A picture paints a thousand words. Again.

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

So after the worst performance and result in Rangers’ history, what is left to be said? We thought we had gone as low as was possible when Celtic thumped us on our own patch last season in the worst Old Firm result at Ibrox, but now a bunch of diddies have gone one better and scored twice in Europe for the first time in their history to put us out.


Rangers are once again in a dark place on the pitch, and there is simply no justifying what happened tonight. Anyone who can defend it, please stop reading.

For everyone else who is sick and fed up of what Rangers continue to turn into, which is basically otherwise known as a feeble version of Hearts, what else can we say?

The above picture is a group of part timers celebrating the best result in their history. This to them is Rangers beating Real Madrid.

This site warned everyone and got lots of abuse for it.

We wanted to be wrong. But it just does not look like it.


  1. If Pedro was man he would hand in his resignation and his backroom staff must follow his lead.

  2. Where do I start. Unbelievable. Something is far wrong with the entire regime at ibrox. Let's start with the appointment of the manager. No one had heard of him. His antics at snatching a win at fir hill were embarrassing. The 5-1 defeat at ibrox against our enemy was the writing on the wall. The signs were there last season. He then gets the go ahead to sign more unknowns from teams that we didn't know existed or on loan from so called big teams. He gets rid of Hill and signs Alves. He knows Alves is unlikely to get a break because of this stupid confederation cup and will therefore be playing constant for 2 seasons. I could go on and on. I'm totally disillusioned with it all. What was wrong with going for a Scottish manager. Get some decent hardworking British guys in that have a work ethic and a bit of pride in them. Players that at least might understand what it means to have the privilege of playing for rangers. On that subject the sooner wee Barry goes the better. He should be ashamed of himself. All tattoos and hair gel…no heart. I watched him against the enemy at park head. What a sham of a player. No tackles put in. No heart. No passion.Certainly won't be missed. Good riddance. Take the rest of the big time Charlies with him. Oh how I long for the good old days. Give me players like wee Alex mcdonald any day over posers and jessies like wee precious Barry. What a mess. I'm still in utter disbelief at this tonight. I thought it couldn't get any worse.

  3. Ped getting pelters, well it was he who said something about training, training and training harder, something about green grass or green boots, still he received the boards support and spent whatever money Mr King gave him, wait naw it is our season ticket money, still we wont need to fritter away in great visits around Europe. It could be worse, just struggling to imagine that scenario, the common theme here is Mr King, what a shambles. J

  4. Thank Gawd we didnt get through.. we'd have been hammered by Limassol 10-0(sounds like a fried spam fritter)..To the Bhoys in Green over there: sorry we've got such a rotten side, administration evidently cut deeper than anyone thought, and the heart of this club, if beating, is on temporary and ineffective medication. Really. I doubt even Tim fans can remember such an inept, LOST Rangers side. I'm reminded of those programmes like "Whatever became of so-and-so?" , and "Where are they now..?"

  5. No plan no style of play no hope with ped as manager. Why play 2 sittin mid against a pt team? Cut our losses now get mcinness now.!!!!!!

  6. Never ever in my 65 years have I seen this, please can someone with a Scottish background take over this poor excuse for an organization, it goes all the way up the staircase! What's the guy from Man City's input into this mess?

  7. I know this is a all time low for the club but how the fuk can we get rid of the manager,
    No fuker speaks Spanish & Portuguese, how is Alex or Walter going to communicate with them.
    I know it was woeful but Dorrans Alves & Pena will make a big difference.
    New taking so many players in at once was a recipe for disaster.
    We all need to take a few days to calm down, hopefully it gets much better from here as I don't see it getting worse than that cluster fuk.
    I honestly think we have the players just scared shitless we don't have another Paul LG in charge.
    Rangers till I die!!!

  8. Get Alex McLeish in now to rescue our season . Don't let this clown of a manager continue a minute longer , whoever was responsible for appointing him must go also ! There must be no cover up , we need to know who was responsible for appointing this eejit ! Can you imagine the humiliation we face this season if he doesn't go ? Getting gubbed by Lennon's Hib's and that fucker rubbing our noses in it ! More than ever we need a Rangers man in charge and for me big Eck should have been handed the post right out in the first place . I'm at the end of my rope with the constant idiotic decisions the people running our club are making , it seems like there's no end to it !

  9. Send for big Eck first thing in the morning ! Whoever appointed Pedro must go , along with him and his backroom staff .

  10. Agree with Alan McD above- Holt does all the dirty work and has a hell of an engine on him. It might sound like 20-20 hindsight, but with Halliday, Holt, Waghorn and… Garner on the pitch, you at least get/got 100%, no matter how good they are. And Garner would have got all those headers (#flogging a well-dead horse).
    It's only two games, yes, but two games against minnows. Utter minnows. And Dalcio, Candieass and Morelos look awful so far. Dalcio in particular. There is no way you can tell me he is an improvement on MOH or McKay.

    Pedro's patter sounds great, but there is nothing on the pitch. Nothing. Reminds me of PLG.

    So currently Andy Halliday is the only Ranger in Europe.

    Ped "accepts responsibility" and then patently blames Windass. Oh my God, the parallels with Warburton in his post-match patter were chilling.

    You couldn't make this shit up.

  11. This is even worse than Berwick and I have serious doubts about Caixinha, but we need to give him time, because most of his signings cannot speak English and we are stuck with them! I would give him until the old firm game to get it right, hopefully the players will gel as they get match fit.

  12. Done Done Done, in every respect shares are up for sale and Im retiring from football. Sick of the drama the endless, sickening falsehoods the injustice and the tranfer window from hell. If Pedro keeps his job then it speaks volumes.Just had it. I am lucky to have my memories of Rangers of old, i feel sorrow for our current generations. Take care bears.

    • Never give up Stuart. Remember the great times this fantastic club have given us. No matter what we are Rangers til we die. One day we'll have the old Rangers back.

    • Never give up Stuart. Remember the great times this fantastic club have given us. No matter what we are Rangers til we die. One day we'll have the old Rangers back.

    • Can't blame you, Stu. The whole place is an absolute joke at the moment, and following the team should come with a government health warning. Until we get rid of the likes of King and Robertson, the club will continue to hire clowns like Warburton and Caixinha. It's beyond tiring.

  13. I'm afraid we're stuck with Ped, due to language barriers – half the new squad cant even speak English. Remember Red Imps beat Celtic last year and they improved as they gelled so the same might happen to us. Don't give up hope, it's just going to take longer than we thought to get back to where we belong!

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