Is this idea a step forward for Rangers?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

With Pedro under so much pressure from fellow managers, ex-players and 75% of Rangers fans, may I suggest having a fun-filled, fans, family, friendly day out for all Rangers supporters to come to Ibrox and enjoy the whole occasion – and judge!

I feel it is time for ALL of us to pull together and get behind Pedro and his new players, and make them feel good about joining a great club with a fabulous fan base.

On Saturday 22 or 29 July, we could open Ibrox stadium at 11.30am and start the day off with a Rangers Select friendly match and follow it up with a Rangers first team playing an English Premier team.

Price the tickets to sell, with the idea to fill Ibrox for a family occasion.

The 1st match could be between a Rangers Select team (a mixture of players who are signed to Rangers or are on trial with the ‘Gers), and a team like Falkirk or St Mirren who are local Championship sides.

1st half – 12.15 – 1pm + Penalty shoot-out between ex-Rangers players:
2nd half -1.20pm – 2.05pm

The 2nd game could be between Rangers v Newcastle United (Teams from: Burnley, Bournemouth, Brighton, Huddersfield, Stoke. Swansea, Watford, West Brom, West Ham, Nottingham Forrest, Sunderland, Hull City, Norwich etc.)

1st period – 2.30pm – 3pm (30 mins to allow changes) – 10/15-minute break
2nd period – 3.15pm – 3.45pm (30 mins to allow changes) – 10/15-minute break
3rd & last period – 4pm – 4.30pm

The fans want to see all 4 Portuguese, 2 Mexicans, 2 Scots and 1 Columbian so far, playing for at least 60 minutes each.

Ticket suggestions:

£15 Adults, £10 for Seniors/Students and £5 Child
Family Day discount package 1: 2 adults & 2 kids -£30 (£10 discount)
Family Day discount package 2: 2 adults & 1 kids -£25 (£10 discount)

Encouraging a lot of kids to attend the matches makes a great start. I saw Rangers from a young boy and I’m still here, now also writing about them on Ibrox Noise. The idea is to get the fans in while they’re young and keep them in the Rangers family. WATP.

Rangers and St Johnstone both find themselves looking for practice matches to play within the next 4 weeks, so they could play each other home & away games.

The real competitive game starts for Rangers on Sunday 6 August, at Fir Park, Motherwell at 1.30pm, in a game that was moved to accommodate TV.

Pedro is working extremely hard long hours to get us back to somewhere we should be – we have to support him and good luck to Pedro – he certainly needs it!

Every day we have 1 or 2 ex-pros or managers having the balls to come out and inform the press, that Pedro has attacked last year’s Rangers failings, yes, but in the wrong way. They keep warning us that he has made a big mistake by buying too many foreigners, all at the one time. It will take weeks to gel as a team, well we now have 4 weeks left until our first competitive match.

Would a day like this interest you and your family?


  1. To be fair i have been critical of thos page recently!! This however is a great idea, you should mail this to the club and see of they can make it happen!!!

  2. It's a great idea mate and I'd be there just to see how this Pena looks!Anyone know how/if he played yesterday?

  3. Great article. Took my kids to a training day at Ibrox years ago. The players also went round giving autographs and taking photos. I think our current crop of players could do the same on a family day, training or a friendly,,interact with the fans,, get to see our passion first hand, pass on our love for the club and hopefully they can take that love onto the pitch.
    It would very much be worthwhile exercise for us all, because it's all about the Rangers!

  4. Not a bad idea and would certainly help the Portugeuse and Mexicans understand why our club is STILL a massive club.. WATP…!!

  5. most certainlly great idea .would also love to see open spaces around the stadium landscaped e.t.c something along the lines what smeltic have done think the club is getting stronger .agree we will all need to get behind pedro ive been giulty of this but really doesnt help would also love the corners filled with seats 60,000 bears would be special .w,a,t,p

    • Hi TheExStig,

      It's not official yet and was only breaking news when this article was published. As you can see from the other replies, most fans favour the suggestions in this piece.


    • I said either 22 or 29 July, if the game is definite against Sheffield Wednesday, perfect,
      go for my idea on the 22nd of July at Ibrox and Sheffield the next week, the more games the better.

      As Barry Ferguson says, "Pedro has 4 weeks to sort this Rangers team out" or his bum is out the window!

  6. I would be there with all my kids, family deal for 2 adults and up to 4 kids would be a good option as there are a few families who have more than 2 kids these days👍
    WATP 🔴⚪🔵

  7. Great idea you should email the club think it would get new players time to understand what this great club all about and metting the fans and same with us understand them as players

  8. Great idea theycould have stifado and tacos for general sale. This would make our new foreigners feel at home.Some cocaine for the Columbian and the rest of us would help.Do you not think we are already getting fleeced

  9. You think EPL teams are just sitting about without friendly fixtures and overseas tours arranged months in advance?
    Man city etc announced their tour in March – 4 months ago – and to have it all booked and coordinated in order to allow and announcement suggests it would have been arranged 6-9 months ago.

    Then you've got to apply to the council to host an event, organise catering insurance, policing, stewarding, transport, accommodation, ticketing, advertising.

    It would be almost impossible to arrange within 2 weeks, not to mention costly. To run an event like that would need advertised to attract a big crowd and sponsors – without enough time it would be self defeating.

    This should have been done a long time ago but was overlooked by the board.

  10. Excellent idea, Would be great to see all the new signings in action + Krancjar and Rossiter now that they are back to full fitness!

  11. Why not?
    I recall that two different happenings occurred years ago pre-season, not sure if they happened same day, week or weekend, but there was an annual athletics meeting at Ibrox, obviously out of the question nowadays without the running track. The other fixture was the 'Blues v Whites', which to my knowledge was the first team versus the reserve team. On both occasions Ibrox has good attendance at these and everything you said in your article makes sense by allowing all decent Rangers fans to attend with their children and grandchildren for a real fun day.

  12. When we were sent to the bottom to rot the whole of scottish football lost a generation. All you see these days is barcelona, epl strips on the kids. I dont think the spl have realised the damage they caused. Anything to get the kids back into our great club is a great idea.

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