acquisition for us but as we all know its not always guaranteed,

    Its a no brainer that we do need additional experienced and quality defenders and hopefully Ped is aware of this unless he has adopted the score more goals per game than you concede philosophy, which went out with the Romans and a step backwards, but with this guy in particular, you can never anticipate whats going on in his nut


  8. I'm interested to see how our ex-academy midfielder Blair Spittal does at Partick this season. Saw some of his performances at Dundee Utd last year and was very impressed. The news today says he's scored 3 goals in 3 matches for Partick this month already. In the clamour for new defenders, I hope we don't overlook the likes of Aidan Wilson. We've made too many mistakes in the past with letting young players leave because they were deeemed not good enough (only to want them back a few years later).

  9. Good comment Jorg I agree we have some decent young players and they need experience . Lets hop we loan them out to get that experience. We do need RB and LB cover and also another CH

    • You're right Bill, hopefully we can get the cream of the crop to flourish in the next couple of seasons. The new 'Champions League'-type youth set up will challenge the youngsters, plus loaning some out is an option. I'd really like to see a couple of youngsters cement their place in the first team come the end of the season, and I'm pretty sure it'll happen. Hope we can keep Graeme Murty happy too as he's been a revelation.

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