A shock exit from Ibrox?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Sudden rumours this morning have caught dramatic pace with ‘a shock exit’ on the cards. From nowhere, speculation has reached fever pitch that a key player at Ibrox is set to leave, but as yet no hard evidence has arisen as to who it could be.

A few names have sprung up, such as goalkeeper Wes Foderingham, midfielders Niko Kranjcar and Jordan Rossiter, but the truth is the story exists only as guesswork at this point and there is no point plucking names from thin air.

It could even be a member of the managerial staff, as opposed to one of the playing personnel.

If it is any of the names mentioned above, fans are likely to be disappointed at seeing any of them go. Rossiter never really got a head of steam to show what he can do yet, while Kranjcar equally failed to maintain consistency.

However with ex-manager Mark Warburton making noises about interest in James Tavernier and aforementioned Foderingham, those two are definitely plausible departures as well.

As usual though, we shall see.


  1. I kind of hope (no shooting) that it's Miller and he has a player/coach offer somewhere.
    He's given us good service, but I've said it before and I will again- he upsets the balance of the team with his insane wanderings.
    In an ideal world, getting Walker/Naismith for assists and letting Morelos and Herrera be the "proper" strikers would give the team a balance that can only mean good things, in my humble opinion.

    • Agree, Doug. Too much is being made out of how fit Kenny Miller is "at 37", how dedicated a professional he is etc. Maybe we're not used to seeing Scottish players with antelope physiques, but I'm tired of hearing how dedicated he is. Though he does pop up with a goal, I'd like to see his shots on-target/off-target ratio. I've only seen a little of Zak Rudden and Ryan Hardie, but I doubt either of these boys would weaken the team if they took his place. I could see Kenny becoming a coach, definitely, he has something about him when giving interviews. But he's a one trick pony on the field, and even that trick (running around) sends me to sleep.

    • Drives me nuts. I thought our shape against Marseille was so much better and he might actually be sticking to the plan of being a striker, but no, there he was, tackling someone on the edge of OUR box.
      Worries me immensely that he has started all the pre-season games.

      Well up for Hardie getting a shout as Morelos and Herrera bed in. And I wouldn't put money on it, but attacking players like Windass and Waghorn might even improve if he wasn't there fannying about in their positions.

    • He might run around but last year he was the only player that gave everything for the team. As for let him go elsewhere and become a player coach, id give him that role here at our club, with all the foreign players coming in we need someone of his character and passion to teach the new boys what playing for us means.

    • How can you slag of kenny miller for defending, he always gives 100% for our team. As for hoping he's given a player/coach elsewhere, Id give him that position here because with his commitment and passion for our club it will show/teach the new foreign players what it means to play for us

    • Again, not slagging the man. Just sharing my frustration. I'd be chuffed to bits if he became a coach as he always gives 100%. I just get so frustrated when he's not in the box and is trying to be something he isn't. As I've said before, probably because he doesn't trust the other players to do their job properly, but if you're going to have a system, stick to it.
      I would never suggest he doesn't give 100% every time he crosses the line.

    • agree 99% with you Doug Young ….. its the dig we get from him.. dont really see it coming from anyone else… especially oor captain(need a a change). Defend fae the front as they say… if its goin to be 4-4-2 from the youtube vids ive seen of Morelos he's got pace & it seems a decent workrate & the goal ratio is impressive even if it is in Finland… judging by our results in europe the SPL cant be that much tougher… prayin to whoever is up there.. mibbe Davie Cooper, Sandy Jardine etc that Morelos & Herrera can grab us a few or WE R FUCKED & so is Pedro!!

  2. My bet would be Foderingham to Forest with the money being used to up the offer for Walker which would be a good bit of business, as Fod is a bang average keeper. By all accounts the back up performed well against Watford the other night. It will be interesting to see who starts against Wednesday. Personally if Fod leaves I would try to bring McGregor back.
    I don't think Tav is on the way out as Caixhina has recently praised the partnership he is developing with Candieas.
    More to the point we really need to get Kiernan, Forrester, O'Halloran, and Dodoo off our books. Surprised O'Halloran has not yet been loaned back to St Johnstone.
    Final thought – be good if Dalcio was the shock exit and we popped him back to Benfica B. Up there with the worst ever in a Rangers jersey. If we don't have a better Scots youngster than him on our books then the youth coaches have not been doing their job!

    • It would be great to see McGregor back at Rangers and Fotheingham off to Notts Forrest –or to anywhere else. He has lost us many goals by his inability to get off his line for crosses into the box. The sooner he is gone the better. No team can achieve much success with a poor goalkeeper.

    • McGregor for me too lads, a brilliant goalkeeper. A proper keeper brings so much confidence to a defence, and for me Foderingham contributed to a lot of the shambolic stuff we saw last season.

    • Agree with the lads regarding our keeper & thats y i think Chris Woods was our best ever keeper (sorry Andy G) as his positional play from corners was clas. Anyway i would defo change our captain although thought at time was a good move.Kenny has done a great job for us and put in 100% unlike some. Need another striker as wag terrible & windass so dissapointing. Lookin forward to Wednesday and GO ON THE GERS.

  3. I hope that its Tav and Wes as they are not to the standard we need now . I would go for McGregor proven , and Look around for a RB . More do need to leave so we can land Naismith and Walker so lets get it done .

  4. Hope its Tav, Wes, Wilson, Waghorn, Kiernan, and Windass. However, it appears Pedro is keeping Wilson (dud) Tav and Waghorn in his plans. If it is Rossiter, then surely it has to be a 7 figure sum or at least a sell on clause, because the lad has the potential to be a multi million signing in the future.

    • Catch a grip man – you don't get 7 figure returns on players who have contributed precisely nothing for the past 12 months. Seriously, who is gonna invest good money in that?

    • My good fellow, the lad still has a 3 years left on his contract, he previously had game time with Brendan Rodgers and Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool and has played for England at all levels up to U19s.
      Injuries has blighted this lads progress. I have seen enough in this lad to justify a 7 figure number for the above reasons, and I did say "potential" to be a multi million pound signing in the future. As long as he remains fit that is. I hope he stays at Ibrox though.

    • Sorry Rab, I'm with Jamesy. I have Rossiter down as a future star too. Most Liverpool fans seemed to want to keep him, he's still very young, and the fact he's English will only add to his price tag if he moves back to the EPL later. The icing on the cake is his personality and attitude; any manager would want him in the changing room. Hope he goes on to have a great season with us.

  5. I don't see kranjar leaving. He's just back and doing well and want to prove himself. He's one of the few actual professionals that warburton signed. The rest though I will be happy to see leave for the right amount

  6. I hope it is our useless goalie, who couldn't run out and catch a ball into his area if his life depended on it. I also wouldn't miss any of the following: Taverner, Waghorn, Forrester, Managing Director Robertson (too slow with SCOTTISH SIGNINGS) or our very poor manager, Caixinho.

  7. I am basically gutted to see Kenny Miller being bad mouthed after giving more than half a dozen players put together.
    There are still 6/7 players at Ibrox Stadium that deserve to be booted out before a genuinely hard working and talented player.

    IF he goes into hope it will be his choice for a career in coaching.

    All gave little more than amateur status over the course of last season, either because they are simply inept or can't stay off the sick.

    Again, if Miller has to go it should be his career choice.

    • Not bad-mouthing him. Fully appreciative of what he has given this club over the years. You know what you get with him- 100%. Always. I've posted elsewhere on this forum my issues with him not staying up front where he's needed. I thought last season he disrupted a side already lacking in confidence and on a knife-edge.
      I would be more than happy with him staying- as an impact sub and a coach. I want to see us using proper strikers up front, though, and not nomads. Just watch any game of last season and see how much time he spends in the box where he's supposed to be.
      And of course, if Miller does go it should be for a coaching role and an advancement for him.

      I can't think of anyone else who might be considered a "shock". Maybe Rossiter. And I think it was stated elsewhere it is not Wallace.
      I don't think anyone else on your list would be a shock.

  8. I wouldn't want to see Rossiter go since I believe he has ability so long as he can stay fit. I wouldn't be too upset if it was Foderingham but unless we are planning to bring in a better full back then I wouldn't like to lose Tavernier or for that matter Wallace. Wouldn't be too upset if it was Miller since he should be a bit part player this season. My bet however it that Warburton and Weir are trying to get Wallace on the cheap.

  9. Ican't understand all this pish, let the manager manage the team and let's support him and every player who pulls on the famous blue jersy we are the PEOPLE. EFTEAPEA.

    • You must be a Celtic fan who has crept on to this website. Are we (the real Rangers fans) supposed to just keep our mouths tightly shut when we can see so much that is wrong? Yes–we are in a better position than we were a few years ago–but WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO BEFORE WE ARE ANYTHING LIKE THE GLASGOW RANGERS THAT MANY OF US GREW UP WITH.

  10. Well said unknown, why dont we just sell all of them and maybe everyone on here will be happy. If the players read ibrox noise god help us because any motivation they have for playing for the club must be diminishing rapidly.
    Here was me thinking this was a forum for rangers fans 😳

    • Please do not mistake Rangers fans for blind idiots who cannot seewhat is happening. We want the best for our club, and when we see things that are not right–it would not be doing Rangers any good if we just quietly accepted it. You cannot be a genuine fan–nor can you be mixing with many Rangers fans, who all can see things that they do not like–as well as things that look like progress.

  11. I would like to think that Kenny will b there this season and beyond into coaching at GERS etc he's a the type of hard working honest professional u need around our club, Thers no way he'd leave anyway he has only a year left on his contract at the club he loves he's not guaranteed to still b playing or at GERS ther after at his age.
    Rossiter well it wudnt surprise me if they tried to get shot because of his injury rep, promising player if he can stay fit tho.
    Wes wud b the one prob get a few million off the loaf for him which wud b gd business cos in my opinion he doesn't command his box enuf and he cud pull off a gd save but he cud let 1 in that u wuda bet yur mortgage on him saving, unpredictable!! Tav wud b the other if yur going to keep him as a right back he's going to cost u goals simple n again there's interest from the breadman.
    Or cud it b king?? That's been doing the rounds for a gd few months now.

  12. Is it Celtic fans writing to Ibrox noise why do rangers players get slagged they way they are what's happened to once a ranger always a ranger support them good or bad expecilly if they try and asking for players to come back who deserted us in time of need really pisses me of f that's player who were on really big money in comparison to present boys s give them a break if they go good luck to them but are they trying to leave like wee Barrie no slo lets support them while they are here

  13. Can't believe the amount of hate towards Kenny on here. He was our standout player last season, was more of a leader and showed more character, dig, fight, passion than our supposed captain Lee Wallace. Yeah maybe he went awol around the park – but maybe if his teammates showed the same desire and fight he wouldn't feel the need to run around doing everybody else's job for them.

  14. Whoa, mate- no hating. I could never hate any player who pulls on the Gers blue and I firmly believe that every player who does so gives their best. I defended pretty much every player who got slaggings on here last year. Yes, including Kiernan. 
    The problem was Warburtons’ system- he didn’t have the right players for it and refused to change. Same with Pedro tail-end- players didn’t get what he wanted, whether they were too poor or he was too obtuse. Probably a combination of both.
    If you read what I wrote above, I think KM’s attitude, dedication and effort are impeccable. You always get 100% and he shone last season in a side devoid of confidence, because he has bags of it.
    What he does is FRUSTRATES me with his interfering in other players’ positions, which I can’t but think doesn’t help. I would never question his contribution to our club and would love it if he became a coach with us.

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