EXCLUSIVE: Dorrans saga set to drag on over transfer fee

 Article by: Greg, for Ibrox Noise
Even the most sceptical of fans can’t disagree that
our transfer dealings so far this summer have been fairly impressive.
Our South American spending spree has added a lot of optimism to a fan
base that has been starved of success for the last few years, however in
typical post 2012 Rangers fashion – it hasn’t all been plain sailing.
is no hiding the fact that we have been interested in signing Norwich
midfielder, and diehard bluenose, Graham Dorrans from Norwich. It is
unclear as to how much of a priority getting his signature is for Pedro
Caixinha, but based purely on his ability and experience then one can
assume that he is up there with our number one targets. In late May and
early June, Rangers lowballed the South-Eastern English club with what
can only be described as offers that were well below the market value of
the 30-year-old.

club has a reputation of going in with less than modest offers in the
hope that the seller will somehow be intimidated by the sheer stature of
our magnificent club. However, times have moved on and nothing in 2017
talks louder than cold hard cash.

forward a couple of weeks, and we eventually agree to meet the asking
price of Norwich. Longer than expected? Yes. But we got there. Sounds
simple, but today Ibrox Noise can reveal that Norwich themselves have now
shifted the goalposts in what can only be seen as an attempt to deny
Dorrans the opportunity of playing for his boyhood heroes. 
Just as
Rangers have met the £1.3m asking price, Sunderland have come in with a
similar bid but have immediately been granted with permission to speak
to the midfielder. Rangers have not yet been granted such permission,
but it can be reported that instead have been asked to up their offer by
approximately £50,000.
a small increase in the price does not make sense to me, and it all
seems very petty from Norwich. We have recent examples of Hearts, Hibs
and Aberdeen refusing (apparently) to do business with us, but is this
lack of cooperation now spreading south of the border?

Who knows, but Dorrans wants to be a Rangers player and Norwich City are now the only thing stopping that!


  1. TBH…..fed up with this now! If Pedro really wanted him you would have thought it would have been done by now. Makes me wonder!

  2. What rubbish! If Rangers just stop messing about and offer what he is worth then Norwich I'm sure would rather sell to them than a rival team from the Championship.

  3. Okay so say all of that is true (from sunderland bid onwards) that doesnt mean he will go there, Dorrans, if he is serious about coming to us will just reject their offer!!! Deals abroad seem to always fly through no issues, home based transfers always seem to drag on and on!! The window doean't close untill sept 1st!! Patience will see us through and Dorrans will come home!!!

  4. Why on earth would Norwich want to sell to Championsip rival! Surely now the ball is in Dorran's court. He can simply tell Sunderland that he doesn't want to play for them. No club is going to sign someone who doesn't want to join. End of – if Rangers really have upped the bid?

  5. The concern is that we're only after him because he's Scottish and not because the manager is a fan.

  6. Dorrans has to play his part how many players have we lost just because they wanted go elsewhere , we have be prepared to look elsewhere if clubs are going take the poss esp in Scotland

  7. I think a few people are missing the point here. If we get a proven, established, Scottish international, EPL player to move to Scotland for 1.5million pounds we could be looking at a real bargain. EPL to SPL, I'd like to think he will hit the ground running like Scott Sinclair did. Not sure it's going to happen, I'm sure he'd have to take a drop in wages compared to Norwich and what Sunderland have to offer. A big drop.

  8. Selling to Sunderland would be lunacy unless Norwich has no ambition for a return to the top league!

  9. Rangers clearly have not offered the asking price which has been reported as 1.5m, there have so many reports about diff offers , and the so called 1m offer was in fact less than 500k, as reported by local NCFC newspaper. If the asking price had been offered by Rangers they would get permission to speak to the player.

  10. According to reports last night he'll be a Bear on Wednesday.

    And with Barry McKay going on the return train, getting off at Nottingham

  11. Get the £700.000 for Barry McKay then pay the asking price Graham Dorrans then we are all happy

  12. Once again I reiterate .Rangers are a great and proud club that eclipse both Shitty Norwich or Shitty Sunderland …and Dorrans knows that in his heart …Fuck em …Sell Barry get someone else …WATP

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