Another Portuguese winger: Rangers’ latest transfer rumour mill…

Article by: Ibrox Noise

Without any doubt the transfer window has been much quieter of late at Ibrox. While activity is far from dead, the information leaks there once were appear to have been plugged and speculation has reduced a fair amount. One wonder if there is any coincidence here with the departure of a certain hair-gel obsessed attacker.

Who knows, we could not possibly comment, but either way, it is time for the latest round up of everything we know about potential incomings and outgoings in Govan this summer.


Definitely gone very quiet on this front. The deal for Hearts’ Jamie Walker has gone completely silent – Hearts included him in 2017/2018’s roster and it does seem that Rangers’ interest has moved on. Hearts were not willing to accept less than seven figures and Rangers appear to have been put off by those demands. So, maybe in January on a pre-contract, or perhaps Daniel Candeias will surprise us all and make the need for Walker less intense.

NB: reports have broken that this deal is back on – Caixinha is reported to have watched Hearts last night, and is apparently ready to make one last offer for the winger. Watch this space.

Matty Willock:

Rangers were linked with interest in this Utd youth player, an attacking midfielder aged at 20. He has made a tentative breakthrough into Jose’s first-team squad but truthfully remains some way off being properly promoted. Some outlets conjectured that the relationship between his manager and Pedro might aid such a move, but why would Rangers even need another AM?

Domingos Quina:

Another attacking midfielder, this time a 17 year old, this Portuguese youth player at West Ham was a target in January for Mark Warburton, but the move was reportedly blocked. It has been proposed that Caixinha is interested now, with again a Portuguese connection aiding the story. But some outlets have flat out rejected the story claiming it is simply false.

Salvador Agra:

This one appeared at the start of last month but nothing has as yet transpired. However the Portuguese (yup, another one) winger at aged 25 would be a handy tool in the squad given Rangers’ lack of convincing one with tricky starts to life at Ibrox for Candeias and Dalcio, not to mention uncertainty over MOH’s future. The Candeias and Dalcio deals would certainly help persuade Benfica to do it again, if Pedro’s interest in Agra remains.


Matt Crooks:

This switch to Northampton appears as good a done deal as you will get. Rangers have reportedly accepted a bid, in the six-figure range, so unless something dramatic happens, Crooks will be out the door by Monday. Good luck to him.

James Tavernier:

Subject of interest from a bunch of Championship and League 1 clubs, while it has gone quiet re: Tavernier, he remains vulnerable. Rangers reportedly rejected a bid from Warburton’s Forest, and the Bread Man is likely to come in again over the coming weeks or months. It is one to watch.

Rob Kiernan:

MK Dons are heavily in for the stopper who simply has not fit into Ibrox. He had been linked with PNE and a few other lower-league sides, but Kiernan is closest to joining Robbie Neilson down south. The ex-Hearts manager has already made a bid for Kiernan but Rangers rejected it – one does not imagine it will need to be hiked too much for it to be acceptable.

Martyn Waghorn:

After Scunthorpe’s interest in Waggy went cold, it is unknown who actually wants the striker. Graham Alexander did scout him recently, but that is likely to have been enough to put the ex-Scotland international off signing him (!) Truth is in the right environment Waggy could be ok, but Ibrox is not the place for him, and we can only hope more concrete interest comes in for his services before the window is closed.

There are probably more stories – anything we have forgotten feel free to plonk in the comments folks.


  1. Has no one shown any interest in Harry Forrester, who to me seems like a clone of Candeias?. What about Barjonas? I really would like to see him stay. Could he force his way into Pedro's plans?
    Mon the Gers

  2. All this rumour and speculation and no sign of two quality full backs. That will be our awhiles heal this season

  3. If I was Martyn Waghorn, I would become an attacking midfielder, because he doesn't score enough goals as a striker. His striking account has been poor at every team he has played for with only one exception.

    1 year playing in the poor standard of the Championship where the defences are crap, including Rangers own one.

    He is a very strong, sturdy player who is a decent passer, can get stuck in and make his presence felt in the midfield position.

    Good luck to him. He is just another player who is not good enough for Rangers, but would be terrific for Motherwell, Partick Thistle & Ross County & lower English sides.

  4. "Gordon Bennett" or should be "Gordono Bennetto".

    I am starting to get seriously concerned about the apparent unhealthy O.C.D. fixation our man (WITH OUR DOUGH!) has with pushing the boat out to its financial maximum to recruit, almost exclusively, Portuguese players, the majority of which have thus far done and achieved he haw in the game and on first glance (& second) appear to possess pedigrees no better than alternative players from UK or any other country on the planet

    Indicates to me that he has a major management weakness flaw as it appears he would not be confident in managing a fish supper unless it spoke Portuguese and thought the sun shone out his arse, which appears to be the case with recent signings.

    I strongly suspect that their apparent, and most probably disingenuous, "lets bum Ped up" comments by majority of these guys are based on improved wages potential and gift of getting plucked from obscurity as they were going nowhere in Portugal

    If anyone states that Portugal is a potential gold mine for footballing talent, more so than Spain, England, SCOTLAND, Holland, Germany, etc. etc. then unfortunately they should probably set off gold prospecting in Sauchiehall Street this weekend

    I have no issues with 2 or 3 of his countrymen (along with a few other nationals) in the team but this is getting to the ridiculous stages and even though they all wont be in starting 11 every week their arses will be taking up a seat on the bench that could be taken up with other, PREFERABLY UK/SCOTTISH players. the whole sorry naive mess, as far as I am concerned, would bring a tear to a glass eye if your a blue nose and WILL ULTIMATELY FAIL

    The more I get to know this guy the more I am astounded that he was appointed in the first place because it just aint gonny work out folks and you dont have to be Septic Peg to forsee that guarenteed outcome

    The whole sorry Ped saga WILL ultimately, after Ped is successful in hanging himself with his own rope, put our planned progress back 2 years at least but at end of day where theres life (& thats the most important thing) theres hope and WE WILL BE BACK, but I wouldnt hold my breath cause its going to take a wee while yet!


  5. I would not bring in any more players other than Scottish there are to many here now that we have not seen playing and all on £5/7/10k a week come on bring in the Scots first one like JW.

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