Is it time for Pedro to go?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

While the Rangers support continues to reel after last night’s astonishing defeat at the hands of Luxembourg’s answer to the Nag’s Head XI, serious questions have been asked about manager Pedro Caixinha.

To suggest his time at Ibrox has been filled with controversy and failure would be the understatement of the year – he oversaw Rangers’ worst-ever Old Firm loss at Ibrox, when the Light Blues were destroyed on their own patch by a glut of goals from the East End shower, and now he has crafted a way out of Europe against the worst continental side Rangers have ever faced.

No one has offered excuses, thankfully, but that makes no difference – he signed a bunch of players who have barely delivered in 180 minutes, but even the ones we already had did not perform.

So, who wishes Pedro Caixinha to continue as manager? Yes, the domestic season is not yet underway and Ibrox Noise has had a little flack from some quarters for calling this a crisis, which only justifies this entry more, but nevertheless, the question stands.

Should Pedro continue as manager?



  1. I know it's bad way things have been going but when we look at it there was always going too be a settling in period for the players too gel together.We need a steady core of players all playing for the jersey and I wonder if the foreign players he brought in will have that mentality or is it just another team too them.???

    • Load of BS. Give it a week and poll results would be different. Lot of irrational reaction going on, let things calm down. Pedro is not going to be sacked after bringing in players that he hasn't even played yet. Of course the ice under him is a bit thinner but let's give him some games with new players. New captain for me and dropping Miller is a good start.

    • Load of BS? Really? His track record is shite and last night proved why. Were all his previous clubs/players shite or was it his tactics that made them so. Get real.

    • I'm disgusted with this Ibrox Noise site. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even asking the question at this stage. Utterly repulsive!! Get behind the team and wise up!!

    • Here here.Well said.
      This site uses to be my go but not anymore.
      Getting rid of the manager when he inherited sub standard players and now in the middle of a complete rebuilding programme.
      I am afraid to say this site is turning into the type of media platform like all the others that despise our club.
      Shame on you Ibrox Noise.
      You do not speak for this bear or countless thousands who believe in doing things "THE RANGERS WAY"😠😠

  2. If Pedro goes what happens to all the players he brought in and the person who takes over doe not want them? Not looking good The are to lame for tis mess

  3. He should but due to the board backing him so heavily he can't. We can neither afford to sack him or clear up his mess.

    Reality is nobody wanted him except the board. We couldn't afford to get it wrong, yet they picked a long shot gamble.

    We need the board to go otherwise the future is bleak. They clearly have no idea on how to progress the club. Every glimmer of hope is stubbed out like a cigarette.

    • "Big Eck" – The guy who finished 3rd and got sacked?

      To effectively replace Warburton…for finishing 3rd and getting sacked…

  4. Ped has to go not only because of last night but his record overall is underwhelming. 1-5 v septic worst home defeat ever to them the worst result in our history last night his moronic comments about players not wearing green boots his treatment of players he doesnt rate i could go on. Go now or risk more humiliation.

  5. Let Pedro and the players get the chance to gel for the premiership, this is exactly what Dave King was talking about. Too many fans jumping about shouting sack the manager and what all the players get called, give the team time to know each other. Let's wait for the premiership to start, we must all stand together after the EBT ruling and Celtic wanting all our history ripped up. W.A.T.P.

  6. Oh you really should get shot of him now before the season starts.I doubt you will tho. With the new signings hes brought in after spending 10 million i hear. Every one of them looks like utter dross to me. On what ive seen Rangers wont be near the top of the table anytime soon. And the support doesn't have the patience for a rebuilding job. You can't afford to buy your way back to where you want to be either so you really are up the preverbial creek paddle less. I understand you dont like warburton but i thought he was taking a sensible approach. He spent only 4 million on 30 players in and you were really doing ok. Not good enough for the support it seems and the support doesn't understand that your expectations in the short term are completely unrealistic considering where you have been for years and the clubs financial clout. Things could get much much worse for you if you don't temper expectation. You could easily have a succession of managers and players in and out the door while you struggle mid table. Its ok shouting about what a big club you are. No offense but thats in your past. All that matters is where you are now. Rangers is beginning to look like a poison chalice for managers and players alike.

    • Your opinion doesn't count.
      I personally don't rate Pedro but I have decided to give him a chance. I previously said give him six games before we can really judge him as he doesn't have all his players available yet.The opportunity to gel his players through the early stages of the euro qualifiers have gone and what a waste. Always look on the bright side of life.watp.

  7. A was happy for Pedro to get a shot this season to see what he could do, however when he started signing these Portuguese and Mexicans a thought oh dear this is going to be a disaster and I came on ibrox noise and voiced my concerns which fell on deaf ears.

    What my main worry now is,has DK let him spend this cash on the strength we get in to the Europa league ?? Can anyone confirm this ??

    • If they have budgeted for a longer Euro run then it will be more than covered by the merchandise sales that was definitely not budgeted for. The extra Euro money would have been great but won't cause distress to the financial plan for the year

  8. Pedro is lamentable as a coach, no tactical awareness, no coherent strategy. This guy was trusted with what money we could muster and although the players can't be as bad as Pedro makes them look it does not look like the best use of cash. A half decent coach (Big Eck should have got the gig to stabilise us for a season of two) would have easily navigated these players to the next round. I am sure these players could easily manage second place, but with Ped at the helm I am seriously worried about some of the results that might come our way during his hopefully short time in charge

  9. Insanity to call for the sacking of the manager after 1 defeat.

    He needs to be given time, end of the season is when this poll would be appropriate.

    • Its not 1 defeat.. 8 new players yet no sign of any style of play. Being humped 5-1 by sceptic. Tell me 1 thing he has done that gives u any confidence he will be a success. Look at his cv.

    • What makes you think he's going? But 100% he's the main problem, shame so many can't figure that out.

  10. You can't sack him after allowing him to spend millions on new players. If RFC are not in second place in the league at Christmas, and I don't think they will be, he will be sacked.

    • What if we're top of the league on Jan 2nd beating the manky mob home and away??
      Dorrans Bruno(Captain I hope) Pena and hopefully Walker all
      First 11.
      We haven't seen our best team yet by far,
      Yes a few will be duds and won't play. We have the makings of a good team of that I have no doubt.
      Rangers till I die.

    • Robbie, you can't honestly believe that? On what grounds are you going to turn around a 5-1 loss home and away to Celtic – Miller is another year older and Hill (38) has been replaced by Alves (35), and that alone won't make a difference. So how are Tav, Waghorn, Foderingham etc going to beat Celtic?

      Dorrans isn't a rangers player
      Walker isn't a rangers player
      Strong rumours that Alves has a clause whereby he won't stay if no EL qualification…
      So you're basing it all on Pena – a 27 year old who's had no notable success to date?

      What if by Jan 2nd Celtic are 20 points clear and rangers are in 5th place? Tick tock.

  11. Come off it folks can there really be anyone who thinks Caixinha is going to be anything but a disaster is deluded. He is responsible (and admits it himself) for two of the most humiliating results in our history for those results alone he should go.On a side note We are going to come under a lot of pressure especially from the manky mob to start taking titles away which given the hatred for us by all things non Rangers I can see gathering pace already. Dark days looming again.

  12. First and foremost I feel for the Bears who travelled to watch that. Still can't get my head round it to be honest but that's football. Aye it's the probably the worst Euro result in British football that I can remember. Saying that I'm sure that mob got chinned in Europe by so called diddy teams too!

    Be realistic and ask yourselves this did you expect Rangers to get to the Group stages? I for one thought the second round at most as the rebuilding job is that big..Any Bear that thought we'd get to the Group stage was tripping..I said wks back that Europe is good but first & foremost is the league and concentrate on one battle at a time..

    Aye it's bad but we got fucked out Europe by so called weaker teams when we had superstars in the team then.Nobody was asking for WS to be sacked then naw because we were winning titles or 2nd..Let that mob have their moment just like we did with ICT all those yrs ago…

    Funny how some are saying King must go!! Not saw them on here after getting the shirt deal sorted and Ashley away tae fuck..Lick our wounds and come out fighting – if the players don't then come Christmas so be it Ped must go.. Must give them a little time just my opinion..
    Still the Rangers 🇬🇧👊

    • Iv pointed out king as the problem since he took over. It's a shame that many fans don't seem able to see that the current board are utterly clueless and make mistake after mistake.

    • E-Chef here we go with I hate King shite again..It's boring to be honest and I couldn't give a rats arse. Now who was it sorted the shirt deal and got rid of Ashley?? Aye bring back Charles Green and the brothers Grim is that what you want yah rocket..

  13. Paula, with all due respect any club that commands 50,000 fans for every home match would I believe be considered a big club. Ultimately though I do agree that our expectations as Rangers fans are at present unrealistic however we cannot stand still and have to keep pushing the powers that be to come up with a formula that works i.e. brings some success in what ever form that may be.. For me, at the moment, finishing a strong second with a decent cup run along with beating Celtic would be progress. I was hoping for a run in Europe but that was obviously a bridge to far.

  14. I've got no doubt about it that our directors will give pedro caixinha time,to gel the team!IMO he deserves time and we'll see where we are come Christmas time!One thing pedro needs to do pronto is arrange some friendlies between now and the league season starting,with our game against motherwell,sunday 6th of August!We've obviously no games in europe now so we definitely need something sorted out,as we can't just train for the next 4 weeks!!I know i stayed loyal to our ex manager,mark warburton,for much too long,but i still think we have to give caixinha some sort of time,especially with the glut full of new signings he's made!I did say he was bringing in too many new faces at the one time!!Its very hard to achieve success right away with that kind of cull at the one time!

    • Spot on he needs time and 10 players is to many 3 tops is the rule of thumb.
      One mistake our manager never made playing all the new players at once that would have been even worse.
      Time Req

  15. Caixhina is disaster on every level and for every month he remains in charge at Rangers he will set us back another three. The only rationale for keeping Pedro on here seems to be that we can't get rid of him as he's just signed a load of players. Well what is better a bang average group of players with a dud manager – or a bang average group of players with a decent experienced manager who will organize them and make them difficult to beat at the very least.
    Or are we suggesting that somehow Portuguese and Mexican players will only play for a Portuguese manager!
    Let's look at the players Caixhina leaves behind when he does go ( because he will go at some point – he can not recover from that defeat) –
    Alves – surely any manager would be delighted to have him in the squad.
    Jack – same – proven SPL player
    Cardosa – reasonable prospect that can only benefit from having Alves alongside
    Dorrans – by all account joining this week and a major mistake not to have progressed things sooner to make sure he was around for the Euro tie
    Morales -.the new Filip Sebo
    Dalcio – a downgrade on McKay and probably even a downgrade on Dodoo – punt back to Benfica B in January
    Candieas – the new O'Halloran – can run at pace straight in to whatever is in front of him – loan out in January to continue his nomadic wandering into obscurity
    Herrera & Pena – we haven't really seen anything of yet
    So it seems to me that whoever is the manager from Pedro's. players there are 4 that's any manager will want to keep – the jury's out on 2 – and there are 3 that have to go.
    King needs to be brave and sack Caixhina now. Who we appoint next is crucial – but surely a time for a steady and experienced pair of hands and an end to rookie experiments

  16. Aye, Dave king based all this spending upon the hope that we make Europe. Come on, secretly a lot of people doubted our chances of making the group stages. Fair enough, we were dire and we lost to nobodies but Europe would've been a distraction; we'll have our hands full with the domestic scene.

    Pedro needs at least a chance to either prove a lot of people right ( that he's way out of his depth) or surprise the naysayers by turning it around and having a cracking season. But you can't fire the guy car this early stage and after he brings in a whole bunch of new faces. To be Frank, this has to work for the club. To suggest that the guy needs canned is fucking awful. He needs patience and to be backed by every fan out there. He has totally bought into rangers and should get time to turn it around.

    • Telling players not to wear green boots or puttin we are the people on walls doesnt mean hes bought into rangers. Hes had enough time to show a style of play at least. No get him out now & bring in a brit to manage the team who also gets us..

  17. Why is no one really asking about the board! They are the people that make the decisions. Would you really rely on this board or many of the previous incumbents to make the right decision. The decision to appoint ped was a gross negligence of the board. Everyone with an IQ over 50 knew this. His ramblings after being appointed are completely and utterly devoid of any understanding based on the position we are in! Need to feel better

  18. He seems to have the same blinkers on as Warburton completely ignoring our defensive frailties there is no competition for both full back positions so Wallace and Tavernier are shoehorned in every game whilst the two of them have been poor to say the least also the young lad Bates is not the answer at centre back Warburton got lambasted for not having a plan B pedro does not evan have a plan A

  19. Been saying it since he came, Ped can talk, but can he manage, possibly, that aint the problem ( cant believe I said that, he is a shambles of the highest order), the problem is at the top, Mr King needs to go before we can begin to sort things out, but that will happen very very soon, if you dont know why, dont worry about it too much, it will happen soon. J

  20. Wallace isn't a leader and is the one that should be blamed for this. I would strip him of the armband and appoint Alves captain, with immediate effect. When Wilson is fit I would select him at left back, because he reminds me of Papac. Wallace stayed during a horrendous time in our history, but we can't afford to keep him as our captain when he isn't up to the job!

  21. Thank god for that BT.

    Well we just have to roll with Pedro for now to sack him would be crazy after what he's spent.

    You never know last night result could be the best thing that could happen to us !! The only way is up from here hopefully…

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