Interest ramps up: Rangers to up offer for long-term target

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

With reports breaking today that Pedro Caixinha scouted long-term target Jamie Walker last night during Hearts’ friendly with Newcastle, it is evident the Portuguese has not given up on the winger.

Reports are suggesting Rangers will return soon with a much-improved offer for the 24-year old attacker, with strong hints it may come close to matching what Hearts are asking for his signature.

Rangers’ previous £650k offer was rejected, but with the sale of Barrie McKay bringing funds in, the Scottish international requires to be replaced and the £1.5M Rangers received will go a long way to helping secure Walker and giving Pedro the clout to raise the offer.

Walker scored and seemingly won MOTM against Rafa’s men, and Caixinha has shown his interest remains alive – in truth his two Portuguese recruits in that position disappointed on their competitive debuts and Rangers need more ‘Rangers blood’, so to speak, so a high-quality Scottish Rangers-supporting alternative would be highly welcome.

This does spell doubts already over both Dalcio and Candieas, and would surely answer Ibrox Noise’s question of that third option in an attacking midfield three. Walker would be surely close to a first choice.

This is one we need to see happen. Get it done!


  1. It's the first I've read we received 1.5 for the gel boy but I'll bow to your superior knowledge.We need a more British/Scottish blend through the team as you say and I like this boy as a player.Would have been happy to wait for him for nothing but so be it if it goes through.I didn't think Pedro would be trusted with any more cash as I still think he'll be off before Xmas.

    • i agree with your points totally.british core with a couple of foriegn gems brought in to start, rather than the reverse. even ryan gauld could have been cnsidered? the hibs/celtic allan thng still rankes me tam as they have f****d the boy up abeit he made the decision, silly (billy)? grigg or chris wood would score for fun up here.

  2. If we really want him, stop pissing about with bids hearts won't accept. Pay the money or target someone else.

    Personally I would rather we signed new full backs and a new keeper. Oh, and that we hadn't sold McKay for a pittance.

    • I couldn't agree more with both your comments. McKay is a class player who was messed about by two useless managers, and was sickened into wanting away–pathetic. If we had not messed about with Hearts, and if we had got Dorrans much quicker, we could have played both against the Luxemburg part timers, and we would STILL BE IN EUROPE. Trying to penny pinch has cost us millions in lost European revenue. Not smart at all–and what has the hidden Stuart Robertson got to say about that–as he is to blame as well as Caixinho.

  3. Alves and dorrans apart, i think his recruitment has been questionable. walker and mc'lean should have been tied up. i personally would have went back for steven davis before pena, i would have raded the sheep for shay logan as we still need 2 fullbacks and he has spfl experience. liam lindssay or ash taylor(free)would have benefted from brunos experience also.moult and schalk ross county(free)would have been worth a punt?

  4. This player will make all the difference and with Dorrans already in we have the making of a very very good side.

    • We have signed better players in dorrans and alves. Jury out on all of the rest.

      My concern is we still have same weaknesses – full backs that leave space in behind and a keeper that is very weak at crosses.

  5. we have a history of paying to much on mediocrity while refusng to go the extra mile for bluenoses with the potential to make a differece. with sucsess comes finacial rewards.g.i.done gers.

  6. Watch Walker scoring last night, if I was a Jam Tart wouldn't have been happy, boy really doesn't want to be there

  7. We desperately need Jamie Walker. He can play in a variety of forward and midfield positions, scores goals, and has the genuine class required to be a Rangers player. As the Portuguese wingers do not look the part, we desperately need Jamie Walker. This would also be good from the point about having more Scottish, Rangers supporting players, who REALLY CARE, playing for the 'Gers. It is too bad that we missed the chance to bring Steven Whittaker back, to replace the very vulnerable Tavernier, but Walker would be a guaranteed success. Rangers MUST pull out all the stops to get Walker–and they must also try harder to get rid of the surplus players that they still have. (they do not, and will not, get much of a fee for any of them, but they MUST get them off the payroll.)

  8. If Rangers had not been so focused on Portuguese and Mexicans, we could have had the following British players in before the European disaster: Dorrans, Walker, Whittaker, Greg Stewart, Allan McGregor as well as oneor two other very good Scottish players that we see every week in the SPL, playing against us and looking better than most in the Rangers team. We desperately need our new scouting system to get to work pronto–so that we do not keep making mistakes about who we sign. We are no longer wealthy enough to afford such mistakes.

    • A mc liesh/mc innes/mc call set up with murty would have sorted it,and taken us forward a couple of years and put the fear into the 2 in a row mob.

  9. Disagree we need this signing, that really sounds desperate. If Aberdeen were to offer £500,000, Hearts would have bit the hand off them, but as usual, we are being held to ransom. I don't see any other teams desperate to sign the lad who is ordinary at best.
    If Ibrox noise want to make a point, get the "full backs" campaign running, because we are struggling in that department and doesn't seem to be getting resolved. Alves can't fill the gaps himself, he needs real defenders round about him! Both Wallace and Tav leave gaps as wide as the Clyde, could not stop crosses going into the box, and couldn't head a ball out to save themselves. We don't need Jamie Walker, we NEED a solid defence!

  10. Goals wins games, defense wins championships. Lets get the steel wall up again. John Grieg type heart and soul Rangers men. Its easier to win games when they can't score on you.

  11. Yup, I am worried that this focus on forwards is just highlighting what our real weakness will be, not the players, Ped, not sure he really has a clue, hope I'm wrong. J

  12. If we put £1 million down we will get him or we could lose out on JW English clubs are watching us watching him it should have been there is the money now the player is ours we are playing games with Hearts and they know some one will offer 1 million and better wages than us then we lost him.

  13. Said it months ago – Rodgers' extended honeymoon period will come to an end once he starts to bring in his own defenders. His Liverpool team was fantastic to watch going forward, but absolutely hopeless at defending. He did wonders last season, but let's see how he does when he starts to bring in his own centre backs. Caulker, if he joins the beggars, will be a brilliant signing from Rangers' point of view, so let's hope it goes through.

  14. Correct all this talk about wingers we need a defence first and foremost. Don't concede goal don't lose games all the best managers say first priority is defence. We also need a proven goalscorer and a commanding keeper

  15. You can bring in all the players you want, however, if you've got a matador as a manager it doesn't matter one iota. I can't believe Pedro is still in a job, the wee bullshiter should have been sacked weeks ago.

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