Who has actually left Rangers?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

If one thing has been left as clear as mud this transfer window, it has been official announcements of departures. While incoming players have flown thick and fast through the doors at Ibrox, news of those going in the opposite way has been surprisingly sparse after all the hype over who would be off.

So Ibrox Noise can take you through those who have definitely left, and those who surprisingly have not.

We can confirm the worst-kept secret in the book, that Clint Hill and Philippe Senderos have absolutely, unequivocally and completely departed. That is the easy stuff. It was never announced on any level, but it is quietly official.

More intriguingly though are the players who remain most definitely on Rangers’ books despite intense speculation linking them not only with a switch away but appearing to suggest they had already gone;

Rob Kiernan remains 100% registered as a Rangers player – his contract has not been ripped up (yet) and presumably work goes on in earnest to find him a new club. He is not part of Pedro Caixinha’s plans but for anyone thinking he was already gone, he is very much still here.

Matt Crooks too remains a Light Blue despite Scunthorpe opening talks about a permanent move down south. The defensive midfielder is in a tricky position due to injury and there is no prognosis for recovery – in his case he has to play the waiting game and hope he can get fit in time before the window closes, in order to pass the medical. Until he is fit, or fit ‘enough’ that appears to be on hold.

Meanwhile Northern Ireland’s Lee Hodson is also still a Ger, even though he does not appear to be in Ped’s plans for the new season; and the right back is accompanied by Harry Forrester who was linked yesterday with a switch out. Despite being essentially frozen out this entire calendar year, Forrester remains contracted and for the time being, a Bluenose.

Michael O’Halloran is also still on the books, and indeed has been heavily involved in pre-season training. He could yet have a role to play under Pedro, as long as those curious negative episodes of the past cease. Speculation linking him with a move out has definitely faded of late.

The Barrie McKay situation has been well-documented but the winger remains a Ranger – fans are divided over him, but if he was to stay, he would have to seriously up his game; as would forward Martyn Waghorn – the hugely-derided attacker had an atrocious season last year, out of his depth and struggling to convince, but for now the ex-Wigan man is still in Rangers’ ranks despite heavy rumours he was a target for various lower-league English sides.

Last but not least Joe Garner – he has been linked with a move to Ipswich, and with press reports claiming he has undergone his medical, the ex-PNE man was notably absent from Monday’s training session – but until the move goes through he remains a Bear at the time of writing. Although probably not for a lot longer.

Some of this is stating the obvious, true, but Rangers’ lack of officially wishing the likes of Senderos and especially Hill the best in their future careers was a bit odd.

Still, the rebuilding is heavily underway – but Rangers still need to shift a lot of dead wood or risk having a ridiculous wage bill for a glut of players who are not even wanted.


  1. Certainly in Hill's case no official statement thanking him for his contribution and wishing him future success if true, is not just odd – it absolutely demonstrates a lack of class. It is important as we rebuild our great club that the Board and manager are mindful of restoring Rangers to previous high standards off the pitch as well as on the playing field

    • Totally agree Dexter.. It's always been standard practice to thank a player for their service to the Club.. Not like Hill did a Joey Barton or anything like that, he served us well which is even more of a cheek by Rangers..

  2. So only two players with no contracts have left. Meanwhile any player with a lengthy contract at inflated wages is still there because no club wants to sign them and they're not going to leave without full payout? Not that surprising really.

  3. Unfortunately, these guys who still have contracts aren't going to budge. If no one comes in then they might be part of the squad kind of by default.

    Waghorn won't cut it at rangers, end of. Surely someone will come for him. I appreciate the effort that garner puts in but I don't think he does anymore than an average SPL striker. Hussle bussle and not much quality. MOH might still be effective, McKay could definitely be effective. But that's it.

  4. I doubt hill or senderos contracts are actually expired yet. Senderos wasn't signed until last season started so I would have thought his contract would have been an annual year and not till the end of the season

  5. I agree we seem to be bringing players in without offloading those seen to be out of Pedros plans. I am not sure if Kiernan is in the same position as Crooks as he had a knee injury at the end of last season, so may be the reason he is not around at training. I assume your report is accurate with both players as I can't see any chance Kiernan has a future at Rangers.
    As far as I know Hodson was part of the Northern Ireland squad, so will return to training sometime this week. Hodson might be the reason the manager hasn't looked for a replacement full back to replace or challenge Tavernier, with Beerman cover for Wallace, he might look at Hodson cover on the right side.

  6. Think you are writing too soon, the English transfer window doesn't open until July and players and managers are still on holiday. Why would a club sign a player and pay their wages for an extra month before pre-season even starts? We had to do our business early for Europe, most of these players will leave for league 1 or Championship teams in July or August.

  7. Forrester been told to stay away allegedly.I liked him at first but he's a league 1/2 player.Went right aff the boy when he was caught on camera laughing in the dugout during the Mhanks game I think?One of Warburtons bum boys that "needs an arm around the shoulder".None of that from Pedro for non triers it would appear.

  8. Would guess that hill and senderos contracts not officially up mibe end of June? Wouldn't worry too much about lack of movement in other direction English clubs tend to do they're business until later on than us and that's where I see our duds like waghorn ending up

  9. The problem is they can sit back and take there money then move on its all in the players court now sit on good money or move for less what would you do.

  10. Forester and reports of Ped giving him the bullet..Could just be standard paper pish but.. Windass by all accounts would like to be playing down South as it suits his style..Interesting times never dull at Rangers 😀

  11. Well said Dexter, you always make good points and you are bang on – Rangers should always show class. Clint Hill was one of our best players last season after a shaky start when he wasn't fully fit.

    Some of the old brigade may surprise us by playing with a good defence for a change and getting much better support in the midfield area, and having players with pace & clever movement up front. Let's see what happens – Rome wasn't built in a day!

  12. just heard hearts don't want to sell walker to a rival club! that might be their right, but im not buyin it.If they f**k up the boys dream move for the reasos i beleive, then we ought to show them contempt by denying them the blue pound, first allan now walker. These clubs appear to have no problem with dealing with another rival from tin town.

    • Doubt that. Hearts and rangers actually have a working relationship unlike most of the their clubs in Scotland, it will be more likely that hearts need the money so are holding out for more

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