A shot in the arm for Rangers; is another set to follow?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

It has all been said and written about Pedro, so we will not say any more, but with that uttered, the signature of Graham Dorrans really is the kind of shot in the arm Rangers have needed.

The 30-year old driving midfielder-cum attacker is the calibre of signature Rangers used to make (and have started again, if you add Alves), and with seven years of English Premier League experience and plenty of caps for his country to speak of, while we will not claim his capture is a game changer, adding a player of this quality is certainly the direction Rangers fans want to see the club go in.

For all the lambasting we have given Caixinha, he has pulled off a-near masterstroke in signing a genuine Rangers fan of the quality of Dorrans who has played at the highest levels and can provide Rangers with the energy and drive we need in the front end of the pitch.

Dorrans is capable of playing anywhere in midfield and up front – he is a versatile player and while his CV tends to most read ‘attacking midfielder’ truth is he will be an asset anywhere he plays. His support of Rangers helps – he wanted to leave Norwich as soon as he knew Caixinha was seriously interested in him, and once the saga of the fee was finally resolved he was up north taking his medical quicker than you can say WATP.

And that is something sorely missing at present, as Joey Barton said. Rangers need men who understand the club and love it as much as the fans do, but not for the sake of it – we need guys who can play at the levels we need.

Steven Davis, a lifelong Bluenose, might have had the odd quieter game here and there but his support of the Club in concert with his ability made that signing an excellent one. Which brings us onto Steven Naismith, a similar Bluenose who was only too thrilled to join in 2007 and despite his Ibrox career being ruined by injury, the form he showed in 2011 was that of a potential legend.

Things did not work out, as we know, and Naismith has shown contrition, which we accept, and despite the angry comments we have made about him in the past, we do not deny a player of his quality, like his ex-team mate Dorrans would be a fine addition.

Right now Rangers could use a few shots in the arm, and there have been murmurs that Naismith’s recent positive interviews about Rangers are a foreshadow of interest in him. There had been reports that he was in advanced talks but that his wages were a stumbling block.

Well, that was before the retail deal was fixed and Rangers had less projected cash to play with. Now we have a little more, and can afford to sign a bit better. And Naismith is on the level of Dorrans if not even higher and that is the kind of player Rangers painfully lack.

Dorrans’ signature has been a fine boost during very troubling times, and while we still want more work done on defence, the concept of Naismith joining him is something we would unequivocally welcome.


  1. Naismith was a great player. then he betrayed us. But whether or not we forgive him, and I am prepared to – but I will NEVER forget -, we have to face the fact that his play over the last couple of years has not been stellar.

    For that reason, I would only be interested in a play for pay or a very short term loan/deal of 3 to 6 months, to give him time to prove whether or not he still has it. Even if he took a great paycut, we don't want to be giving someone £10K a week if they can't deliver

    If he can prove it over a few months, then give him a multi year contract. If not, cheerio. He owes that much, at least.

    • I agree with you that we should never forget and over time forgiveness whether he returns to us or not is something we should all think about, as Naismith is a Rangers man and what he did was what he thought at the time was in his best interests.
      How many of us said the same about Kenny Miller, who scored his first competitive goal against us when playing for them, I still cringe thinking about him in those awful hooped shirts, but. I do forgive him and now how he has become another legend in my mind, msybe, just maybe Naismith could too if he returned.

  2. Fine player that he is I think two defensive full backs are priorities. We could field eleven midfielders and we have no defensive fullbacks of quality. This is where our focus should be.

  3. Have to agree ibrox noise!Graham dorrans is a fantastic signing for us!The 3 players i wanted us to sign,we did sign,ie.bruno alves,ryan jack & now of course graham dorrans!Thats the spine of our team right through the middle!!By the way can ibrox noise or any other bear enlighten me as to what squad number graham dorrans will have on his jersey??I hope its barrie mckay's old number,the famous no.10!!The great ian durrant wore this famous number on his shirt!Durranty was without question one of my all time hero's,what an amazing goalscoring midfielder he was and would have gone on to be even better if it wasn't for that waste of space neil hatchet man simpson and his horrendous tackle up at that dump pittodrie!!Durranty could have played for any club in europe imo!Thats how good he was!!

    • Totally agree Robert! Durrant was a very special midfielder and I think Dorrans should be our number ten. If he can be half the player of Durranty, we will have a potential legend in our team.

  4. We thought same of halliday and barton one was rangers daft and other very experianced but both away

  5. Dorrans should help to stabilise the team and help with playing better football. Foderingham, Alves, Cardoso Rossiter, Jack, Kranjcar, Pena and Dorrans should all be starters.

    We really need a better right and left back and a goal scorer up front to be much harder to beat and to win more games.

    • Ryan Jack can play midfield without having to being a defending midfielder and the same goes for Rossiter who is a very talented footballer. His passing and winning possession is excellent.

      I am positive Jack & Rossiter can play together without being too defensive.

  6. I wouldn't call a near master stroke from P.C. as I would wager that he had never heard of Dorrans before he came to ibrox ,obviously someone has recommended that we sign up what is a proper bluenose who would have signed for whoever was at the helm ,anyway P.C . is not going anywhere fast due to the funds spent on Portuguese and Mexican players who apart from Alves will have to prove their worth.

    • Now you are talking, what a class act he is and was for us. I am not sure how he is contractually, but he isn't getting a start in every game. He would be someone I would spend a huge sum to get him back to Ibrox.
      As a footnote on Davis' nationality, I felt we should be looking at squad players in the N. Ireland set up to try to get them to Rangers; I always liked Johnny Evans and Oliver Norwood.

  7. I dont know much about dorrans. I am not a big follower of the national team. I do watch their games but obviously team selections are tainted under strachan. Ignoring the fact he has his favorites why should we b excited abput signing a player who is no where near scotland team. Brown proved v england why his level is celtic . along with gordon he sold the jerseys

  8. the main question is the team good enough to beat celtic if wee beat everyone else thats all ?

  9. Excellent signings, and would have been an excellent signings at any time over last 25 years including the 90s simply because they are class

    Dorrans is top rate and "potentially" the type of player who will contribute to getting us back to where we belong.

    Jack is also a smashing signing although strangely, in his case, I dont think that many bluenose doubted that he would deliver a high level of performance from day one and players like that are very few and far between

    As for Alves, I will reserve comment but very optimistic

    Got to give credit where credit due in relation to Joey Barton as he has only ever made complimentary or constructive comments after leaving Ibrox which is a hell of a lot better than a few of the others from whom we expected better


  10. Why would any player give up a contract to sign one on the terms you suggest?
    He is miles ahead of any one of the current playing staff.

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